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Sunday, August 7, 2011

Time to Play!

(Best journal I have found for mixed media)

Hello all,
What a summer it has been!
Hot, Hot, and more Hot here in North Carolina. It was wonderful to get a break while in the UK and I just returned from my home state where it was much cooler and such a treat!
My travels are done for a little while so I am now able to get back into the art room and have some fun!

My friend Jan and I are doing the She Had Three Hearts class over at Scarlet Lime. I have been wanting to art journal for ages and now I am getting the opportunity to do so...and, the best part...share it with a friend!
The alphabet stamp set I used here on the cover of my journal is "Artsy Alphabet" by Crafty Secrets. I just received this fab set and I love it!
I am just in the beginning...playing with paints, layers, textures and embellishments....
So far I am having a great time!

Here is the front of a board book I am working on for a friend....it has been such fun to work on as well, lots of paints, stamps, paper and beeswax.
While I was away visiting family, my dear hubby had this wonderful sky light put in my art room, now I have gorgeous light all day long!
While on my way home from my family, I stopped at a antique store and found this old Excelsior sign and price stamp set! What a find!
It is going to be fun to use in my journalling.
I also found this beauty. She is about 6 inches tall, and I am dreaming of what to create with her.
I have also had a chance to catch up with many of your blogs. I am able to comment on most posts, but sometimes I am blocked. Just know I have been by for a visit.
What are you doing this summer?


Anonymous said...

Oh, Terri, the porcelain doll is beautiful! I know YOU can make her even more lovely when you dress her.

What a great find - the alphabet stamps!

And that skylight! There is nothing like working in a room with lots of daylight. And you'll be able to see the stars too. ;-)

Hugs, Diane

Marilyn said...

I need to have more energy late in the day to do projects. By the end of the day when there seems to be a bit of time, my body says, REST. Oh well. The light from the new skylight would be wonderful.♥♫

Catherine said...

Terri... Uncheck the box that says... Stay signed in. That is in you dashboard. You will have to sign in everytime but it WILL fix your problem not being able to leave a post. After you do it you will be able to leave one any where you want to.

It is 10:00 PM here and it is 99 degrees F. The humidity makes it feel much hotter. I am so over summer!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Createology said...

Terri it is good to "see" you back in your art room and with a wonderful bright skylight. Your new treasures are amazing...the stamp set is perfect for your journaling and the doll is beautiful. Love the board book cover. Wonderful week ahead...

Valerie-Jael said...

Woe, looks like you had a worthwhile trip! Lovely things you found! Hugs, Valerie

Micupoftea said...

Terri, You are off to a great start with your journal! Love the font of your alpha set. Sounds like your hubby is a keeper! The window will let in wonderful light~ Keep creating :)

Shirley N said...

So nice to get a peak at your room. Can't wait to see what you create with your beautiful doll!

Ivy said...

What a wonderful hubby you have, love the skylight! I'm taking the Three Hearts workshop too and am learning so much. Your journals are gorgeous! xo

Christine LeFever said...

You are a constant source of new ideas! I never even heard of a board book. Yours is so wonderful! I need to find out where you go to learn new techniques.

Your finds are all fabulous, and your new sky light is wonderful. What a sweet husband to have it put there for you.

I am now going to visit Scarlet Lime and Crafty Secrets.

Thank you for sharing!!!


Kim Mailhot said...

You have some wonderful toys to begin your journaling, Terri ! Doing it with a good friend definitely adds to the joy.
Love those hearts !
Happy Monday !

Joy @ Joy Of Desserts said...

She is SO beautiful! I can just imagine the gorgeous dress you will create for her. Can't wait to see it. Lovely room for all your creativity and nice skylight. Natural light makes such a difference.

Cinderella Moments said...

Welcome back! I'm glad you loved your trip. The journals are looking great! The stamp set is amazing!!!

Gaby Bee said...

WOW, this alphabet stamp set is simply amazing and I love that porcelain doll. You did really great shopping, Terri!


Unknown said...

Morning Terri, I am intrigued, whats an art journal? Oneday I will retire to NC! What a beautiful spot, Ohio is a beauty too, but NC has mtns and beach. Looking forwar to learning about art journals.

Anonymous said...

WOWWOWWWW....where have I been? Oklahoma??? haaaa

I missed this post while gone and it's chock-full of wonderful things. First the journal you are doing (with somebody named JAN?). Love the stencil and the colors you are using.
Your hubby is wonderful to have that skylight put in. It makes such a difference in your workspace, doesn't it? Nothing like sunlight to make you feel inspired.
And that stamp set....I'm speechless. How wonderful is that? I know I would have swooned upon seeing it sitting there and nobody had purchased it already! Truly, it was meant for YOU!
Glad you're home and back to making your wonderful art.

Hugs a bunch

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