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Monday, May 2, 2011

Tea Cup Tuesday Easter Swap!

Welcome to Tea Cup Tuesday!
Today I am sharing two beautiful cups that I received in tea cup swaps! Last week I shared the cup I received from dear sweet Martha (my partner in Tea Cup Tuesday) as well as the baskets and goodies I was lucky to receive from her and Sylvia. During the week I posted what was in the blue wrapping paper from Terri (see that post here).

This first cup was a swap gift from Terri G at Terri Gordon Designs. I asked for a cup Marie Antoinette would love, and she really took that to heart as you can see from the photo above. Isn't it gorgeous???

It sports an elegant loop handle with a slight spur.

The cup is generously shaped and the insides is decorated beautifully!

I adore the pinks and the blues! I love the spray of roses in the bottom.

The handle and as well as the edges of this cup are trimmed in gold.

The plate is beautifully detailed with flowers and scroll work, even a shell design!
Terri, Thank you so very much for gracing me with this beautiful cup! I was so thrilled to see it in all it's splendor!

The second cup comes from Sylvia at Sylvia's Simple Life
She sent me such a lovely basket of goodies, as I showed in my last post. I was so thrilled to open the large basket she sent filled with lovely gifts!
Today I am sharing the spoons she sent me as well.

This cup is simply lovely! The color is a pale peach, not too often seen.

I love the gold trim, and especially the ring of gold and black....very dramatic on a simply beautiful cup!

The bottom of the cup has a pretty poesy in it!

I love the gold design around the plate and inside the rim of the cup.

She also blessed me with a set of silver spoon, engraved with a B....and I choose to say they stand for BEAUTY! They are really lovely spoons and I am enjoying using them with my tea.
Thank you so much Sylvia! I love this cup, the spoons and all you sent!

Both of the cups above are Paragon cups,a fine china company, and one I love to collect because of their quality, and the shapes and beautiful patterns they have.

I have been thinking about the friendship forged here in blogland...and since participating in these swaps and others, I am truly amazed at the generosity of those I have been blessed to interact with online. The kindness is so heartwarming! My only sorrow is that I am only able to visit about 20 blogs a day, and since I have over 900 followers and many, many other blogs I follow, it seems a mere drop in the bucket! If I could, I would visit each and everyone of you! You are all so special, so creative, and so caring! What an amazing world blogland can be!

Just know I appreciate all of you.
I appreciate these lovely cups given with a loving thought!
I am excited to use them, and I will treasure them!


If you would like to play along for Tea Cup Tuesday, go and create a post with a tea cup you would like to share. Tell us about the cup, about how you got it, about who made it, anything like that. Martha and I love coming to see your lovely tea cups!
After you have created your post, please come back here and link up with Mr. Linky by filling in the blanks below. Check your link out to make sure it works. Please, if you do not have a tea cup in your post, do not link up. Thank you so much!


Martha's Favorites said...

Hi Terri: What amazing cups! I love the first one the best. Just beautiful. We are very lucky to have made such wonderful friends in blogland. I was thinking that very thought today. I count you as one of the best! Thank you for your faithfulness. Hugs, Martha

The Charm of Home said...

Your cups are beautiful! What nice gifts. I drool over all the teacups you guys show off. Thanks for having us.

Marjanne said...

Beautiful cups! Thanks for sharing. I am also amazed by the friends you meet in blogland, isn't it wonderful!

Princesa Nadie said...

Dear Terry
Your cups are today the most beautiful!...really I have seen lots of beautiful cups in your blog but today both are specially pretty
You are lucky with your friends
You are a very special person and your friends know it so they send to you those wonderful gifts
Hugs and Love

Junibears said...

Such a lovely post and thank you for showing us such beautiful cups!
Hugs xx

Shortbread and Ginger said...

Beautiful cups - and thanks for hosting such a great "tea party"!

KathyB. said...

Both teacups are so beautiful, especially the first teacup & saucer.

You are so right about the blog friendships forged on-line. I have been blessed by so many bloggers in so many ways and am thankful for the opportunity to connect with others this way.

Teacup Tuesdays has been a real highlight for me and my grandchildren too, thank-you.

Victoria said...

Hi Terri...woah...how gorgeous..they are all gorgeous..i am in love with the first on..how id love to have that one..it is incredibly beautiful! I am trhilled you are njoeyd your wonderful swap..such fun! Beautiful photos! yes..blogland is amazing..and yes it can be hard to visit everyone..but what a joy to meet so many lovely souls!
Have a wonderful day...thanks for another beautiful post!

Cindy @ Dwellings-The Heart of Your Home said...

Such pretty tea cups...eye candy for sure!

Fábio Carvalho said...

What a gorgeous bunch of teacups!
Thank you for sharing those beauties!

Johanna Gehrlein said...

Hello Terri,
I absolutely agree, Iit is a real problem, that the time not allow us, to visit every blog, we want. There are so many beautiful made and interesting post online. I try to visit at least everybody, who leaves a comment.
What beautiful swap you made, both of the cups are very charming. Marie Antoinette would be very pleased to own such a nice cup. The second one is very interesting, too and nicely decorated. Thank you for hosting this wonderful event, I always enjoy to visit you.
Best greetings, Johanna

Sandi@ Rose Chintz Cottage said...

Hi Terri,
Your cups are just beautiful! I'm really intrigued by the second one as it is such a delicate shade of peach! Such wonderful cups to add to your collection. Thank you for sharing them with us and have a wonderful day.


Marianne C. said...

Terri, what lovely cups/saucers. My favorite is "Marie Antoinette's favorite"; the colors are so very attractive, not to mention the lovely flowers and scrolls.

The spoons are a delight, and I like your "B" interpretation.

Marianne xo

xinex said...

Both of the cups you got for the swap are gorgeous, Terri. The designs, the colors, the shapes, just so charming and lovely and exquisite....Christine

Holly Moore said...

Terri that is one gorgeous cup! So perfect for Marie and fit for a beautiful and sweet queen like you. I am so excited to participate again this week.

Antiques And Teacups said...

Lovely teacups! What else can a woman ask for! Have a lovely cuppa! So glad you shared them!

BumbleVee said...

Your cups are absolutely beautiful...

Maria Andrade said...

Hi Terri,
How gorgeous are your tea cups!
The first one is a real delight, in shape, colour and decoration... and I guess I can say the same about the second, not to mention the beautiful silver...
And all thanks to friendship in blogland!!!
Congratulations and thank you for sharing these beauties.

Unknown said...

Terri...that first teacup is breathtaking. I love the flower inside the cup. So delicate!! Great post - the teacups sparkle more because they are given by a friend. :) Thanks for hosting. Trisha

Wanda Lee said...

Oh my Terri,

What exquisite teacups you recieved for your delightful Easter Teacup swap.., Just gorgeous beyond!

The colours and motifs are exceptionally lovely!

Thanks so much for your visit and kind words of encourgement also; we are all delighted as well, that Pam is much improved.

Cheers and hugs from Wanda Lee

Terri Gordon said...

Hello Terri, Oh what beautiful pictures of the tea cup I sent you. I had so much fun shopping for you. When I saw that tea cup, it had your name on it. It just looked like you. I am so glad that you love it. I love the peach tea cup, I love the color peach and don't see many tea cups that color. It is beautiful. Thanks for sharing and I hope you have a wonderful week. Thanks for hosting Tea Cup Tuesday. Hugs, Terri

Linda Vincent said...

What beauties! No wonder you are pleased.
You are a very thoughtful and generous blogger Terri...we all understand totally what you mean :-)

LadyV said...

Hi Terri, thanks for visiting me today. Your teacups are stunning! I love them. You will get such enjoyment from them.

You asked about the teacup on my blog. The pattern is Spode's Billingsley Rose. The teacup is embossed but not as deeply as the saucer. It's a very pretty pattern and one of my favorites.


Lounging with a Latte said...

Those cups are beautiful, lucky you to be gifted them. Your roses are lovely too and would brighten up any room.

Fork said...

Those are beautiful teacups! Thanks for hosting Teacup Tuesday! How fun!

Suz said...

You are turning me into a tea cup craver. I think I mentioned that I had told my mil that I was loving china cup and she told me that she had a lot I would inherit. Well, it was kind of a sad thought...both in that I love her as a mother but also that I can't start collecting and I know she will probably live to be 100! Truly! I may just have to start treating myself a lot more. I have one that is Chinese, nothing special, but I love the rose and turquoise together. Thanks for sharing such beauty! It is so much fun.

Susan said...

Oh wow, Terri. Those are two of the most gorgeous cups I've ever seen! Susan

Createology said...

Hi Terri: Your tea cups are lovely. You must need a room addition to accomodate all your new tea cups. :o)
P.S. I did find lots of goodies in my sewing room organizing and cleaning.
Marvelous May to you my dear...

Rose M. Rodriguez said...

Hi Terry, that precious cup, every detail in them, they look beautiful!! I have an appreciation for your beautiful blog, in Spanish they are called, little darlin 'hugs, Rose Marie

Farah said...

I really always enjoyed your T-Cups... rich in design, beautiful in colour and precious as a treasure... how beautiful the golden one is the second one... I like it more... what a delicacy with so much grace Terri... its an absolute beauty...
Hope you would like to pay a visit to me at

Cinderella Moments said...

OOOH! Terri!! These tea cups are so romantic! I love them. I love seeing all your pictures pop up on my blog list. Like the flowers in the cone on the previous post or these pretty cups. They set me off into a whirlwind of ideas for new projects. Just wanted you to know how much I appreciate your posts.

Rella said...

Hi Sweet Pea,
That first tea cup is just breath taking!! Well, actually everything is beautiful! And I think you are doing good if you can visit 20 blogs a day........way more than I can, for sure.

Wishing you joy.......we need to catch up. xox Rella

Unknown said...

Goodmorning! Your teacup is beautiful! My goodness, that might be my new favorite. The teacups I have seen this spot are amazing. Have a wonderful weekend. happy Mother's day. Sunny109

Jann said...

Your teacups are just stunning, Terri! So beautiful . . .

Anonymous said...

WOW these are both so lovely! I just recently starting admiring teacups. I found one this weekend I fell in love with and got. It was a Royal Albert Lady Carlyle teacup. So sweet! Thanks for sharing :)

Catherine said...

Hello sweet friend,
Yet another lovely tea cup you share with us. So very pretty.
Hope you have a wonderful Easter.

Frieda said...

I love your beautiful cups
and what you saidat the end of your posts
Nice feelings

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