Monday, April 21, 2014

Tea Cup Tuesday-Unexpected Guests

Hello All!
Welcome to Tea Cup Tuesday!
We has surprise visitors for Easter...
Rain, Wind and Cold Front!

Hence, no Easter picnic tea.

But we did have a very nice day anyways.
And I am ready for the first nice day for my picnic.

Instead of sharing my picnic today...
I am sharing a very romantic cup!

I bought this cup soon after returning home from France,
and had seen a cup that looked like it at Versailles.

So I was quite excited to bring her home. 
I think she is old. 
She is certainly thin and delicate.
Her coloring is just right for Easter.

Inside the rim we are treated to several different posies.

This sweet violet posy has a tiny insect by it on the right side...
can you see?
At first I thought it was a flaw, but no,
when I enlarged it to work on the image,
I could see it has little tiny wings!

This could be forget me not?

and maybe another posey of forget me nots?

(please excuse the blue tint...have no idea where it came from!)

The cup has this mark on it.
I think it looks interesting,
but I have no idea the manufacturer.

Here is an image of the stamped marks on the plate
...something 79 and a two tick marks by the artist?
Wish I knew!

Thank you so much for stopping by!
Soon, it will warm up and the earth will not be so damp.
Then I will get out my new picnic basket and go to the gardens.
: )

Martha and I are thrilled to visit all of you each week!

I do hope you all had a good weekend,
May Springtime's restorative energy renew your hearts.


Saturday, April 19, 2014

Dorthe's Kindness

I am thrilled to share with you some gifts that Dorthe
has so kindly sent me last month for my birthday.
We met online quite a while ago 
and began getting to know each other. 

Her and I share a love of nature.
She knows how I love birds and 
bits and pieces gathered on walks.

She created this lovely birdie vignette in a box!
Isn't it just lovely!

The coloring and textures are so dear,
The picture does not convey it the best.
Mossy bark and old script together,
and that sweet little nest!

I just love her handmade birdie gift! 

As if that wasn't enough,
She made this beautiful blue angel for me!
Isn't she just adorable???

I love her sweet face and vintage lace skirt,
as well as her blue sequined wings and top!

I am cherishing her handmade gifts as well as 
many extra goodies and cards!
Thank you so much Dorthe!
You really have touched my heart!
Visit her beautiful blog
Den Lille Ladde,
where you can see Dorthe's lovely creations.


Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Suzy's Kindness

A gift from Suzy's heart!

delightfully opening into so many possibilities! 

There is some lovely paper I could watercolor on to the left,
A beautiful saying by Rumi in the middle,
and a lovely heart collage on the right.
Can you see the pen in it's own holder?

Here is the inside back, such lovely colors and textures!

Suzy's color and texture choices are so perfect!
I adore the back, just look...
A feast for the artists eye!!!

Here is the corsage pin altered art that Suzy made for me too...
I was speechless after unwrapping these two items!

Again, such colors and textures...
and such a loving theme!

She also sent along lovely pieces of lace and fabric,
and many lovely little ephemera things!

Thank you again dear Suzy.
Your handmade gifts are treasures to me,
I am so honored!

Suzy is an incredible textile artist.
Many of you already know and appreciate her and her
lovely blog, Suziquesthreadworks.
Every time I visit her blog I am inspired!
It is autumn for her down under,
and she has recently posted her new
fall decor...beautiful!

Thank you so much for stopping by!
I am a little behind in posting but will catch up soon : )
I hope each and everyone of you are having a creative week.


Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Tea Cup Tuesday-Easter Picnic Project

 Happy Tea Cup Tuesday!

Gosh I love tea cups.....
They are so useful and so lovely. 

Today, I am in the middle of a project,
using two of my favorite tea cups
as an inspiration for a picnic basket.

I am hoping for a Easter Picnic next Sunday.

A GW basket for a couple dollars
and some left over Annie Sloan white chalk paint...
(I actually love the basket as is, but really wanted color)

and some Cobalt Turquoise for tinting to match the tea cups.

I mixed a lighter and darker shade of the same color.
and then went to work with a brush and sponge.

Here you can see the coloring...
It is actually a deeper coloring than I could show in the photo here.
(I distressed the basket lightly when I was done,
and did spray with a  matte sealer)

I have chosen checked fabric to create some kind
of padded bags to pack the tea cups in.
The printed fabric will be used to create a picnic blanket
to eat on, like a tablecloth on the ground.
This is the next step of the project I hope to do today.

 My two cups today are Paragon and E.B. Foley.
I love both these companies for their gorgeous designs,
and high quality bone china.

I have been searching for a tea thermos like the one above for ages.
So far, many of them seem to have issues,
leaking, breaking, fogging...

I would love to be able to take tea with me of course!
Do any of you know a good thermos for tea?
I am partial to more glass and less plastic.
I would love to hear your thoughts. 


Thank you so much for stopping by today : )
Thank you Martha for getting us going when I was late!

Off to the sewing machine!


I am also joining in the other tea parties today...

You can visit my co host, the wonderful Martha
at Martha's Favorites

I am joining these ladies for tea this week too : )

 Sandi, Bernideen, Ruth and Kathy
(their names are links to their lovely blogs).

Monday, April 7, 2014

Tea Cup Tuesday-Cozy Spring Tea

Hello Everyone!
Welcome to Tea Cup Tuesday with Dear Martha and me!

Spring time brings extra joys.
One is that for a few days each April,
we get a glorious view of this
blooming Japanese cherry tree.

Seems a precious place to enjoy tea today.

Isn't this a sweet springy cup?
It was a gift in a 2011 swap with dear
Tracie (of Fishtale Cottage).
Thank you again Tracie!

This cup is a Colclough. 
I recently found a stack of Colclough dessert plates,
and Tracie's cup matches the pink ones perfectly.

 made fresh from local rhubarb, very tasty.

It is especially good with fresh whipped cream
sweetened with honey and vanilla.
The honey adds a unique flavor.

I am also using one of the matching new plates.
 see the pink dessert plate in background?
I will post them soon.

It has turned cold again this past week.
We thought we had spring,
but it was just a sneak peek.


You can visit my co host, the wonderful Martha
at Martha's Favorites

I am joining these ladies for tea this week too : )

 Sandi, Bernideen, Ruth and Kathy
(their names are links to their lovely blogs).
Thank you for hosting ladies!

I hope you are all well : )
Thank you so much for stopping by!


Monday, March 31, 2014

Tea Cup Tuesday

Hello All!
Happy Spring!
I know I am a week late,
but it only really felt like spring  
this afternoon...

It was a lovely afternoon for tea.
I chose a special cup,
one Martha gifted me a few years ago
for our Easter Swap.

It is a beautiful trio,
perfect for spring time.

This cup has many different flowers on it,
some realistic and some fanciful.
I love her swirly touches.
(Today I am having a little chamomile tea) 

Martha, I am still enjoying your beautiful gift!
Thank you so much!

I find I often muse over projects while sipping...
Tea drinking promotes creativi-tea. lol!

I found some nice linen hand towels a while back,
and began soaking them last week. 
I heard that you can get any stain out,
if you soak natural fibers long enough.

They dried out on the balcony in the sun
They did come out very clean,
and the smell is priceless.
I now have a nice little stack of vintage linen towels.

While out on the balcony bringing in the wash,
I realized it is warm enough to re pot my flowers.
It is time to get the balcony ready for enjoying tea!

 Last year I enjoyed many tea moments out on this balcony.
This week I will try to replant the planters,
and have the furniture brought out. 

(here we see she is a Coalport, a fine English company. The pattern is "Junetime")

And if we are lucky with weather this year...
I may be able to get Bertha out and have tea in my tea tent!
That would be fab!
I wish you all could come by and share her with me,
she is a real joy to be in.

It is hard not to dream about summer,
now that the sun is out again. 

What kind of summer dreams have you?

Thank you again for stopping by for tea!
I am glad you did : )

I am joining Bernideen, Sandi and Ruth for tea today too!

If you would like to join in Tea Cup Tuesday with Martha and me,
just link your tea cup post below with Linky Tools.
Then we can come and visit you too!

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Sherry's Kindness!

Hello All!
I wanted to share with you a kindness Sherry gifted me!
Sherry is a creator, she makes things, fab things, all the time.
See this lovely blue fabric circle ornament? Isn't it sweet?
I have never made anything like this.
I love it!

She sent this sweet card she made as well as the vintage postcard,
and see the blue  cloth underneath? 
That is a gelli plate piece!
I have never tried that before, but as Sherry made mine
with some of her gelli plate fabric, she kindly sent me some too!

If you haven't been to Sherry's blog Creatology  yet, stop by for a visit.
Sherry sews....sews and sews! She also makes jewelry too!
She is always on a project....or being the very kind soul that she is...
she may be working on a project that helps out others. 
That is what she is like. 

(click HERE to see her post about how she makes an ornament.)

Thank you Sherry
Your kind thoughtful handmade gifts are very much
appreciated and cherished!

Thank you for stopping by!
I was able to visit many of you yesterday,
and that felt really good.
I hope to visit more of you sweet friends soon : )
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