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Monday, September 30, 2013

Tea Cup Tuesday-Giveaway Winners!!!

Hello All,
It is a celebration tea today
as I award the prizes from my Giveaway!

 I have chosen a new cup to share
and some cake perfect for a simple celebration tea time
on the sunny balcony.

I found this  pink frilly cup in Savannah
one afternoon when I was recently
at the beach for a few days.

She was sitting in a glass curio all by herself. 
After waiting patiently for her case to be unlocked...
I found her in perfect shape,
I practically skipped to the register! 

  She is an upright cup with a classy footing in gold trim.

Her corset waist is adorned with a profusion of lovely flowers.

 *So pretty*

 Her scrolled handle is gold
as is her trim and some filigree on the cup. 
I love the little gold star like flowers.

 I'll just pour myself a cup of English Breakfast...

Oh and I must not forget....
 a cake that just shouts 'Hooray"!
My daughter baked it herself.
I thought it the perfect dessert for my celebratory tea.

Her backstamp indicates that Foley was the manufacturing company.
She was made somewhere between 1948 and 1963.
3007 is her pattern number, 
but I didn't have any luck locating the name. 

 Now it is time to put down my cup of tea and announce the 
winners of my Creative Workshops celebration giveaway!
As always I wish I wish I wish I had a gift for
every single one of you...(boo hoo!)
but I only have 5 gifts...

All were picked with Random.org

The winner of the Tea Cup is....
...could you e-mail me : )


The winner of the Altered Domino Book Class is....
Kathryn Ross


The winner of the Soulful Adornment class is....
Ana Dias
Pretty Dolls 
(I really need your e-mail)

The winner of the Altered Domino Book kit is.....
A brand new visitor to Artful Affirmations.


The winner of the Soulful Adornment Class kit is....


The winner of the month supply of Buddha's Herb Green Tea is.......

Congratulations to you all!

Winners please send me your mailing address,
or e-mail if you won a class or the tea.
Upper right bar there is an image of me and below it
it says...See My Complete Profile...
my e-mail option is located there.

Thank you all so much for all your wonderful comments!


If you would like to join in Tea Cup Tuesday and share your tea cups with us,
just link up below to your tea cup post and Martha and I will 
come and visit you too! 
: )

Friday, September 27, 2013

Giveaway Happiness : )

Hello All!
I get so excited about giveaways I do tend to add on....

I created a little matchbox for all my Domino class kit goodies...
so I wanted to update you on it...

When I embellished this box, I used wires and ribbon to hold instead of glue.
This way, all the little bits on top can be used in mixed media projects as well.
It is intended as a class kit for my Altered Domino Book class at Creative Workshops.
But you could use these tiny items for any art.

I squeezed in as much goodness as I could!
There is an envelope and a little match box filled with small images
 as well as some pearls and beads.
Some tissue paper transfers
some lace that I dyed, 
as well as a tiny Christmas tree...


Here are the links to each of my giveaway posts so you will not miss any!


Tea Cup Giveaway!


Remember to mention the prizes you love when you comment 
so your name will go in the right hat!
Everyone has the same opportunity to win!

Thank you all for your dear comments.
I have had such kind things said about my classes and art!
Oh my!
You all really bring a huge smile to my heart!

And best wishes!

I am turning off the comments on this post so no one is confused
as to where to enter,
You can go the the links or links you are interested in to comment.
Giveaway ends September 30th!
soon : )

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Buddha's Herbs Tea Giveaway!

Hello All!
I have recently been given the opportunity to try a new tea.
Tim, at Buddha's Herbs asked if I would be willing to give it a try and 
then share it with you all if I like.

I was so surprised to receive a box full of teas!
These are high quality teas.
It didn't take me long to get the kettle on!
I tried the Chamomile first, as that is my daily drink,
and I also tried the Raspberry tea. 

I enjoyed both teas.
The chamomile was smooth, 
and not a hint of bitterness that you often
find with tea bag chamomile. 
The raspberry was earthy with a strong 
aroma of berries. Delicious too.

Win a one month’s supply of Buddha’s Herbs Green Tea!

What a generous offer!

Here is what the company says about their tea: 

Buddha’s Green Tea is formulated to prevent fatigue, enhance vitality,
and boost antioxidants. 

Buddha’s unique blend contains chamomile flowers for comfort and relaxation,
as well as relieve minor stomach pains, and thyme as a herbal antiseptic for upper respiratory health.  

Buddha’s Herbs unique formulation is made of 100% natural ingredients,
with no artificial colors or preservatives. 

The teas are packed in ecologically friendly filter bags, with no glue or metal. 
Airtight envelopes seal in natural flavors and aromas.

All of this sounds good to me!

If you would like to enter to win a month supply of this tea,
then leave a comment  on this post below. 

Thank you Tim for this opportunity to share...

Best of luck to you all,
and if you haven't already signed up for my other major giveaway's
click HERE to do so.
Giving away classes, and kits and tea cups oh my!


Monday, September 23, 2013

Tea Cup Tuesday- Happy Autumn

Hello All!
Welcome to Tea Cup Tuesday!

It is official,
Summer is over : (

and fall is here...
: )

Welcome Autumn!

The evenings are suddenly chilly,
 and the maple tree's leaves are beginning to turn. 

There is something invigorating
in the first breaths of fall.....

I took my breakfast out to the porch this morning,

It is the first time this year I thought
my tea might cool too soon...

There was cold breeze blowing.

But the sun was drenching everything in warm light. 

My yellow rosebush which had languished all summer,
has now become comfortable and 
burst out in flower!
She is gracing my morning tea with 
her beauty.

A little homemade yogurt and berries...

Tea in one of my favorite cups.

Delicious and peaceful.
I hope you too have a moment of tea and peace 


And by the way...
I am having a big giveaway!
 (a rosey tea cup is involved as well)

 (must comment on this link's page to enter please)
to see!


Thank you for coming over to visit.

I hope your week is full of light
from the inside and out : )


...if you want to join our tea cup blog hop....
just go and create a post with your tea cup in it and 
come back here and link up. 
Martha and I would be delighted to stop in and visit you!

Remember, to enter giveaway go Here
to comment. 
 (secret.....tomorrow I am hosting a tea giveaway too!...oh my, I am giveaway giddy!)

Celebrating Creative Workshops New Digs Blog Hop!!!!

 (Soulful Adornment class kit...still adding to it)

Hello All!
  Thank you so much for coming by!

.....I wanted to share with you a 
big blog party beginning today
(Winners drawn at the end of this month!)

 Creative Workshops is the online school I  teach two classes at...
Soulful Adornments and Altered Domino Book...
So I am joining in the celebration with giveaways! 

 I am giving away one of each class!
And my classes are on sale!
20% off!

and two class kits to win as well!!!






(Altered Domino Book class kit... diamond glaze and other goodies will be added too!)
Gail Schmidt, the talented, inspiring creator and owner
of this school has launched
a blog party including many of the teachers at Creative Workshops
to celebrate the schools new digs...

Gail moved her school to provide students with the best learning environment:

Did you know, at Creative Workshops you get instant access to any open class
with your receipt, 24/7  and the class stays open for ages and ages... 
like really, maybe even years! So no pressures to get to it in time.

You can watch the videos as many times as you like.
(If a class must be retired you get 6 months notice!)

All video content is available the very first day class opens.

Ipad access too!
How cool is that???
Yay Gail!

I just went through the process myself of "purchasing a class" by
choosing the free class by Gail on how to sew
collaged prayer flags!
(see image below)

Follow this link to check it out : )

...the sign up was easy : )
and I got to see what it was like to purchase.
I had access to this class in less than 5 mintues!!!

I am also hosting a giveaway for any of you
tea cups lovers out there...

 ...And I am giving away this cup's twin sister!
she is a sweet new rosey cup!

To enter:
Just leave a comment on which gift(s) you would love to win,
that is all  : )
Oh, and please leave a way to contact you, especially if
you do not have a blog or have Google plus.

To go to Gail's Blog Party go HERE

Tea Cup Tuesday is up next!


You can follow these links as well to other 
Creative Workshops Teacher's parties!
Sara Naumann  
Cat Kerr             
Jodi Ohl                         
Martha Lever               
Nancy Lefko                
    Cathy Bluteau                    
Mechelle Harrison         
Elizabeth Johnson          
     Liz Miller                    
  Kerr Pelto                       
    Lori Vliegen                      
  Diana Frey                      
 Nellie Wortman               
              Gaye Medbury                             
 Ann Butler                       
         Dawn Meisch                        
  Gail Schmidt                    

Monday, September 16, 2013

Tea Cup Tuesday-Last Summer Tea

Hello All!
Welcome to Tea Cup Tuesday!

It is the last Tuesday this summer...
and time to say goodby to one season and welcome another.

I chose this beautiful delicately colored aqua cup
to commemorate this past season.

The gold swirls remind me of waves....

The lively floral bouquet really says summer!

This lovely cup was manufactured by E.B.Foley.
This company created consistently gorgeous china.

I have luckily landed quite surprisingly at the beach!
Dear friends of ours have come for a visit and they wanted to
see the ocean....of course!
I must say....it is gorgeous today : )

I am so Thank Full!

I am having a giveaway!

The first giveaway is......
This lovely new cup with a vintage look!
Just leave a comment if you would like to be entered to win.

I will announce more giveaways to celebrate Creative Workshops
new move on the 23rd!

Hugs to you All!
Thank you so much for stopping by!

Just enter your link below to join Martha and I in our tea cup hop!

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