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Friday, September 2, 2011

Fun with Purples and Greens

At the Paperwhimsy Forum (a totally fun place to be!), we have just finished a fabulous swap. The theme was Sassy and we were to decorate a 81/2 x 11" envelope and then fill it with art supplies from our own stash. Then, send it to our secret Sassy Sister. Once everyone had there envelope of goodies, we were to create a Thank You ATC to send back to the sister who sent us the supplies. Totally fun!

Meet the "Sassy Sisters". There is Sassy One, Middle Sass and Lil' Sass. They are the cutest little girls....but my oh my are they sassy! I dyed the laces that Christine, my Secret Sassy sister sent me, and I used her green and gold paper background as well as her little girls for the ATCs. I decided they needed stitching in place and used gold, purple and green threads.

The papers she sent me worked so well together...even though she did not send me anything purple, that just kind of evolved.

Lil' Sass is really sweet looking....but watch out, her bite is much worse than her bark!

I had not made any ATCs for a while so this project was really enjoyable.

Here is the fantastic envelope that Christine created for me, along with some of the goodies she so generously sent too!

A close up of her decorated envelope. It was hard to capture the fab texture on the blue.

(My return gift to Christine, with the 3 ATCs)

Thank you so much Christine! I really appreciate what you sent me!
Thank you Paperwhimsy for yet another creative swap!

I hope you are all doing well this week. It has been a very busy week here.
I am working on a new venture and I will share about that soon!


Valerie-Jael said...

Lovely stuff made and received! Valerie

Catherine said...


I was going to email you but you have not posted your email address. What I wanted to say is... Are you sure you want to publish your home address here? It is on that envelope and can be seen quite clearly. You could remove that photo and erace the address in paint or some other program. Please feel free to remove my comment here too. Catherine XXX

Terri said...

Thank you so much Catherine! I made sure I blurred it from another picture but totally forgot the last photo!
Thanks so much for having my back!

p.s. There is an "E-mail Me" button on the right side bar. I will check out my profile to and see if I can add it there as well.

Anonymous said...

TOTALLY SASSy ATC's Terri! Love the 'expressions' you used to capture those little girls with attitude!

Your package back to C is going to bowl her over! SOOOO pretty!

I loved this swap,too and can't wait until mid-Sept when yet another swap takes place!


Dorthe said...

Hi Terri,
Oh yes, sassy,they are , and so sweet, and lovely-love you coloured some fabric`s lilla-works very well.
And the envelope you recieved with all the extra`s are fantastic-
great swap.

Netty said...

Terrific ATC's and wonderful products. Enjoy the weekend, Annette x

Elaine A said...

Hi Terri -

These are beautiful! I laughed when you mentioned the purple finding its way in. I do that all the time. I love anything in the purple shade and more often then not I find myself adding green as well! I try so hard not to do that, but sometimes I don't even realize. But I must say you purple and green are stupendous! Love them! And what wonderful goodies you received!

Elaine Allen

Theresa said...

So lovely!! I love paper whimsy items! Only haven't checked out the forums & swaps *note to self check it out. I have a new crafty site & am having a link up! Feel free to put any of your projects in & pass the word if you like. It isn't 100% complete but loving my new crafty spot at DearCreatives.com
xo Theresa

Theresa said...

Oh, forget to mention can't wait to hear of your new venture!! Happy Labor Day weekend to you. xo

Ana Cristina Caldatto said...

uauu que maravilhosos!

Createology said...

What a wonderful swap. Everything you received and the envelope are inspiring. Each of the adorable ATCs you made are fabulous! Love your packaging keeping it in the purple and green theme. Safe Labor Holiday weekend...

ShabbyChicShaz said...

Just adore your little sisters, great expressions. What a fabulous swap, thanks for sharing it with us :)

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