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Thursday, June 17, 2010

French Friday and a Freebie!

Hello All
Welcome to French Friday, where I share something from my recent trip to Paris. I have adored all things French for a while now and going to Paris was a real dream of mine. The trip went very well, and my husband and I had a terrific time.

Today I want to share about Marie Antoinette and her Petite Trianon. Her first home away from Versailles. It is not that far from Versailles actually, about a 15 or 20 minute walk.

After visiting the palace, we began walking the enormous grounds behind it. There are gardens and pools almost as far as the eye can see. We came upon the Grand Trianon first, this was King Louis XIV recreational residence. Then we went to the Petite Trianon. It is built in the neoclassical style. It was the originally built by Louis XV for his...um..."special lady" Madame de Pompadour, but she did not live long enough to live in it, and Louis the XVI gave it to Marie as a wedding present. The key he gave her was on a ribbon with 531 diamonds (I wonder if the number was significant?). Marie decorated it in her her new home away from home in her own style. Here she could live more privately, more peacefully than in the palace. It is a much more intimate place than the huge gilded rooms of Versailles.

Walking into it is walking into a small palace. The first thing one sees is the enormous winding stairway, gilded with gold, heading to the second floor.
The rooms are small with very high ceilings. Some of the furnishings are original to Marie's time, most are not. But they have preserved it well and it is a beautiful place to walk through.

The beautiful staircase

The famous "M" on the balustrade of the second floor

Some of the dishes used in the Petite Trianon

The kitchen, which was fairly large. I couldn't help but imagine how it would look fitted for today. It is a lovely room.

This tunnel is behind the kitchen

Here are some garden tools. They are adorned with fancy ribbons


More Gorgeous!

The music room

The most exciting part to me was visiting Marie's bedroom and private sitting room.

I could hardly believe I was there, in the same room that Marie actually lived in, with furnishings that she herself used. It was truly unreal. I didn't want to leave. In fact, I went through the house, especially these rooms, three times! I think the security man was looking at me funny on the third time in Marie's room. Then again, it could happen a lot there.

Big grin on me!

What surprised me was how small her bedroom was. It was such a lovely room with sun pouring in the windows. But it was simply decorated and there were few furnishings. Her bed is small compared to her bed in Versailles. It looked like a plump twin size. But oh so cozy!
It wasn't easy to take photographs (no flash allowed), so we have only a few that turned out.

I had planned to spend two days at Versailles, but the truth was, I was exhausted from the one day. So we only did one full day. I am excited to think about the next time I visit there. There is a great deal of walking to be done. Next time I will know where to rent one of those golf carts!

Here is a lovely French Vintage Post Card that you can copy and use in your art.
(Please do not use it to sell copies of it in anyway). Thanks so much.

Now, if you have stayed with me through this extremely long post....I have another giveaway to tell you about!

This is a Limoges tea cup and saucer, made in France. It is my next giveaway!
Limoges makes such delicate cups, and this dainty cup will be one of yours soon. This photo makes it just a tad brighter than it is, but it is really a lovely cup! I have still have two for myself!

Please state in your comment if you would like to be included in this giveaway and I will put your name in the hat. The giveaway will take place two weeks from today.
I wish I had a cup for everyone of you. I appreciate all your super kind comments! I appreciate that you take the time to stop by.

Thank you all so much for coming by today.
I hope you enjoyed our little visit to the Petite Trianon.

As a side note: Two women in 1909 said they were at the Petite Trianon and slipped through time, saw Marie and others of that time and then returned.
They wrote a book about their experience called "An Adventure". Follow this link to Wikipedia where you can read more about it.


debi said...

How exciting to stand where Marie stood! Oh, I'm so happy for you. Love the tour...thanks for sharing!

Thanks also for the pretty postcard.

And I would love to be entered in your sweet giveaway. What a beautiful teacup!

Terri Gordon said...

Oh Terri, What a beautiful post, love the pictures and wow to be where Marie was, how exciting, I have really enjoyed your wonderful posts about your trip, thank you so much for sharing it with all of us. And what a beautiful teacup, wow, love the beautiful flowers on it, so delicate, just lovely. Have a wonderful weekend. Hugs, Terri

christine said...

oh... you lucky girl, i can only imagine how you felt, standing there!! memories to cherish !! please include me in your lovely giveaway.....

Mylyne said...

I recently purchased a couple of books about Marie Antoinette. Thanks to you,I can visualize the biography a lot better having seen photos of the place where the real MA lived. On a different note, I would like to be considered a recipient of your gorgeous give-away.

Unknown said...

Wow, how beautifully opulent! What a fun visit that must've been. Thanks for the postcard and please enter me in your giveaway!

Damjana Ž. said...

Thank you for this post, it sure did remaind me of my trip to Paris and Versailles. Versaille is huge, and we were walking all the way to Petit Trianon and only than realized, that we could drive there with small electric cars. But It was worth walking. And one day of Versailles is enough for one trip, since there is so much to see in Paris :).

I read all your French Friday posts and loved them. Your post made me want to go back in Paris soon.

You did not say if your giveaway is international, anyway, I'd love to have a tea cup like that.
Best regards from Slovenia.

Marjanne said...

Beautiful discription of your visit, I also love Versailles... ans I have the chance to life near to it... Thnaks for the postcard! I would love to join your nice away, have a nice day!

chrissy o said...

thanks for sharing looks like a lovely time
chrissy o

KathyB. said...

I enjoyed my tour of Marie Antoinette's home and clicked to enlarge the pictures and study the rooms and details. Then to come to the end of the post and see a give-away I wold love to be the beneficiary of was the icing on the cake. Please enter me for the lovely teacup.
When are you planning on returning to France?

Lesley said...

You're bringing back wonderful memories of France for me. (those were the days. I was young and in love) So thank you, and also thank you for giving e a chance in your giveaway. Blessings

Anonymous said...

I would like to take part in your giveaway, Terry ! I enjoyed seeing your photographs of the Petit Trianon.Tomorrow, we are going to the Hameau of Marie Antoinette in Versailles, Marie Antoinette 's hamlet country house ! i don't know if you visited it while in france but it is gorgeous at this time of season..I will certainly post some photographs we 'll take there !!!
posted my Paris table a few days ago on my blog, just have a look, you won't be disappointed !
See you.
dom the Frenchie

Cathy said...

Thank you for the beautiful tour and pictures. I don't know if I will ever make it to Paris but would love to go. The teacup is beautiful. I have recently started to collect them. thanks.

Patti said...

Thank you for sharing your trip and your photos with all of us. Your blog is as close to France as many of us will ever get!!

Really, the photos are exquisite. Truly, this must have been the trip of a lifetime.

I especially loved the gorgeous rosy-pink chairs in the music room. How delightful to sit in one of those chairs and listen to someone play the harp.

Oh, and I would love to be included in the drawing for that gorgeous teacup. You are gracious and generous to share such a gift with one of your readers.

Patti (Fill My Cup with Beauty)

Booklinks said...

Thank you so much for sharing
I love all the pictures especialy the bedroom,I love the fabrics.
Thanks for the beautiful postcard
I would love to be enterd in your
giveaway,It's such a beautiful teacup but I think I maybe live to far away!
Have a wonderful weekend,

Marsha @ Tattered Chick said...

Isn't it grand being able to say you were where Marie once lived! How exciting! Thank you so much for sharing your trip with us. I have enjoyed it tremendously.

Oh, my, yes, please put my name in the hat for the exquisite teacup and it's PINK!!!!

And thank you for the pretty postcard!

Have a wonderful weekend!!

à bien·tôt

PeggyR said...

I was happy to see you in pictures! What a great trip you had. The cup is lovely. Please enter my name in your giveaway. It would be a nice addition for me and a pick me up since my husband's recent stroke on Monday.

Erica said...

What a lovely day you had! Thanks for sharing those beautiful photos. I'd love to be entered in your giveaway!

Marguerite (Tina) Smith Hart said...

Hey Terri, what a fabulous post, the pictures were amazing and yes, yes, yes please do enter me in your giveaway. The cup and saucer look like a real treasure and how sweet of you to bring an extra one home to give away. Thanks for the opportunity!
Tina xo

Pamela Jane said...

Gorgeous photos! Can't wait till I trod in YOUR footsteps. :) Meanwhile, please enter my name for the delicate tea cup. Thanks!

Unknown said...

Oh My I loved this fridy so much her little Palace is just wonderful and thankyou for the phots as well as the detail write up. I can tell you so enjoyed this vist and so did I, through you. (just loved all that texture and colour of the place)

I would love to be entered into the give away (you know I love my TC&S) and such a lovely give away too

Love Dawn xx

Claudia said...

Oh, what a lovely little palace. It must have been an amazing feeling standing there in her bedroom. Oh, you lucky girl!

Yes, I would love to be included in the giveaway.


Anonymous said...

Lovely photos, Terri. And the history behind them really is great. Love that kitchen (you look so small), the tunnel (to where?), Marie's tiny bed, the ornamentation. Just lovely. OH, I love the shawl you had on in one picture. Very delicate!
Yes, enter my into the drawing for that sweet teacup! How lovely of you to offer it!
As always, I look forward to your postings.
Have a lovely weekend!

Debbie said...

Thanks for sharing your trip to Paris. So lovely.

I love the postcard. Thanks for sharing both sides with us.

I would love to be entered in your giveaway for the teacup. The teacup brings delight to my soul. I love them.


Anonymous said...

Terri, first of all, thank you for the beautiful tour! I can imagine how you felt! I felt this same way in touring Sudley Castle in England where Henry VIII's 6th wife lived. I had always admired her spunk and that she was able to outsmart him! It's a small, intimate castle with tiny rooms also.

Thank you too for the chance to win this beautiful teacup. Yes, please enter me!


Debby said...

Awesome post Terri!! How fun and exciting to be in Marie's room, you look so darned happy. Love the vintage photo and the teacup is gorgeous, would love to be entered in your drawing.

Robin Sanchez said...

How wonderful to be where Marie lived!! A vacation Im sure you will never forget. I would LOVE to win that fabulous tea cup.....count me in.


Elaine said...

It is beautiful!

Enter to win a Lime Ricki swimsuit!
clothed much, a modest fashion blog

Rita said...

Dear Terri,
thank you so much for taking us along your tour. it must have been most exciting and only wish i were there with you to enjoy all that beauty. Difficult to say what picture I love most:guess all of them!!
And your Limoges cups - soooooooooooooo gorgeous. Please add my name to the drawing for your delightful giveway. Meantime I'll keep my fingers tight crossed!

Awishdream said...

Terri ~ I loved reading the history of Marie and the photo's are simply wonderful!How lucky you were to be where Marie had walked and lived! What a fantastic vacation for you!

Please add me to your giveaway, that teacup is so gorgeous!

Hugs.. :)

Martha's Favorites said...

Hi Terri: That place looks so beautiful it is almost like it is not real. You are so blessed to have seen it. I hope one day, I could go. I want to thank you for the sweet comment on my blog. I don't show what I create, because you are the artist in the family. Up against your stuff, mine looks like preschool things. I also want to tell you, I love Limoges! Just throwing it out there for you! LOL You are the best, I am so glad I met you. Blessings, Martha

Jocelyn said...

What a lovely tour. And thanks for entering me in your giveaway! I love tea cups and yours is very dainty and beautiful.


Lou said...

Ohhh Terri,
What a wonderful post.... and how beautiful is MA's home..... ??? Her bedroom was amazing and I dont blame you for 3 visits... lol.. I would most likely do the same... what an amazing color it is.... just beautiful! Love the close up shots of the balustrade and the moldings....everything.....
The postcard is gorgeous .. thankyou... and the tea cup is WOW!!! would love a chance to win something so feminine and beautiful! Hope you are having a great weekend!,
Love Lou xx

Werna Gail said...

Thank you for taking me somewhere I will never be able to go, the photos were great, I to am curious as to where the tunnel goes?
I would love to win your beautiful teacup,please enter me in the give away. Be BLESSED:-)

Lynn R said...

What a lovely trip you had, and thanks so much for sharing it. I am dreaming of a trip to Paris now.
Please add my name to the drawing, I would love a beautiful French tea cup to add to my collection.

Anonymous said...

hi !
we spent the afternoon at Marie Antoinette's country house and Trianon, had a lovely three hours walk !
thought of you and the lovely photos you showed on your blog.We have come back with 250 snapshots !...I'm showing them next week on my blog.
Have a good weekend.

Jan said...

I found your lovely blog by a happy accident.Thank you for the lovely giveaway, and for sharing details of your visit - I will be in Paris next month and can't wait. Thanks again.

Betzie said...

Oh my I can't imagine the feeling being there and seeing all that you did. I wouldn't have wanted to leave either. The pics are wonderful and so is the teacup! Thanks for sharing...I remember reading about the Petite Trian when I made my Marie theater. I will have to go check out that link now!

Vicki said...

Hi, Terri,
I always enjoy my vicarious trips to France through your lovely photos and words. I love Marie's bedroom. It must have been wonderful to stand where she stood and lived. Thank you for sharing your adventures with us. I would love to be included in your giveaway. The teacup is so pretty and thank you for your generosity. Love and blessings always~ Vicki

Ann said...

I've loved reading about your trip to Paris....so exciting!
Thanks for the postcard and please enter me in your giveaway, i have a friend who adores teacups and would truely love to have this in her collection.

Chriss Rollins said...

Hello Terri I have just caught up with your fantastic blog the photo's are amazing wow you lokked like you had the best time ever.

You deserved such a trp.

I have a little something on my blog for you.

chriss x

parTea lady said...

Your photos and info on Petite Trianon are great. What a fabulous trip that must have been. I've studied and seen photos of these places, but to actually be there - WOW.

Thank you for the postcard and the opportunity to win that gorgeous Limoges cup and saucer. I would love to add that beauty to my collection.

Marlynn said...

Oh WOW, Terri - you are too too generous in your give aways, and yest I would like to be included. Love your journey thru the little palace. Really special! hugs

BECKY said...

Oh, such beautiful pictures, and Yes Please Enter Me in Your Contest!! I would LOVE to win that beautiful tea cup!!

Sherri Piechnik said...

I have just discovered your website and thoroughly love it. My daughter and I were in France last year and although the Petit Trionne was closed we really enjoyed walking and enjoying the gardens, especially the wildness of those that had not been restored yet. Your giveaway is sooo generous!

~~Rhonda said...

I so enjoyed the pictures! Amazing history, architecture and culture. I envy you the trip! Thanks for hosting a lovely giveaway! Count me in, please. We will be hosting a foreign exchange student from Versailles in July! She arrives the second, so we are looking forward to sharing an American Fourth of July with her. The postcard is precious! Thanks for the freebie. ~~Rhonda :)

Catherine said...

Oh Terri,
I loved visiting Versailles and have been fortunate to go a couple of times, once when the garden fountains were all working. What a delight. Love that you are sharing your photos : )

Shane Pollard said...

Terri how lovely, and I feel I've been there now!!!
I was there with you all the way.
When we visited Versailles two years ago it was December and very cold.
I really wanted to see Trianon but we walked so far and as you say it was tiring.
I'll see it next time...

Please come and visit me and I will get my pretty teacups out and make you very welcome!

I would LOVE to be in your draw!!

Becky said...

Oh, how wonderful. I am sure it was a lovely trip. Thank you for allowing me to enter into your giveaway.


~*~Patty said...

Hello Terri ~ I am visiting you today from Elizabeth (and Bleubeard's) blog. What a delight your photos and artwork are!
I got to visit Paris once, but it was so long ago ... fantastic getting to share some of your extraordinary visit there!
AND a giveaway = oh my! That teacup is a stunner and so delicate too. Many thanks for the chance to be the lucky winner!
Have a great weekend!

Needles Everywhere said...

I'm a little late visiting this week - busy busy. I adore this post. I can't believe that you visiting Marie Antoinette's house. Wow. Your pictures are great and I thank you for sharing them.

I would like to enter the give away if it's still going on. If not, I still love seeing the beautiful pictures.

Creative Grammie said...

Thank you for sharing the not just your photos, but also the history. You are so knowledgeable! I wrote the book title "An Adventure" down so that I can try to find it. I did go to widipedia to read up on it. How intriguing. Thanks so much for sharing this info

Deborah aka Miss Bee said...

I would soooo love to win this beautiful teacup and saucer. It would make such a delightful addition to my much loved collection.

Deborah in NC

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