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Monday, February 1, 2016

Cottage Mugs

Hello All!

How about switching it up this week...
from tea cups to tea mugs.

These two were bargain finds,
and are cheery all on their own.

A scoop of spearmint and a scoop of peppermint...

A good magazine to help one dream of summer gardens!

a bit of local honey....yum.

garden dreaming...

I wouldn't mind staying at this cottage!

or up in that room above the hollyhocks...

Tea brings moments of respite,
and silly wonderings...lol. 

Mugs with such lovely images really do
spark my imagination!

Thank you for stopping by for tea today : )
I love that you did!

I wish you all a good day!

Martha has the linky for Tea Cup Tuesday
I will be heading over to visit her and 
see what gorgeous china she shares.
Thank you Martha!   

I am joining Sandi for No Place Like Home,
and Bernideen's for BTTCG
hoping to be able to link to more if I can... 


Mimi said...

Terri, dreamy, dreamy! Just what I needed on a sweltering day here in the tropics! Beautiful mugs and gorgeous magazine. So serene! Lots of Love, Mimi xxx PS, I'd love you to link at Five Star Frou-Frou at A Tray of Bliss if you have time...x

Linda Kunsman said...

Oh I love those mugs! They remind me so of the English countryside and cottages I saw many years ago and adored...your tea sounds so lovely too. Hope all is well!

Createology said...

Those are lovely tea mugs and I adore the cottage images. Tea is perfect on this very icy and cold day. Thank you for sipping some with me.

Brenda @ Its A Beautiful Life said...

What a lovely visit to your blog today. My first time visit, I believe.
Such pretty tea mugs and I see we share a common delight in the magazine, English Gardens.

Wishing you a beautiful week ahead...

kitty@ Kitty's Kozy Kitchen said...

Oh to dream and live in an adorable cottage just like on your mug, Terri! Mmmm and a minty tea with honey sounds perfect to discuss our cottage plans.

Margie said...

Lovely mugs, Terri. I would also love to stay in one of their cozy cottages!

Michele M./ Finch Rest said...

Hi Terri! What wonderful mugs - they really do invoke pleasant daydreams, do they not?

Hope you continue to be well and content.

Thank you so much for having me to tea today!

happy sippin! Hugs! ♥

Kjersti Eriksen said...

Dear Terri,

SO greatful I just happened to drop by your blog. Until yesterday I did not even know it excisted! And boy have I missed out on something beautiful! Totally, madly 100% in love with this blog!! Love tea (also love coffee), love all kinds of crafts (escecially paper and yarn related stuff) and love blogs that make me want to try out new things.

Looking very much forward to follow each and every blog post!

Regards from a greatful Norwegian,

Betty said...

Those tea mugs are so cute and I agree a perfect time to enjoy a mug of tea and dream of gardening.

Sylvia said...

Those are cute mugs,Terri, and yes I would love to stay a night in the cottage also.

Sandi@ Rose Chintz Cottage said...

Terri, those pretty mugs would certainly set my mind to day dreaming too. A stay in one of those cottages, especially this time of year, would be idyllic. I do love china adorned with pastoral scenes and pretty cottages! Thank you for sharing and I hope you are having a lovely day.


Elaine said...

Lovely cottagey mugs Terri, just the thing to transport you to another place, perhaps the English countryside in summer maybe! I love spearmint tea, it is so refreshing, but sometimes hard to find compared to peppermint which seems to be everywhere. Elaine x

Edith DUTERTRE said...

super joyeuses ces mugs
les dessins des petits cottages sont agréable
on a envie de franchir la porte et se faire invité pour une tasse de thé
encore un peu de patience et nous verrons le printemps
edith (iris) France

Frieda Oxenham said...

The mugs look so delightful. I would so like to be able to move in, with a copy of that magazine (that I love!) and enjoy it with a mug of tea!

Antiques And Teacups said...

I love your cottage mugs. I have carried a number of Dunoon versions over the years, and those of yours are just as pretty! Certainly make me homesick! The tea looks wonderful!

Szara Sowa said...

Hello! I very like Youy blog. Your mugs are beautiful.

Marjanne said...

I like your mugs... but I really prefer to drink tea in a cup. I don't know why... but these are really beautiful ! !!

Snap said...

Hi Terri,
Love those mugs. Lets move into one of those cottages! :)

The Charm of Home said...

Great magazine and even better mugs!! Garden dreaming in Feb. is perfect!

Rose L said...

I have never seen mugs like those before! They are nice!

Dorthe said...

English cottages on tea-mugs, how cozy dear Terri, they are so lovely ,and makes me think of Mrs Marple who solves crimes in English villages, that looks quite as romantic as theese mugs.
Would love to have a cup of the mint teas in one of them, chatting with you,my friend, in between.
Here the weather is calling for indoors tea warm, and lovely Terri, and it would have been perfect with you by my side.
Warm hug to you.

Bernideen said...

Dear Terri:
I have that issue of English Garden in the car. Terri - lovely mugs that certainly go with the magazine which I haven't had time to read yet. We closed on our retirement house is Missouri on Friday. We leave early in the morn to go back and pack more stuff. We heard there is 12" of snow too. Terri, I will be starting my garden all over. I am excited. I have told quite a few Jane Austen fans about your Christmas Ornaments you made! Thanks for sharing this post!

Cinderella Moments said...

I guess you need a tea mug when you mean business! LOL! :) It's a beautiful cottage! Dreamy for sure!

Mimi said...

I'm so pleased you came and shared at Five Star Frou-Frou Terri. I hope we'll see you again. Love, Mimi xxx

K J D said...

Such pretty mugs.... how lovely it would be pottering around in that beautiful garden :)

Karen x

Lady Linda said...

Hi Terri, oh, the tea mug is so pretty. I enjoy tea in a mug in the afternoons when Jim and I take a break. I just picked up a pair of cute ones to show on my Thursday post. I love love love cottages.
I wanted you to see my Valentine Mailbox...inspired by your tutorial. It isn't as wonderful as your's, but I am pleased and it was fun to make. I did figure out how to make it open on the side to get my cards out.
Thanks again for the inspiration and the wonderful tutorial.
I hope you can take a look at it.

Wendy said...

What beautiful tea mugs! Love those images and i'm dreaming of gardening right now too. It's -25C outside today. Brrrr. I stayed home all day!

I rarely use my good china as the coffee gets cold and you can't microwave the cups. But a cup of tea made with boiling water and no cold milk added might just stay hot. Thanks for the idea. I do have some tea mugs - thought they were coffee mugs, but I guess it doesn't really matter, does it?

They're my mother's china (pretty pink roses) and I'd post a pic here if I could figure out how. Oh well.

Victoria said...

Love this post! So pretty, these cottage mugs are delightful and full of charm and whimsy!!
THanks for always shining your magic..I always leave with a smile!! Beautiful my friend!
Wishing you a wonderful night!

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