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Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Mixed Media Girls

Hello All and Happy Wednesday!
I have spent the last two weeks catching up from being away. Hence, no art from me since before my Paris trip! I have missing my room and my "stuff".
Today I did get to put the finishing touches on something I have been working on a little here and there.

I found these two ladies in a box filled with other old photos at an antique shop. They seemed to belong together, and I really love how they look, so I brought them home with me. I began to wonder about who they were and what their lives were like. Thinking about this I began to work on a canvas to express what I was imagining.

Lydia and Mable had two different lives.

(The photo makes the pieces look a bit pink, which they are not, also, I have set the canvases on a book since the lace hangs down below the bottom a bit)

Lydia was very lucky indeed to be hired by a family to care for their children. She was appreciative of her opportunity and her ability to take the burden off her parents to care for her. She was even able to send a little money home each month.
But she missed them dearly! So each week when a letter arrived from home she would cherish the few moments of freedom she had to sit in her little attic room, drink her tea and read her letter as slowly as possible. She treasured her letters from home and kept them in a cigar box under her bed. In between letters she would pull that box out at night and read them again when she was particularity homesick. They gave her great comfort and helped her to manage until she could see her family again one day.

Here is where she is counting the days she has been away from home

Mable (below) was always thinking about fashion.
Her family may have been struggling to make ends meet, but that didn't stop her from laying in bed at night dreaming about ribbons and silk flowers, satin and beads! She spent all her spare time drawing her favorite fashion accessory and pouring over the leftover magazines her mother brought home from the wealthy family she cooked for.
But Mable wasn't content with dreaming for long. No, she had a plan. And she worked her plan, year by year until she owned her very own chapellerie ......... hat shop! And even though she was successful she still lay in bed at night dreaming of ribbons and silk flowers, satin.......

I made some hat pins with vintage pearls and rhinestone rondelles.

On the sides she has written out a list of what materials she will be needing to order

I made these two pieces on 5x5 canvases using a 100 year old hat shop receipt and a 100 year old letter written in French.

Thank you so much for coming by to look. Today I think I will start working with beads again and see what I can come up with.


Sandee Shanabrough said...

I love old photos and often wonder about the subjects in those photos. Your projects are beautiful!

Marsha @ Tattered Chick said...

Just beautiful!!!

LuLu Kellogg said...

Beautiful work!


Elaine A said...

Terri -

These are beautiful. I can tell you were inspired! What wonderful pieces.

Elaine Allen

Claudia said...

Terri, you are so talented. You inspire me.


Patti said...

Lovely...not only the photos themselves and how you embellished them, but the lives you gave those dear ladies.


melissa said...

I really like your blog! I'm a new author and have enjoyed this new experience. I find that it's the most difficult and most rewarding. I'm also a graphic designer and love having that creative outlet as well.
Thanks for your post! I will be back for more updates. :-)

Melissa Nielsen
I would love for you to check out my other blog @www.printhis.biz

Linda Vincent said...

These are wonderful, inspirational pieces Terri - I really enjoyed reading your blog post.
Thank you so much for your thoughtful comments on my blog today; you really touched my heart!
Linda x

Anonymous said...

Lydia and Mable are quite the ladies! And your stories are delightful. I can just imagine them contemplating their lives! Wonderful tales, Terri.
AND, wonderful pieces of art. SO feminine and sweet. Mable's hat is to die for, by the way. And Lydia has on a lovely dress!
I'm so glad you had a chance to use some of your treasures from Paris....and got to make some art.

Connie Eyberg Originals said...

These are just great! Love the photos and the embellishing. Connie

Riet said...

So beautiful box Terri,i love your image and your papers.

Hugs Riet.xx

Createology said...

These are truly beautiful and the stories are perfect. Over the moon glorious projects my dear. Happy creating...

Robin said...

Love your mixed media girls!

Debby said...

Hi Terri, both beautiful pieces of art. I love the stories, fabulous.

Marguerite (Tina) Smith Hart said...

Beautiful work Terri and so very touching, I often wonder about the people in old photos too and what was their story or what happened to them as life went on? I like the way you gave them a story.
Tina xo

debi said...

Terri, your canvases are stunning! And I just love the sweet stories of your vision of these two women.

Lou said...

Totally gorgeous Terri.. your art and the vision..
Love Lou xx

Catherine said...

Luv, luv, luv this project! You are such a talent, my sweet friend.
Thanks for sharing with us.

Such a Wondrous Place this Faery Space said...

I adore these on the canvas! There is something wonderful about these that just feel vintage with a ageless twist. Great art dear!!! Blessings.

Anonymous said...

Terri, not only do I love what you did with the photos but I love their hats!

Unknown said...

Well the work is just super but the fact you made up the back ground history is just wonderful (love how your imagination works here)

Love Dawn xx

Marlynn said...

Girlfriend, loves both your stories and those photos are so darn beautiful and special. Loved the gal opening her hat shop! Even had a little chuckle there. Your art is inspiring as always, hugs,

Carol L. said...

I have loved being with you in France. Your writing brought it very much alive. You have a way with words that is very much a talent and wonderful to be a part of. I thank you very much.

please add me to the drawing

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