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Friday, December 16, 2016

A Time To Say Hello

Hello All!
I have been away so long now, 
and have missed all of you.

I came very close to posting in October...

It was the last time I had tea outdoors...
what a beautiful shower of sun!

Today's weather is not sunny, nor warm, lol.
Being the middle of December already, 
the cold, dark days seem just right. 

I had some "cold, dark" days this year...
in a health way.
I am happy to say I am on the mend,
just still need to be very careful and patient.

What helped me through this time
were my dear family, friends and when I was able,
some crafting. 

 Many of you sent me messages or cards of caring words,
I appreciated each and every one very much! 
Thank you all!

 (Creating really is good for the soul)

Dianne Buckley from the UK 
made a beautiful Jane card for me where 
she painted her own version of Jane. 
I have used her artwork on the front 
of this years Jane ornament. 
Thank you Dianne!

Thirty years ago I made these same ornaments 
with each family members birth date on it. 
It was simple to do with Jane too. 

Happy Birthday Jane!

And happy birthday to my youngest son
(we haven't unpacked our ornaments yet,
but when I find his ornament I will take a 
pic to post)

What a delight to be back in Bloglandia!
I am hoping to be able to continue posting. 

This is a very busy time of year for most,
For those of you celebrating Christmas...

Merry Christmas : )

For everyone, 

Hugs to everyone

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