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Monday, August 30, 2010

Tea Cup Tuesday Once Again!

Hello All, and welcome to another Tea Cup Tuesday held by Martha and I. We love showing off tea cups and seeing the tea cups you all have as well. I have seen some really gorgeous cups lately. I appreciate all you do to set up a post and share with us all.

I love Rosina China! I love their tea cups most of all. Here are two that I own, the top one being my newest one. I adore the roses on the cups. These are dainty cups and are very proper for a ladies tea.

This one is my new favorite rose cup, I love the addition of the blue forget me nots.

It has a lovely gold trimmed handle with a split loop and a "fake" thumb rest.

A very pretty plate.

The backstamp suggests a 1050's cup. The Rosina China Co. was formerly G. Warrilow and Sons Ltd. and the company is located at Queen's Pottery in Longton, England.

Here is a close up of the other cup. I have shown it before, but as I love it so much I thought I would show it again : )
If you would like to join in the fun, please remember signing up means you will showcase a tea cup. Tell us some thing about it, it's maker (we love to see a photo of the backstamp) any history you know of the cup....how you came to have it, what you love to drink in it.....
Just fill in the two blanks below and you will be automatically added to the list. (Click on your own link to check and see if it works, once or so a Tuesday there is someone I can not get to through their link). Then we can come and see your beautiful tea cup!
Thank you so much for stopping by. Thank you all who have been following. I really appreciate all of your comments, read every one and try to visit everyone who comes by for a visit.
May your last few days of summer be glorious ones!

Monday, August 23, 2010

Tea Cup Tuesday- The Unusual

Hello All, and welcome to Tea Cup Tuesday, a party Martha and I host each week on to showcase some of our favorite tea cups. Today I thought I might show two cups I consider unusual. At least unusual to me.
This first cup was recently given to me by my dearest friend. It belonged to her husbands great grandfather.

I am totally honored to be able to keep this cup for her.
The first reason I think this set is unusual is the vibrant colors used to paint a joyful scene, and it looks as if the entire cup and saucer were hand painted . I love that the trees are vibrant blue! And look at the little butterflies flitting about.
The entire scene uses unusual colors that you do not typically see in nature.

And here is the second reason I think this cup is unusual....it has two backstamps. I have never seen a cup with two before. Have you? I would love to hear from anyone who has. The green stamp is Tuscan China and it appears to be stamped over the brown one. The brown stamp says Lawley's EST. Phillips's 1760 Regent St. P4
I did a little research on the internet, and found through Google UK that Edgar E. Lawley was a successful businessman and philanthropist known for his chain of china and glassware shops, "Lawley's of Regent Street". I am guessing that he sold Tuscan China in his shop and had his stamp on it along with the makers stamp. This makes sense to me anyways. Lawley's is still in business today.
I am guessing that this cup was created after 1936.

Here is a cup that I find unusual for it's color and design. This pedestal cup with the simple loop handle was made in Bavaria.

I really was attracted to the unusual green and gold pattern when I first saw this cup in a dirty old antique shop in upper Ontario, Canada.

That was about 7 years ago, and I still find this cup fascinating.

The pattern seems to look like gold tassels hanging down, with a gold floral type pattern in the bottom of the cup.

This backstamp suggests that this cup was produced in the 1950's.

Don't forget to go over to Martha's and see her china. The link is on her name above. She has the most amazing collection! She will out last me for sure. Many of you ask me where I keep my tea cups....well, let's just say my cups runneth over! I am sticking them all over now. My hutch is far too small : )

If you would like to join in the fun, create a post about your tea cup, tell us about it and then come here and fill in the two blanks below for Mr. Linky and you will automatically be added to the list.
Martha and I totally enjoy visiting all of you and seeing your china. It may take a day or two, but we visit everyone. Sometimes, though, I am unable to leave a comment, or even get to a page for one reason or another. It is a good idea after you link up with Mr. Linky to click on the link yourself and check and see if it gets to your blog post.
Hugs to you all and have a fantastic week!

Monday, August 16, 2010

Happy Tea Cup Tuesday Everyone! How I love Tuesdays!
Sharing with you all, and coming to see all your lovely china has been a real thrill.
Today I am sharing with you 3 cups that speak to me of summer. I really enjoy using them everyday. A good cup of English Breakfast tea is fabulous in one of these pretty cups.

This first cup I have had about a dozen years. It was made by the Rosina China Company, in Stoke on Trent in England. It is a footed and waited tea cup shape.

I love the roses, and all the gold accents around the edges and the handle.

By the look of the backstamp, this cup may have been made in the 1950's

My second cup here also has beautiful roses. It is one of the cups I purchased on my last trip. I love how you can see the stem so clearly. This cup is just slightly waisted.

Just one simple beautiful rose adorns the plate.

Royal Tuscan made this cup and saucer.
If the country name is on the cup, you know it was made after 1891. If it also says "Made In" then you know it is a cup from the 20th century. I knew this cup was not that old. But some cups it is hard to tell and these two bits of information can at least put you in the right century : )

Here is my third cup for today. This Royal Albert has a very fancy shape, with raised designs. The roses are simple like the old roses used to be before hybridizing. The handle has a split loop with a thumb rest. This cup has a slight waist as well.

A simple saucer, but very pretty.

This is one of Royal Albert's Friendship cups. You would think that it would be easy to date a cup from Royal Doulton. It is not very old. But my search online did not bring up any information to help me with any kind of firm date. But I do think it is within the past 30 years.

I thought I would throw in another type of handle. This one is a "seven" handle. How do I know....well, I named it myself! I looks like a seven to me.
This cup is not waisted at all. Can you tell?

Next week I am hoping to share some cups that I think are unusual, maybe for their pattern, colors or style. If you would like to join me in this theme, please do. Otherwise, please share with us any tea cups that you may have. Martha and I love seeing your lovely china, hearing of their history or how you came to have the cup.

To play along, create your post with your tea cup(s) in it. Please do not sign up if your post does not include a tea cup. Then come here and sign in with Mr. Linky below. All you need to do is fill in the two blanks.
Thank you so much for dropping by!

Monday, August 9, 2010

Enjoying Tea Cup Tuesday!

Thank you all for your kind wishes while I was away. I am home now and excited to participate in Tea Cup Tuesday with Martha and you! Martha and I first thought of hosting this because of our love of collecting tea cups. I also love drinking tea. Proper English tea.

I am an equal opportunity tea cup lover and I use all my cups regularly. There is just something wonderful about having a cup of tea! At least there is to me.
It has something to do with savoring life.

So this week I am showing off a new cup that I picked up on my trip. One of seven that I came home with! This colorful and fun cup was made by the Rosina China Company, again, from Stoke on Trent in England. So many china companies produced their wares there.

I think this cup is fresh and fun! The summery blue and pink colors and the daises feel very lighthearted.

From what I could gater on the Net, this back stamp could signify the cup was made in the 1940's. In later stamps the crown is open on the bottom.

This cup has a beautiful split loop handle. Can you tell?
And speaking of handles, one thing I find fascinating about tea cups is the various handles they have. I know some of the names they go by, but not all. I thought I might show you a few other cup handles, just for fun!

This is another cup and saucer I picked up on my trip, it is a demitasse set. See the fancy loop handle? I will tell you more about this cup on another T.T. post.

And look at this one...I have seen others like it called "French" handles. This cup was all by itself in a shop, the front of it is very interesting. I will show it another time, after I find out more about it. It doesn't have a back stamp, so research could be slow.

I have named this the "bat" handle! See what I mean?

And I believe this handle could be a "D" handle. So similar to the ring handle.
Handles can really add to a cups charm. Some have gilding on them, dots of gold, little swirls, some are very plain loops (the oldest cups). I love them all and am always looking for handles styles I have never seen. I love to learn new things, so if you know a more proper name for these styles (if I have made a mistake!), please let me know : )

Fancy is all good, but in truth, my favorite cups to drink from have handles that are very comfortable to hold.
I hope you enjoyed my little show and tell. Head on over to Martha's place and see her goodies.
She is such a lovely lady, and I am so blessed to be sharing such fun with her!

If you would like to participate, please remember this is about Tea Cups, so make sure you have tea cups in your post. We love to see yours and hear about their history or how you acquired them. Once you have made your post, come on back over here and link up with Mr. Linky below. Just fill in the two blanks and you will automatically be added to the list.
Have a fantastic week!

Monday, August 2, 2010

If you're wondering why I haven't posted in a few days, it's because I have gone away on a little trip to see my oldest son. Along the way, quite a few antique stores have tempted me inside, and....Oh My, I have seven new tea cups and saucers to bring home! Yes, 7! I am excited to share them with you!

I will be back for Teacup Tuesday NEXT week!

In other exciting news, the winner of the giveaway for this book is: Kiki!
Congratulations KiKi!
Kiki, if you can send me your address, I will be happy to mail the book to you as soon as I can.
Hugs to you all,
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