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Monday, July 25, 2016

Tea for Two-wish you were here

Hello All!
Welcome to Tea Cup Tuesday!

I have tea for two today, one for me and one for you....
If only it could be!

Would you like the rosey Rosina?

Or the fruity Paragon?

 We are having Chamomile tea today...
would you like cream or sugar?

How are you doing? 

How is your family?

I have had a rough two weeks,
but tea with you will help : )

Tea time helps me focus on the positive. 
It must be the quiet moments.

Sometimes it is the little things that cheer,
little bits of beauty,
roses in creamers,
unexpected hugs.

How do you cheer yourself up? 

Chatting with you is good medicine : )

Wishing you the very best week possible!

Monday, July 18, 2016

Sunny Morning Tea

Hello All!

Welcome to Teacup Tuesday!
Martha says it is #314!
she is Sharing Joy today.
The sun was pouring in the kitchen window this morning,
creating such a warm glow and feeling of coziness!

 It was the perfect time for tea...
and a quiet moment...  

This is a lovely trio given to me
by the same friend who gifted 
the cup I shared last week.
Dianne is more than generous!
Thank you again : ) 

I am having Organic English Breakfast tea...

I wish Dianne was here to sip tea with : )
But sadly we live an ocean apart. 
Not unusual with all the worldwide friendships
Bloglandia has made possible.
Thank you Bloglandia! 

This tea cup was made by Minton
and the pattern is Penrose. 
It is a lovely bone coloring
with very pretty blues.
Dianne picks out beautiful tea cups!

Simple linen napkins 
laid in a new found china dish. 

tiny bits of delight enrich our beautiful natural environment
and increase our present moment joy...

New found sugar and creamer
lovely, even better in "person"
shine in the morning light. 

 It is good to have such quiet lovely moments!
and wonderful to share these moments with all of YOU!
: )

How are you doing this week?
Are  you having some moments to be quiet and enjoy?
(sometimes seems impossible doesn't it?)
 Any creative projects going? 

I am still working on my glitter houses,
and also crochet, quilting (need to bind doggie quilt)
and flower drying. 
Oh! And I painted the wicker chair I found...

I am dreaming up a cushion now....

Dried dill

 My first time trying hydrangea,
they were from the grocery store
and a little bruised here and there.
The pic does not show their beauty.

 I had not tired the microwave technique for drying flowers,
and I leaned a few things quick!
One-the paper towel texture can show up on your flowers, lol!
two-the packet comes out really really hot!
three-freshest in morning is best, after dew dries off.

You just put your flowers inside a piece of folded watercolor
paper or other absorbent paper,
then layer a few layers of more paper
on both sides of the folded paper. 

Find two sturdy pieces of cardboard for front and back covers
to squish it all down and hold it tight. 
I used three rubber bands to secure.
Then pop the packet in the micro for 1 min.
(laid heavy ceramic dish on to hold down)
You may need another 30 sec or so 
depending on thickness and moisture.

I am having fun and my husband said
"you finally found a use for your micro".

Wishing you all a beautiful week!

I am joining in Sandi, Bernideen, Ruth, as well 
as dear Martha for tea today.
(their names are their links)
Thank You!

Monday, July 11, 2016

Tea and Lace

Hello All!
Welcome to Tea Cup Tuesday!

(I apologize for my very wonky post!
Randomly odd photo sizes and text!
oh my! lol!)

Two things I love,

Tea cups and lace

You can not have too much of either!

 This beautiful tea cup from a dear friend is extra cheery!

Artwork on china : )

Lovely tea!

Blossom tea...

...curvy romantic edge

Love this sweet cup.

I find all sorts of ways to use these bits of lace in my creating.
Cards, tags, collaged books, pillows, jewelry..... 

Sometimes I dye the laces before using them...

A happy birthday card...

And a general card.

Sometimes, like tea cups, just looking at the lace is lovely : )

 I do not have a huge collection,
but enough that I began decorating band boxes to hold them.

Will I ever not love lace? Maybe,
But I know I will always love tea time : )


Last week we made a Pinterest recipe for the 4th,
 Summer Vegetable Tian
by bugetbites.com

Ready for the oven,
potatoes, zuchinne, tomato, onions and garlic...
oh, and topped with cheese and plenty of fresh thyme.

Everyone enjoyed it
and it was simple to make. 
I was surprised at how light and tasty it was.
Thank you Bugetbites for sharing!

I am having some issues with Blogger's compose window
while posting. It is not keeping with the code and 
seemingly doing what it pleases with photos and
word spacing. Anyone of you having these kinds
of issues lately while trying to post?

Wishing each and everyone of you 
a truly lovely day!

Thank you for all your comments last week!

It was wonderful being in touch with you all again : )

I am sorry I don't have a linky this week.
Maybe next week.
Martha is having tea today so please 
go visit her and she her lovely china too. 

I am also joining Sandi, Ruth and Bernideen for tea.   
Thank you ladies for hosting tea each week!
(names are links)



Monday, July 4, 2016

Tea on the Fourth

Happy Fourth Of July!

Tea time today was extra special...

Besides lovely tea...

We had a patriotic trifle : )
red, white and blue.

The best part of today was being with loved ones.

wishing you all the very best of days...

Martha has posted this week, 
so I have visited her : )
I am also joining Bernideen,
Ruth, and Sandi
Thank you ladies for hosting tea!
(Their names are their links)

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