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Monday, March 31, 2014

Tea Cup Tuesday

Hello All!
Happy Spring!
I know I am a week late,
but it only really felt like spring  
this afternoon...

It was a lovely afternoon for tea.
I chose a special cup,
one Martha gifted me a few years ago
for our Easter Swap.

It is a beautiful trio,
perfect for spring time.

This cup has many different flowers on it,
some realistic and some fanciful.
I love her swirly touches.
(Today I am having a little chamomile tea) 

Martha, I am still enjoying your beautiful gift!
Thank you so much!

I find I often muse over projects while sipping...
Tea drinking promotes creativi-tea. lol!

I found some nice linen hand towels a while back,
and began soaking them last week. 
I heard that you can get any stain out,
if you soak natural fibers long enough.

They dried out on the balcony in the sun
They did come out very clean,
and the smell is priceless.
I now have a nice little stack of vintage linen towels.

While out on the balcony bringing in the wash,
I realized it is warm enough to re pot my flowers.
It is time to get the balcony ready for enjoying tea!

 Last year I enjoyed many tea moments out on this balcony.
This week I will try to replant the planters,
and have the furniture brought out. 

(here we see she is a Coalport, a fine English company. The pattern is "Junetime")

And if we are lucky with weather this year...
I may be able to get Bertha out and have tea in my tea tent!
That would be fab!
I wish you all could come by and share her with me,
she is a real joy to be in.

It is hard not to dream about summer,
now that the sun is out again. 

What kind of summer dreams have you?

Thank you again for stopping by for tea!
I am glad you did : )

I am joining Bernideen, Sandi and Ruth for tea today too!

If you would like to join in Tea Cup Tuesday with Martha and me,
just link your tea cup post below with Linky Tools.
Then we can come and visit you too!

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Sherry's Kindness!

Hello All!
I wanted to share with you a kindness Sherry gifted me!
Sherry is a creator, she makes things, fab things, all the time.
See this lovely blue fabric circle ornament? Isn't it sweet?
I have never made anything like this.
I love it!

She sent this sweet card she made as well as the vintage postcard,
and see the blue  cloth underneath? 
That is a gelli plate piece!
I have never tried that before, but as Sherry made mine
with some of her gelli plate fabric, she kindly sent me some too!

If you haven't been to Sherry's blog Creatology  yet, stop by for a visit.
Sherry sews....sews and sews! She also makes jewelry too!
She is always on a project....or being the very kind soul that she is...
she may be working on a project that helps out others. 
That is what she is like. 

(click HERE to see her post about how she makes an ornament.)

Thank you Sherry
Your kind thoughtful handmade gifts are very much
appreciated and cherished!

Thank you for stopping by!
I was able to visit many of you yesterday,
and that felt really good.
I hope to visit more of you sweet friends soon : )

Monday, March 24, 2014

Tea Cup Tuesday

Hello All!
Welcome to Tea Cup Tuesday!
I have been under the weather and missing tea time with you all!
This week I will be visiting as many of you as I am able.
How have you been?

I have a new tea cup to share.

I am sipping herbal tea from her minty green goodness.
(you can see bits of the herbs still in the cup)

She is a simple beauty..

She has no need of flowers or fanfare,
Her classic handle is elegant, and embellished with gold trim.

Her golden scroll work is just enough to distinguish her.

Along with my new cup,  I thought I might share a vintage post card 
about a missed visit.

I have always found vintage postcards fascinating.
It amazes me how much you can find out about some of them.

This lovely post card reads:

To: Miss Edna Whitaker
 Hartford City, Indiana
c/o A.W.Whitaker,   E. Water Street
Hartford City, Indiana

Below in the postal stamp you can see most of grandma's city name...

"Dear Edna, Why didn't you come Sunday?
I looked for you all day.
We are about like we was,
I still have a headache."
(best interpretation so far! lol!)

Grandma seems to think Edna still has the headache they both shared.

Sending a post card tells us
that they did not live close together.

In Grandma and Edna's day there were only a little over
5.8 million telephones connected in the United States.
Remember in the Downton Abbey episode when they installed their first phone?

Maybe A.W. Whitaker did not have a telephone yet?
(the person the card was c/o)
Or maybe grandma didn't have one.
Instead she bought a beautiful postcard and paid 1 cent to mail it.

Although she didn't mail it until Friday...
she may have had that headache all week. 

I became curious and looked online to see what I could find about Edna.
I actually found her in the 1940 census.
A.W. was her father, Alexander Whyte (?).
Edna was still living at home at 44 years old.
She was 17 when she missed her visit.

 Grandma lived in Millgrove, which was a stop on the railroad line,
 about 6 miles from the Hartford stop where Edna lived.
Maybe Edna took the train when she went to visit her grandma?
In 1913, 6 miles might have been quite the trip.

I do not know that they were going to have tea that Sunday afternoon.
It does seem possible for that time period as well as time of year. 

Today, if we were too sick to visit our friend...
we could use a landline, or a cell phone.
We could Skype or Facetime and even see the person!
Imagine what Grandma and Edna would have thought of that!

And what would grandma and Edna think if they knew 
that 100+ years later someone would be interested in them?
And put their correspondence online???
(what would they have thought of the internet?)

I hope they wouldn't mind.

Today's technology makes our world very different then theirs,
yet  a century later we are still gathering with loved ones for tea,
we can do it in Bloglandia too! 

(Tuscan China was the manufacturer of this lovely cup.
This backstamp came in use in 1947.)


Thank you so much for joining me for tea today!
Thank you for participating,
Thank you for commenting,
and thank you also to all who host 
tea parties!
I look forward to visiting you soon too : )


If you would like to join in Tea Cup Tuesday with Martha and I,
just link up your post with your tea cup in it below.

Monday, March 10, 2014

Tea Cup Tuesday-Birdie Tea

 Hello All!
Welcome to Tea Cup Tuesday!

Today I am having a special tea dedicated to the lovely Sandi,
of  Rose Chintz Cottage,
who is having a Bird Lover's Tea next week. 
My birthday is coming up and I will be away,
hence my birdie post today.
Thank you Sandi for all the hosting and inspiring you do!

Next week make sure you link up with sweet Martha for T.T.
over at Martha's Favorites .

 Today's tea was enormous fun to prepare.
I chose my only birdie tea cup,
which I have shared before.
It is a beautiful one given to me by my sister.

 I have baked some delicious scones
from my favorite GF biscuit and scone mix.

Moon Rabbit Foods has a  number of delicious mixes
to choose from. So far, I have been very
happy with what I have tried.

My husband and I made some rhubarb jam!
Recently I found a lovely website called Allotment Heaven...
and this is John's  recipe for Rhubarb Jam that we followed.
Thank you John!

So we have this extra luxury today. 

We were quite delighted with the outcome!

I set the table with a sweet vintage embroidered linen.
Added the vintage water glasses...

I found this glass and various companions at the local GW.
Thank you GW!

Odds and ends cutlery from friends and antique markets.

My favorite...no not chamomile anymore...but fresh ginger tea.

I love all the nature in this cup...
there are birds, butterflies, bees, flowers, berries and foliage...
maybe even a cricket or beetle!

Nature is truly inspiring!

Birds on tea cups are always lovely!
and the blue on white really shows off the artwork at it's best.

This beauty was manufactured by Coalport.
The pattern is Cairo #9252
The little tick mark may be the identifying mark for 
the person who worked on this cup.
Reading Geoffrey A. Godden's book,
Encyclopedia of British Pottery and Porcelain Marks,seems to
indicate this cup was manufactured after 1920 but before 1939.
You could not tell from looking at her...
She is at least 75 years young.

Thank you so much for coming by my place for tea today : )

Happy Tea Day!

Wishing you all a joyful and creative week : )

Remember Sandi's Special tea next Tuesday!


Monday, March 3, 2014

Tea Cup Tuesday-Gloomy Day...Cheery Tea!

Hello All!
Welcome to Tea Cup Tuesday with Martha and me!

Today's weather
has been surprising considering it was70 degrees yesterday...
now we have snow and ice!
It is only 28 right now.  Brrrrrrr....
 it feels really cold right next to a warm day!

I love all sorts of weather, so it is just another 
good excuse for a cheery tea!

I am having fresh ginger tea again today,
On these dark cold wet days, hot ginger tea warms you from the inside
 : )

I chose this lovely elegant tea cup that was created to commemorate
the 60th anniversary of Queen Elizabeth and Prince Phillip.

I bought her in a little gift shop across the street-ish
from Buckingham Palace. 

Isn't she stunning?
The design is raised, and so delicate.
Her coloring too is just a joy to see.
Hence, perfect for a gloomy day.

The saucer is a sweet composition with cherubs and bells.
I love the gold stars.

She has a beautifully scrolled handle...very elegant.

She was made by The Royal Collection.
The Royal Collection Trust is a company
that specializes in English commemorative products.
This cup was created in 2007. 
(Hover over the name above and you can follow the link to see!)

They have some lovely china! There is Victoria and Albert tea pot 
available that I would love to have here in my home to use : )

Carrot and cream cheese frosting cupcakes....Yum!
I used a gluten free mix by King Alfred.

I picked an American made dessert plate. 
The soft pink and the gold filigree are so sweet. 

The flowers in the center are lovely!

This sweet plate was manufactured by Homer Laughlin around 1951.
I bet many of you knew that by looking at her : )
Arcadia pink band Eggshell Georgian is her name and color.
I was just over at ebay and saw her as well as her brother in blue.

On my tea tray I have used a vintage dresser runner. 
This embroidery work really caught my heart when I first saw it.
Finding vintage linens is always a treat for me.

Soon, it will be all too warm,
so I will enjoy my cheery tea and be patient.
Thank you so much for your visit today!
Your visits really make the winter a delight!


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