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Thursday, June 30, 2011

Happy June Giveaway Winners!!!

It is the last day of June....and yes, it was a very good month!
Time to announce the winners of my month long Happy June Giveaway!!!

There were hundreds of entries......and I picked the names from a hat! I love picking the names from hats.....it just seems so.....exciting!!!! I am using my favorite vintage hat.

Drum roll please................(imagine this is in big letters...my text size, and color are not working at this time)

Winner of the lovely tea cup........

Winner of the Marie Matchbox.........

Winner of the Grab Bag.........

Winner of the Tea Time wall hanging......

Winner of the Domino book............

Elaine A!

(Elaine, I couldn't find an e-mail for you....could you please e-mail me your address? Thank you!)

Congratulations to each of you!!!
Could each winner please e-mail me your mailing address?
My e-mail button is on the right hand side bar.

Thank you all for your many visits this month!
I so enjoyed seeing all your comments. I wish I had a gift for each of you and time in the day to visit each and every one's blog!

Summer is in full swing now,
I hope you all have a memorable creative summer!

Monday, June 27, 2011

Tea Cup Tuesday-Tea Cups and Vintage Lace

Hello All!
Welcome once again to Tea Cup Tuesday!
It has been quite the busy week here full of all kinds of creating.
My last post was a Mad Tea Party blog hop hosted by Vanessa at A Fanciful Twist. You may find it enjoyable to read and to see the whimsical table my daughter and I set. I even made the Mad Hatter's hat. I will share that in another post.

But today is for tea cups...so on we go to this weeks beauty!
Above you see one of my cups that I think is unique....at least a little.
Also, I am showing off a bit of vintage lace that I think has such a fab color of gray/green.
I know it looks a bit ratty, but I really love the color and texture as well as pattern.

This is one of the first tea cups I bought about 18 years ago.
I found it at an estate sale on my street. I was new to the neighborhood, and did not know the woman who passed on...only knew her to wave to as we walked by. When I went into her house for the sale, I was overwhelmed with a feeling of joy! The entire house felt so good, and I was sure this was the energy of the woman who lived there. So when I spotted this cup, it was like bringing home a treasure from a friends house! I brought home many items from that sale, and I really feel they have added to the joy in my home.

I love the gold trim. And I think it was only $5!

The flower is so pretty and seems to just flow around the cup. The leaves are an interesting shape as well.

I remember thinking what an odd shape for a handle....bat like even!

I thought the scalloped edge and the eyelets were beautiful.

This cup sits on a pedestal that also has eyelets.
Don't laugh, but I do not recognize this stamp! Is it HR or HHR?
I bet some of you know the maker.
I would really appreciate it if you could tell me : )

I covered this paper mache egg with a tissue paper transfer I created from an old French legal paper from the mid 1860s. I am still deciding what else I could do to it. You can view my newest free video on Tissue Paper Transfers by clicking on this LINK or going up the right hand side of my blog at the top and clicking on the picture of the tissue transfers.

And here below is my next and last gift to win for my Happy June Giveaway! This French inspired Domino book! You only need be a follower to enter, just leave a comment to this post and let me know you would like to enter.

Only two more days until I pick the winners for each of the 5 prizes!
If you have not yet signed up for any of the other prizes click HERE for a link to a post that lists them all.

The front.

The inside.

The back.

This really has been a Happy June!
I am so thankful for each of you who stop by, and I am appreciate your comments so much!
As I have said before, I wish I had a present for each and everyone of you.

If you want to join in Tea Cup Tuesday. Just go and create a post with your tea cup in it, then come back here and link up below. Martha and I love hosting this party because we get to come and see you and your beautiful china.

Friday, June 24, 2011

Mad Tea Party!

Well, the Hatter has done it again!
He sent out invitations to Alice, the White Rabbit and myself, hoping to lure us to his home for tea and a book club. The Hatter is mad of course, but loves books....all types, and as we soon found out...in all ways!

The day began sunny as I headed outside to travel to his home.

Alice too, receiving her invitation also left her home and wandered the forest looking for the doorway that would lead her to the Hatter's world.

She stopped for a moment or two to catch up on her reading as she was behind the group....the Mad Hatter was always a fast reader, as was Rabbit who, surprisingly enough, never dallied over reading but got right to business.
So here is Alice still reading while I was making my way to Wonderland.

The Hatter, being anxious to greet his guest, met me halfway and then left me to continue as he sought for Alice and Rabbit.

He found Alice reading, and to minimize her embarrassment at being caught catching up, told her his hat was drooping...so she fixed it. And no more was said about her reading at the last minute!

It was at this time that a storm blew in, huge black clouds heavy with rain above them as they made haste to the Hatter's home. Luckily, I saw the storm coming from far off and I brought in everything the Hatter had set on his outside table and meticulously laid it all back in his dining room, knowing that details were very important to him.

The cupcakes spoke to me! "Eat Me!" they said! But no, I knew better than to start without the others and I am pleased to say I was not persuaded!

So tempting.....but no......

Just as I had filled the last tea pot with hot water and tea bags and sat down to rest my weary whimsical legs, Alice and the Hatter blew in the door with a strong gust of wind.

The Mad Hatter bowed to me with a flourish of his fanciful hat and Alice curtsied as if to the Queen...(Oh no! She is not coming, is she? I rather like my head!)

"I do hope you are not angry with me," I said as I showed them to the table. You never know with the Mad Hatter, he may have planned to have the tea party in the middle of a raging storm!
But the Hatter smiled and showed us into the room.

"Not at all, dear friend, I am in your debt for sorting out a dry place for us to have tea and to read our book... no need, none I say... no need to get books wet!"

Sitting comfortably in our chairs at the table, we talked of Wonderland's latest news and waited for our tea to steep. Before I knew what was happening, the Mad Hatter picked up an old silver tea pot and poured Alice a cup of...tea!?

"Buttons?" asked Alice as she peered into her pretty cup. Her puzzled face looked up.

The Hatter looked into her cup. "Yes, and my best buttons at that!"

"B-but," stammered Alice, "I can't drink buttons!" Still curious as to the Hatter's meaning.

"Why, my dear girl... I make it my business to drink a cup of buttons every day!" he stated cheerfully.

At this point I stepped in and asked how his reading was coming along, surreptitiously taking the tea bags from the tea pots and pouring myself a cup.

"Marvelous!" says he. "In fact I found a new book that I truly love and I want to share it with both of you."

Moments passed and he did not elaborate.

"Oh, well, would you tell us about it?" I asked.

The Mad Hatter smiled wide and said, "Read it yourself!" Alice and I looked puzzled at each other.

"Where is it, dear Hatter?" Alice asked in her sweetest voice.

The Hatter only chuckled and waved at the table. "Why, it is right here under your noses!"

We looked and looked at all the old books he had stacked on the table... Then he picked up a random sheet (I had painstakingly laid out all the loose pages when I recreated the table in his dining-room, quite surprised at it all).

"Here, I have laid all the pages out so you can enjoy this story too." He smiled again.

Alice and I looked at the hundreds of loose pages that covered the tablecloth.

"How do we know where to start and how to proceed?" Alice asked bravely.

The Hatter readjusted his hat and said, "Why, the book is so good, you can start anywhere and proceed how you like!"

In true Mad Hatter style, this made Alice and I smile and laugh, and then the Hatter was laughing...

Alice poured the Hatter and herself a proper cup of tea and we all gave in to the cries of the cakes. Mmmm....delicious!

There were bottles on the table that said, "Drink Me!" but we already knew from Alice's experience that we would not be drinking tonight!

Both of us had the same desire to return safely to our homes before nightfall.

Eventually we got around to talking about our book... the Hatter loves to discuss the characters, Alice enjoys the story setting, and I am always interested in the subplots. All in all, we had a wonderful time in Wonderland even though Rabbit did not arrive before I left (he must be really, really late!).

Thank you for visiting during Mad Hatter Tea Party hosted by A Fanciful Twist.
Click on the link and you can see all the other parties!

If you go to the end of my Happy June Giveaway post, you will see all 4 prizes I am offering as a thank you to all my readers! You can enter to will one or all of the gifts! Only need to be a follower for a chance to win a Tea Cup, a huge Goodie Bag, a Tea wall hanging or a lovely Altered Matchbox filled with fun! Good luck!

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Artist Share and a Swap ATC

Hello All!
Today I am sharing some artists creations that I have been lucky enough to receive. The first Artist is Michelle Carrier, and above is a beautiful card that she sent me. So well designed! And below is the ATC she sent me for a swap at Paperwhimsy.com. It is very dimensional, as well as gorgeously crafted! Thank you so much Michelle! (I apologize for not having a link for you, I couldn't find your contact information)

Below is a magnificent Post Card Art from another friend at the Paperwhimsy forum, Linda.
I love the vibrant colors she used in this piece as well as the sweet sentiment.
In actuality, Linda did shelter me....I accidentally sent my post card to her, but it was a PIF and was meant to go to another, and she very graciously sent it right off to the rightful recipient!
Thank you so much Linda, for your beautiful art and for your kind assistance.

Now here are the tea cup pages I received in return for my own pages. We are to create a tea cup book from all of these pages, but for now, I have strung mine on satin ribbon so I can see them all for a while. They are so fabulous!

This page is by Lisa. Such beautiful colors and so romantic!

Lovely back as well!

This pretty in pink one is from Terri. I love all the flowers.

Such a sweet back with a lovely sentiment!

This lovely peachy pink one is from Dawn, see the beautiful strawberry she added!

Pretty strawberry paper!

This "elegant in white" one is from Debi. The addition of rhinestones really makes it fabulous!

...and the back is just as elegant!

Thank you ladies! All your pages are so well done and so lovely to look at!
Thank you so much Terri for hosting this marvelous fun swap!

The next two photos are of a Fairy School that Theresa made after watching my Fairy School Tutorial series. She did such a whimsical job! There are so many amazing details in her school!

You can click on any image to see it better. You don't want to miss the details : )

I love the fairy sitting on the school roof!
And the cat isn't even interested in the slightest!
Your fairy school is so imaginative and I love your fairies.
Thank you so much for sharing with us Theresa!

Below is an ATC I created for the June ATC lottery over at Paperwhimsy.com. This lottery is so fab, everyone creates an ATC with a theme, this month is Garden Music, and then at the end of the month a winner is chosen and they get all the ATCs that were entered!

I first painted the card with acrylic paint, then used Stazon ink to stamp a script pattern. I used a tissue paper transfer (see my new Tissue Paper Transfer video button at the top right bar of my blog) from a vintage periodical and used gel medium to apply it. The girl is a Paperwhimsy image, and I trimmed the bottom with very old actual silver lace. This was very fun to work on.

Thank you so much for stopping by to visit. Don't forget I have a month long Happy June Giveaway! There are 4 different gifts to win, just click here to see all four. You only need be a follower to enter. Just leave a comment on the post of the gift you want to win. Enter for one or enter for more! Yay! Good luck to you all!

I am participating in the Mad Tea Party hosted by A Fanciful Twist!
I am excited about this and have been working on setting a Mad Tea Party Table!
I will post it on Saturday, so stop by and see!

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