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Thursday, July 30, 2009

Nostalgic Art

Tonight I am trying Theme Thursday for the very first time. The theme is to do a 4x4'' piece of art. So here is my entry. I found these wonderful ladies waiting to be remembered at a local antique shop.

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Shiny Vintage Things

Well, yesterday I visited an antique market in Greensboro. This particular one is so large that one needs to take a break around lunch and go get sustenance before continuing on! I happen to have only an hour this time so I could only hit the high spots and move along.....so hard!

For some reason I love shiny vintage things. I find myself drawn to rinestones and jewelry pieces that are dull looking...maybe even missing a stone or two. I was contemplating this as my magpie like pile began growing on the sales counter, as a kind salesman kept coming and relieving me of what I had collected. I see all the pristine jewelry...and yes, it is old and it is pretty. But for me, something about the tarnish, the dullness, the missing peices draws me in more.

I finally came upon a thought that felt right to me about why I have this preference....it is...time....to me these qualities represent time....something that you can't create, but only wait for. I can simulate the hands of time on my art by distressing and inking, staining, scratching...but these pieces show true time to me....and that feels valuable to me.

One more thought I had was that I find myself embracing broken things. Not because I want to fix them...but because I want to embrace them as valuable. Might I even feel that they are even more valuable? Now there was a thought that just plain asks for journaling! Don't you think?
Here is a picture of a few of my finds.
And again, thanks for listening.

Monday, July 20, 2009

Insightful Weekend

I have just returned from my surprisingly insightful weekend in Baltimore. I didn't know for one that the city was so interesting, nor did I know that I would experience such a calling.
What kind of calling you ask? A call from the Universal Concierge telling me it is time to wake up (again!). A calling to my self!

The weekend began with lovely walks by the harbor with my dear soul husband. We did a great deal of walking and seeing different neighborhoods. We met some amazing people. We ate some fab food. I enjoyed two visits to a Vintage store that was delightful to poke around in.

Vanessa's Vintage Treasures in Federal Hill

The last day there we split up with my hubby touring the ship museums, and I experiencing the American Visionary Art Museum. It was at this museum that I received my call.
It began with just walking around the building....amazing architecture...then appreciating the sculptures outside and then the little garden where I found myself actually giggling out loud! I was truly feeling childlike wonder!

American Visionary Art Museum
From the entrance on I was intrigued and thrilled with the atmosphere and the art lining the walls and ceiling. Inside I stopped in my tracks in front of a large Alex Grey painting. I stood mesmerized, rooted to the ground. The more I looked, the more it reached inside of me, and gently opened me. I had several moments of that feeling of recognition, that feeling of pure knowing...knowing of rightness. Insights came to me in waves of feeling, not words, of who I was at my core. I was so taken with all this that I realized that I needed to express it. So I pulled myself away from the painting long enough to purchase a red sketch book and a rainbow pencil in the gift shop, then I returned and sat down to journal and draw. When I felt ready, I moved on throughout the museum and continued to sketch and write as I felt moved. And I was moved by the surprising art I saw there, and by the stories of the artists.

I came away from the weekend renewed and re-grounded. I am more awake today than I was before we went. I am more connected to my creative being, my dear sweet artistic self, more willing to let her be, to let her breathe, to let her create!
Thanks for listening!

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

"Freedom" Twinchie

This week's theme for Small World of Inchies and Twinchies challenge is "Freedom".
This is something I have been reaching for my entire life....personal freedom.
At this point along my journey, freedom to me is choice. I get to choose how I want to feel, no matter what may be going on around me. I used to just react to something, now, I give my self the opportunity to decide how I want to respond...how I want to feel. I will still catch myself reacting suddenly, but even then, at some point I remember that it is all my choice. What a joy to know!

Monday, July 13, 2009


This summer has been full of sunshine. O.k. so we have had the unusual days of clouds that seem to threaten rain, but not live up to their threat. Last night we finally had a beautiful rainstorm and today is it bright and sunny again, the green tree's reaching up into the bright blue. So stunning!

I was thinking about all this weather and realizing that this is how my own personal summer has been, sunny with boughts of gray heavy sky, only to turn bright and sunny again...full of promise and beauty! It's all good though. Even the heavy days. The lights and the darks give me contrast.

I am learning that I get to choose how I feel each day...
to see and create beauty any time I choose.

This piece here in the photo is one I did in response to a wonderful class (Mossy Style) I took online at Moss Hill Studio. I thoroughly enjoyed this process. I found this photo in an antique store, this woman really spoke to me. She seems so steady, so sure, so.....grounded. So I chose her to use to express the idea of insight, I just love how she turned out. The skirting is half of a vintage dresser scarf and the beads are vintage as well.

Monday, July 6, 2009

Secret Friend Swap

How lucky am I???
These photos are of gifts I received from my secret (not so secret now!) friend Becky over at Marie Antoinette Mail Art. She sent me such a beautifully wrapped delight! It was a joy to open! Thank you so very much Becky!

Wednesday, July 1, 2009


Independence day already? Wow. This year has been traveling swiftly for me. Along the way I have been having some great times and some tough times, but all in all "it's all good!"

Actually, independence has been a theme around my home this past year with my two youngest graduating from high school and going off to college in the fall! We have all been adjusting to new independence for them and for my hubby and I. I am in the process of transforming from a full time happy mother for the past 25 years to......well, to what I ask myself? I guess that is what I am figuring out.

My leap into the world of art four years ago has been a blessings. It has lead me to new areas of interest for myself, new areas of growth. I truly believe art is expression of self. I find it invigorating, challenging and fun! With art you just have to let go and trust your instincts. I appreciate all that I am able to do in my art room! I appreciate all the wonderful artists I have met online that have been so inspiring and supportive.

I know my kids are going to do very well in whatever they choose to put their energy into. I am so proud of them! It is exciting to see where their path will lead them, as well as where my new path will lead me too! Like I said before....It is all good! Thanks for listening!

This week's Twinchie

This week (and last week) the theme at Small World of Inchies and Twinchies is "You and Your Pets". These girls here are Wee Betsy (on the left) and Miss Emma (on the right). They are sweet little Yorkie Angels!!! I do so love them and I appreciate the love they bring to our whole family!
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