Monday, March 25, 2013

Tea Cup Tuesday-Restorative Tea

Hello All!
Welcome to Tea Cup Tuesday!

Is it me, or are the Tuesdays flying by?
These past 7 days, I have been locked in my turret...
working away on lovely little videos for my newest class,
See my funny little window studio?

I am shooting some of the segments in front of the window
so that I can use the natural light. 
With jewelry classes, I want  the natural stones and beads
to be close to their true color.
All is going well, between many storm clouds and bright sun,
it is getting done.  One more day.
Then 4 days of editing....
Then it is all sent off to Gail (wonderful, magnificent Gail!)
at Creative Workshops, who sets it all up.
I am excited for the class to open! 

During these long days of video taping, tea has been my secret elixir, lol!
Sharon of Livewire Jewelry, a really sweet friend,
Sent me some tea recently, and I have been enjoying it.
Thank you Sharon! You were just in time!

 I found this sweet little vintage cup in Asheville a few weeks ago. 
I always love yellow and pink roses together.

The pastel flowers have a delicate mistiness to them.

 This tea cup was produced by Regency, a company that began in 1953,
in Staffordshire Potteries, in Longton England.
This cup may be as old as me!

A restorative cup of tea has been just what I have needed!
Yay for tea!

Thank you so much for stopping by. 
As soon as I am done with my class preparation, 
I shall be out again visiting all of you that I can.
I appreciate all your visits,
And I love reading your comments.

Martha is very thankful for all your prayers and healing thoughts.
 ...let's keep sending her the LOVE.

If you would like to join in T.T. just create a post with your tea cup in it and come back here and link that specific post below....



  1. Such a beautiful teacup! YES the Tuesdays are blowing by like the wind! Bring on spring! Looking forward to class!
    Happy Tea-day!

  2. Hello Terri! Your teacup is lovely!
    I wish you good luck with your class.
    Thank you very much for hosting! I always enjoy joining your great party.

  3. Hello Dear Terri
    Wow you have been busy getting your video ready for Gail - this could be me one day!!! (lol!).
    That is the prettiest cup with pink and yellow roses. Love it!
    Happy Tea Day to you!
    Sending hugs,

  4. Oh Terri, I hope I get a chance to see that movie. :) I'm trying to find a silversmithing class to take. It's a tough class to find. Love the little rosy cup. I have a bunch and call them my URCs (ubiquitous rosy cups), probably not being fair to them. I'll go have another good look at them all. Thank you so much for hosting; Chloe and I are having so much fun with these posts. Hugs to you.

  5. Une très jolie tasse avec de délicates fleurs ! quel joie de déguster son thé dans une aussi jolie tasse!
    ravie de participer à votre "tasse de thé du mardi"
    belle journée

  6. Hello Terri
    I love the sweet and tender colors of this teacup!!!
    Have a good day, and don't worry, it's grey and rainy in south of France too!What sad weather!
    Hugs and kisses

  7. Oh, my! LOVELY Regency cup, Terri! Your photos are always a treat to see. Yep, tea is such a gentle pic-me-up, eh? Thanks for hosting each week. HAPPY Easter,

  8. You are so talented. I can't imagine all that is involved in producing your videos, but they are beautifully done and such clearly understood tutorials.

    The teacup is simple and elegant. Restorative tea in a beautiful teacup is a blessing when you're working long hours.

  9. Lovely tea cup, but I don't know what I love more... the tea cup or those gorgeous Violets with their happy faces? So I think I just love them both!


  10. j' aime beaucoup la théière
    avec les Daffodils
    et votre bureau sous la lumière
    du jour
    je me suis permise de mettre une
    petite vignette ???
    si cela ne vas pas dites le moi
    à bientôt
    edith (iris ) France

  11. Hi Terri,
    I see you've been busy creating beautiful pieces of jewelry and learning more about it!
    But this teacup is also a gem, with that combination of pink and yellow in the roses!
    Well, but the first thing to strike me was the lovely flower pot you made using the cup with the daisies inside.
    Striking images, as always...
    Thanks for hosting.
    Happy Easter, dear Terri!

  12. Hello dear Terri,
    What a darling picture your teacup of posies makes; very sweet! I love yellow and pink together too, it's such a pretty combination. You have a lovely spot to create. Thanks for sharing with us and Happy Easter!


  13. Beautiful cup, and what a nice idea to send tea through the mail. What a neat studio, and a great idea to make videos for your classes!

    Kathy M.

  14. Hi Terri,
    that sounds really exiting. You are so ingenious with your video installation. I am curious what you will show. Your little te vignette with the cute tea cup and the pansy inside looks very springy. Tea is always the right elixir. Thank you for sharing this sweet tea time and for hosting this event. My thought are going to Martha, too. Hope, all will work out good.
    Best greetings, Johanna

  15. whata pretty ,pretty tea cup-I love it with the spring pansies adorning it! i can only imagine how much work is involved in putting together an online class. Good for you for such an accomplishment Terri!

  16. Terri, your teacup is perfect for spring and celebrating Easter ... the delicate roses in yellow and pink - brilliant!

    Thank you for hosting tea ... and wishing you much success with your videos. Xo Happy Easter C. (HHL)

  17. Hi Terri! It's a lovely cup and I also love pink and yellow flowers together. I always especially love reading your descriptions of them. Besides your crafting talents, you are also such a good writer. Your course seems interesting. Good luck with it. One day, I would love to take one of your courses. Just something simple would do.

  18. You are certainly a busy lady! The jewelry classes sound wonderful. Your tea time is a energizer to be creative. The special Regency cup and saucer was a beautiful find in Ashville. Hope your classes are fun and know you are looking forward to their beginning after all your work!


  19. Thank you sweetie for the mention, you are a doll! I hope the tea is helping, the solor of the tea and your cup are amazing and very beautiful, and I adore the violets! I have some growing, they love these temperatures.
    I can't wait for your class, it is going to be great!

  20. Neat to see a glimpse of your office! How nice! A window is always a plus. The teacup is such a pretty pattern. Have a great week.

  21. Your new tea cup is beautiful. Thanks for sharing your work space and the view from your window, lovely. I like the bit of lace tied to the lamp. Wishing you Easter blessings. Joy To You, Linda

  22. Your pictures are lovely, Terri, and there is Sunshine in your window for your sparkles to happen.

  23. Well, that's not so old dear Terri ;)
    Beautiful cup, I love the pink and yellow roses together and the way you photographed it with the violas. I also came here to tell you that I've been admiring the bracelet and tag you created for Dorthe, so gorgeous! Enjoy your jewelry class! Hugs and happy day, Wendy

  24. Oh your pansies looks so, as if they belong in that beautiful cup, dearest Terri, I also love the pink and yellow together in flowers...
    and your place for making your video in front of the window is cosy ,-a great idea taping the camera to the lamp :-)
    Time for evening tea for me- a cup before bedtime !
    Hugs from Dorthe

  25. Just love the cup with the pansies. Made me feel all springlike despite the wintry conditions outside. And it's lovely to see your creative place.

  26. the little flowers in the cup are soooo sweet! I am longing for spring...

  27. I love your teacup. And I agree, time ( and Tuesdays ) are pressing on. Hope your class is a smashing success. Thanks for hosting the tea party and have a wonderful week!

  28. Beautiful teacup and I cannot wait until your class! :) Hope you have a Happy Easter!

  29. Hola Terri
    Qué bella tu taza como siempre, amiga, la elegancia, el refinamiento, la exclusividad. Te felicito.

    Me encanta tu estudio con una ventana grande. Qué lindo para trabajar allí.

    Gracias por venir a Argentina querida amiga.

  30. You've been a busy lady Terri, and I'm glad you find time for tea to relax a bit.
    Working in front of the window in natural light would be something I'd like, I craft in the basement.

  31. Terri I love Tea Cup Tuesday I love the history behind the teacups. I should stop by and tell you more often how much I enjoy it!

  32. Such a pretty teacup for spring! Sounds like you've been very busy! Happy Easter to you and thank you for hosting your lovely party.

  33. Dear Terri,
    Those smiling pansies in cup are lovely.

    And your work place is nice too, I like how the table got the classic edge.

    Happy Easter!

  34. Hi Terri ;o) Thank you so much for coming by my blog ;o) It is a pleasure to meet you ;o) I love your tea cup ;o) And, I love tea! Nothing better, than a good cup of tea ;o) Good luck with your class ;o) Take Care and Happy Easter ;o)

  35. I'm late! Heaven forbid you should have a teacup as OLD as you! LOL! It is a lovely one ... just like you! Good luck with your class. Gail is a gem. Happy Tea Day and Thanks for hosting.

  36. It's always fun to see your work space and your beautiful tea cups Terri. Happy Easter! Such fun treats from your friends.
    Happy Easter.

  37. The thought of picking up that lovely cup terrifies me. For I have proven to be bull more than a few times.

  38. ...way swell! ~ sounds like thee is have a riot of super fun playtime! ~ thankyoU! ~ sO much for sharing these little snippets of thine forthcoming new video!...
    ...oooOoh! ~ there's always something whimsically special when it comes to teacups yes?! ~ i doth love everything about them! ~ including the yumminess that goes into them! ~ and ~ thine is no exception! ~ simply divine!...
    ...blessed be! ~ dear kindred heart! ~ big sunshiny bumble bee hugs to thee!...(0:


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