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Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Gifts and Thank You!

Hello All!
Twas the season to be jolly!
La la la lala.....la la...la.....la........
I would love to share some amazing gifts from
lovely people this past month.....

 This totally wonderful burlap collaged banner was made by
Suzy from Suzyqu's  Threadworks.
It adorned my holiday mantle all season. 

Just look at how lovely!

Madonna and child...
Wonderful layering...

Lace and paper...


Saints and birdies.
I feel so blessed!

She also sent along other lovelies...
and many pieces of vintage textiles and laces!
Thank you dear Suzy!
You really did surprise me!

You can visit her at Suzyqu's Threadworks,
where she shares the most scrumptious creations.

Her lovely stitched card is below....

Here Suzy's "Joyeux Noel" card is sitting prettily next to Dorthe's romantic Christmas card.
Both of these cards make me swoon!

Suzy, your rustic Madonna card is fab!
I loved every Christmas card I received this year.
Handmade or store bought. 
Both cards are meaningful for me. 
Thank you Suzy!

Dorthe I adore your vintage whites card!
Visit Dorthe's blog Den Lille Lade
and see her many gorgeous creations.
Thank you Dorthe for your  wonderful handmade card.
Thank you all for all the wonderful cards!


And Marjanne created a tea card...
oh yes she did....

The sweetest tea themed card!
There is a  pocket on the inside as well. So clever!
Can you see the lovely tea pot charm on the front of the card?
(sorry I almost covered it with the fabric trim).
There were medallions and French trim
(already in my stash and not in the pick, so sorry)
as well as a  sachet that smells so divine
I have already put it in one of my drawers.
Thank you so much Marjanne!

You can see her beautiful creations on her blog 


And below, Sherry kindly made me a sachet too,
Look at the beautiful romantic colors!
It also smells divine, and is beautifully scenting
my sewing area.

Thank you so much Sherry!
You are so kind to make me one of your wonderful sachets!
You can see all kinds of Sherry's amazing sewing creations
at  Creatology.
A perfect name for her blog, as she is always
creating all kinds of great projects.

Look at this beautiful card Jan made for me this Christmas...
Isn't that just a stunning image of the stream?

Thank you so much Jan!
You can visit Jan at her blog A Journey, to see more of her 
wonderfully creative photography and mixed media art.


Marlynn, of Honeysuckle Breeze was very kind 
to send me this lovely tea journal. 
She created this beautiful journal with tea
sayings and tea images on the inside too.
Thank you so much Marlynn for thinking of me!

As I mentioned in my last post...

This sweet birdie is a handmade gift from Sharon Borsavage.
Her handiwork touches my heart!
This dear birdie lived in my Christmas tree
and now is looking for a new home....
I am thinking the Ficus in the diningroom : )
Thank you so much Sharon!
(The rest of Sharon's gifts were shared in the previous post.)
You can visit her and see her amazing collages and jewelry at
Livewire Jewelry.

What a lucky girl I am to receive from these lovely ladies,
and many others of you as well, a hello, a card or a gift!
I appreciated every Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!
I appreciate that you take your time to visit : )
Thank you all and thank you all for coming by today!
(Sparklies provided by Glitterboo.com)


johala said...

Hi Terri
I wish you a very nice and creative new year!
I love Suzy' art and this banner is wonderful!
Hugs and kisses

Betty said...

So many beautiful and creative gifts you received last year. Thanks for sharing them with us.

Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

What amazing gifts!! They are beautiful!!!!!

Luján Fraix said...

Hola querida amiga.
Feliz año nuevo!!!
Me alegra compartir nuevamente contigo todo lo bello que siempre nos traes, los regalitos son alegría para el alma viniendo de amigas tan queridas.
Te mando un beso grande y gracias por tu amistad, a la distancia pero cerca.

Abrazos desde Argentina.

Sugar Lump Studios said...

Oh my goodness Terri
these are all so sweet! I love Suzy's beautiful bunting and all the gorgeous gifts you have received! Hope you are enjoying the New Year! xoxoxo

Lady Jane said...

Just lovely items you received. I know the year ahead will be full of your creativity and I look forward to it.

Lucille said...

Beautiful gifts, Terri! All so special! You were very spoiled by all your loving friends! That means that you are very special yourself!

Cinderella Moments said...

Hi sweet Terri! I hope 2014 is going awesome for you so far and that it will be an incredible year. The gifts are so cute! I love the burlap bunting. And everything else is simply magical. Love you lots! And I can't wait to see all your new ideas this year. You are so inspiring!
Love the glitter!!!

Linda Kunsman said...

oh what really gorgeous and thoughtful gifts Terri! And I just love how you have bits of sparkle movement on the pieces-that couldn't have been easy to do but it adds so much. Happy 2014 and hope to join you soon for Teacup Tuesday again.

Dorthe said...

Oh dearest friend, you have recieved one of dear Suzy`s beautiful buntings ,too- I so love mine,-and still have it hanging on the inside of a curtain in my little private computer and art room.
And so many other gorgeous gifts and cards,- I totally love dear Sharon`s birdie , how wonderful it is. And all your cards, too.
Thank you for showing my tiny gift in this row of wonderful artists.
Wishes for a lovely weekend, and hugs to you ,

suziqu's thread works said...

Dear Terri
Of course you have received some very special love with these gifts and cards because you are such a loving and generous soul yourself.
Every card and gift looks magical!
Thank you for sharing my garland draped on the couch. I love the way you have lit it up with those gorgeous little star lights.
Sharon's little bird ornament is so amazing as is all her art!
Sending warm hugs,

K J D said...

Oh Terri such a wonderful post full of beautiful things.

Karen x

Martina said...

Oh my God, Terri! What did you get for wonderful and generous gifts from your friends. One thing is more magical and delightful than the other. Isn`t that great? I'm so happy for you.
Hugs from foggy Germany:-)

Bernideen said...

These are all quite beautiful!!!!

Edith DUTERTRE said...

moi aussi j'ai un sac de chez
je l'ai mis sur mon blog
je l'adore
et peut-être vais-je me laisser
encore tenter
elle fait de si belles choses
edith (iris)

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