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Saturday, March 26, 2016

Happy Easter, Happy Spring!

This is the time of year that that I love...
beauty arises from the Earth,
trees burst into bloom,
and the birds sing just about as happily as one could imagine.

Sitting outdoors and sipping a cup of tea
is a lovely way to be present with Spring.

This dear old cup has a feeling of age 
and wear...
Which I love. 
And I don't mind the crack.
It has seen many springs. 

You can't buy or hurry age, or history....it takes time.
It is this that gives the cup a real feeling of value. 

Maybe like me...lol...
I have just turned 57 years old,
(this cup is much older though...)
I have some years behind me and wear and tear.
The years have been full 
and surprisingly not what I expected when I 
looked forward at the age of 20.
I thought I knew exactly what my life would look like.

But I have learned, and one thing I know for sure
is that appreciating the beauty of the Earth,
and of all Earth's inhabitants, brings me joy.  

So this Easter I am appreciating the natural spring
beauty all around me...

and I am appreciating my family and friends.
There is an old saying...
"friends are the flowers in the garden of life"
(I would add my family in with friends)

They certainly are beautiful.

This is the only mark on this cup.  
I have no idea of it's age. 
Do you? lol? 

...wishing each of you of beauty and love... 

Thank you for coming by for tea!




Marjanne said...

Hi Terri, I also love the spring and easter with the beautiful colours and green everywhere. I wish you a very happy birthday, and love, luck and health for your new year. Sometimes I wish I could talk to myself at the age of 20, and tell myself that there is nothing that turns out the way you think. But at 20 you think you know better useally... Love the cup!!
Hugs and lovely easter for all of you§

Kjersti Eriksen said...

What pleasure and wonderful joy you find in your cups. I have a whole new perspective of appreciation the smaller things in life after finding your blog. I have even bought several old cups :-)
Wish you a happy Easter and lovely sping:-) (Or as we say in Norwegian; god paaske!)

Regards from Norway, Kjersti

Annie said...

This is such a lovely post Terri 😃 your beautiful teacup is gorgeous and I love the photographs too x
Spring and Autumn are my two favourite seasons

Best wishes and Happy Easter
Annie x

Dorthe said...

Dearest Terri,
I always feel joy when visiting your blog. I know there is always so much beauty to enjoy here, and also today.
The cup is adorable ,I have never seen anything like it, and oh that color tone.
And yes age and wear make = beauty , when talking of things, lets hope we also show a beauty of wear and age , I know you does, my friend.
The Easter bunny is wonderful in the sweet display.
Thank you for tea, :-) it was so lovely, visiting you, also today !
Hugs from Dorthe

peggy gatto said...

Thanks for the lovely Easter morning!!

BECKY said...

Hi Terri! What beautiful photos! That bunny looks delicious...I guess it's white chocolate? Yum! And as always, I love the different photos of your teacups. I'm enjoying my beautiful spring weather here, too....and thinking of you! Hugs, Becky

Sara - Villa Emilia (My Woodland Garden) said...

Hello Terri, what a lovely post!
Wishing you a Happy Easter and a beautiful, beautiful spring!

kitty@ Kitty's Kozy Kitchen said...

Happy Easter and Spring to you, Terri! You teacup is a beauty, like your sweet spirit. Thank you for sharing your pretty pictures, quotes and messages with us. Enjoy this beautiful day!

Linda Kunsman said...

what a beautiful Easter post. It is filled with your lovely photos along with your words of joy and gratitude. I feel so like you about the spring! And that's right- I forgot you had a birthday recently just like me-and that we are the same age. So a very happy belated birthday, and wishing you continued joy, and good health. Happy Easter!

Szara Sowa said...

Happy Easter!

Margie said...

Happy (Belated?) Birthday and Easter, Terri! Your antique teacup is a beauty! I've always been partial to vintage teacups. The unpredictability of life is what makes it interesting and exciting.

Frieda Oxenham said...

Your post is so full of beauty and the sense of spring in the air. Hope you had a fabulous birthday as well as Easter and thanks so much for sharing that fabulous tea cup with us. Every time I think the cup you post is my all time favourite and then in your next posting there is an equally gorgeous one to admire.

Elaine said...

Happy belated Easter Terri. What a lovely post, I love the rosy colour of your tea cup, it looks like it should be filled with rosehip or hibiscus tea! Spring is such a hopeful and uplifting time isn't it. I think we are all suffering from a little wear and tear, but a nice dose of warmer weather and spring sunshine and flowers should be just the ticket to lift our spirits! Happy Monday. Elaine x

Maminka Girl - Loribeth Robare said...

What a beautiful teacup. It's such a feminine design. Thanks for your kind comments on my blog. Enjoy the last two seasons of Downton! I do miss that series already but I will keep myself busy making dolls. Also, it would be so much fun to have you at one of my classes! If you are ever up my way, let me know and we will have a special one! Happy Spring.

Cynthia said...

Happy Birthday, Terri! What a beautiful time to celebrate. The tea cup and the tulips are gorgeous. . .

Martha's Favorites said...

Hi Terri: Love your tea cup today. I have been doing a lot of catch up lately. I can't believe how many things I just did not do. Kyle is doing so well these past two week. An Easter blessings for sure. I will try and email you this week. Remember you are loved, Martha

angelasweby said...

Terri, I love your blog. Ever since I discovered it before Christmas, I have been an avid follower and have also been back through your archives and given myself hours and hours of enjoyment - and activity, I have to say. I have been a huge Jane Austen fan ever since reading Emma for my English Literature exams back in 1969. Then, as an English Teacher, I discovered her books in detail as I began to teach them and grew to love them more and more. Seeing your JA posts and your breath taking Christmas tree has inspired me so much. I immediately set about trying to find the necessary supplies to try and recreate your ornaments, not an easy task here in England. :-) I have visited Chawton twice over the past few years and the first time I bought the kit to make Jane Austen's house in Chawton. I didn't see the Georgian House kit but my kit had an address on it and I contacted them. To my delight, they had the Georgian House and it worked out so much cheaper to buy 10 than the 5 I wanted that I succumbed! So if you need another, please let me know, I have plenty :-)
I also bought some craft punches, glitter and pretty card but my biggest success was finding the Jane Austen rubber stamp. The company making them no longer exists so they are not available but a very helpful lady at Chawton house agreed to sell me the shop's one which they didn't use. The only things I sadly haven't been able to find over here are the little fluted tartlet tins and bottle brush trees in that small size. I even found some real coloured small tinsel! Would you be able to tell me the size of the tins please?

I also want to mention how much pleasure your blog has given my husband. He was born in 1947 on the borders of Longton and Fenton and most of his family worked in the potteries. One of his uncles was Works Manager at Tuscan China and the other was Quality Control first at Minton then at several potteries including Tuscan nd also for Waterford a Crystal in Ireland. This was back in the 30's onwards. His cousin's wife was Best Gilder at Shelley and his grandmother, Grandma Johnson started work in the potteries, aged 7 :-) His uncles often brought sets home bought at cost price or seconds and all the sisters in the family, my husband's aunties all sadly now passed away now, had dressing table sets. There were also loving cups, Toby jugs and tea sets in beautiful fine china. We have looked at your posts, at the beautiful china and your snippets of history with both interest and nostalgia and my husband has recognised many, some of which we also have. We have several tea sets in the loft, half sets and odd bits of china all with a story to tell. We also have some beautiful Tuscan china figures which Jack's family always said had sweeter faces than Doulton figures :-)
Finding your blog has been one of the best things that's happened to me. Thank you so much for such interesting and inspiring posts and photos.
Please let me know if you would like me to send you another Georgian house card and also some very tiny glitter trees I found which might substitute for bottle brush trees. They are off a large bauble ornament in glittery green I found in a sale and bought several. They are a bit like a Sputniks and you can pull off these little things a bit like trees - I am nothing if not resourceful...haha!! My email is:

Gaby Bee said...

Hi Terri, what a lovely post! I hope you enjoyed your Easter.

Blessings and hugs across the miles.
Gaby xo

Sandi@ Rose Chintz Cottage said...

Dear Terri,
What a beautiful post. I love the teacup and your tulips. All is so lovely here. Thank you for stopping by the other day. I'm sorry I haven't been by before this. I have been ill with one thing or another since mid-January although I haven't mentioned it on my blog. I will email you one of these days and fill you in. Happy Spring, my friend, and I hope your Easter weekend was a lovely one. Take care.


Marie Lost Bird Studio said...

Dear Terri,
happy belated Easter. Such a lovely post.
Have a lovely day.
Hugs and love,

Princesa Nadie said...

Dear Terry
You have the prettiest tea cups in the world!!!!!
Happy spring

Two Cottages And Tea said...

Happy spring to you Terri! Your teacups are so pretty along with your lovely post. Hope you have a wondeful week!

Victoria said...

Happy Spring Terri! What a gorgeous tribute to this season, both in your poetic words and in your stunning imagery, so lovely! Love the tea time adventures you share..always so elegant and magical!
Love that bunny too, adorable! Loved what you wrote about age, history and appreciating everything! well said! Wishing you many Springtime Blessings...

Gunn said...

Beautiful cups and tulips.

Lace Age Girl said...

Hi Terri, What a beautiful peaceful post. I love your teacup, and your tulip picture is perfect. The lighting is superb.

janice15 said...

Happy Spring, though San Francisco is having rain again. Such a lovely sweet teacup.. I just turned 58 in January. Have a wonderful lovely day with love Janice

Sugar Lump Studios said...

Hi Terri
I owe you a very belated email. I came here today to day hello and I hope everything is ok!
Beautiful post!

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