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Monday, October 29, 2012

Tea Cup Tuesday-Halloween Storm

There is a blustery storm outside!
I had thought that hurricane Sandy had done her worst here in Raleigh.
But I was wrong...tonight she is blowing strong!
We have been lucky though, as I have seen the coastal areas are really getting hit hard.
I wish each and everyone safety...until she winds down and is no more.

 (The last few days of wind and cold hastened the trees color change.
and the last of the roses are still standing tall and cheering for all to hear!
But brrrrrrrr....it is getting chilly outside!)

For now...
Welcome to Tea Cup Tuesday!
It is our Halloween tea today as tonight is the night for all good
ghoulies and ghosties to go door to door for a trick or a treat!
I think I would take the treat!

I am sharing an all time favorite Old Country Roses...
In one of my favorite versions...

Billowy bold roses.....

Edged elaborately, beautifully with sponged gold.

And a fully gold fine shaped handle is perfect for holding comfortably.

It is the gorgeous generous beauty of the red and yellow roses that take my breath away!
Oh gosh! Listen to me being all romantic about a porcelain cup! lol!!!

Here we see on the backstamp that she was manufactured by Royal Chelsea.
New Chelsea Porcelain Co began in 1912 and continued until 1951,
when it changed it's name to New Chelsea China Co and continued until 1961.
They did not move locations, and the books I have do not give reason as to why they changed names.
We are also lucky that this backstamp also tells us the pattern name "Golden Rose".
Looking closely at the anchor, I can tell by it's design this one is from the newest company and was most likely made between 1951 and 61.

Happy Halloween Everyone!
And to those of you who do not participate in this holiday...
Happy Fall!

Be safe and be warm : )

Friday, October 26, 2012

Lizzy Borden Necklace!-Creepy Alert!

It is getting close to Halloween!
 I love this night!
I can eat all the chocolate I want and no ones looks at me funny : )
I have a dear and talented friend....Marlynn
And she loves Halloween and creepy....
She is helping me embrace creepy!

Last year I made her Skeleton earrings...
but this year, I thought I would put more effort into it,
and I created a special necklace just for her.

This is the Lizzy Borden Bed and Breakfast where my friend's passion for all things creepy took her.
She loved it! So I thought a necklace of this theme might be fab!
Most of you have heard of Lizzy? 
She was accused and acquitted of murdering her parents with a hatchet in 1893
I don't think I could have gone along to this B&B...I am too chicken!

Do you remember the rhyme..
"Lizzy Borden took an axe 
and gave her mother forty wacks
and when she'd seen what she had done,
She gave her father forty one!"

 (a beginning collection of soldered pieces about Lizzy as well as other possible pieces)

I had done quite a bit of research before hand,

 I learned that the children's rhyme about the murders was not accurate...
There were 29 ish wacks (I am sure it was hard to count accurately...eeeewwwwwhhhh!)
The murder weapon was a hatchet, not an axe (they only found the axe head, the handle had been broken off, presumably from the force of the blows! Eeeuuuwwwwwh again!)
I learned things I never wanted to know about! Lol!

Each piece of the necklace tells part of the story....
and the key that hangs from Lizzy's portrait hold a message...

A photo I took before it was done to "see" how it was coming along.
I find it really helpful to look at my creations through the camera and photo.
In this image I haven't finished putting patina on all the wire just yet.
I also added a little to the length.

I loved soldering all the charms, and wrapping all the beads.

A charm "B" for Borden, "L" is on the back.

She had been wearing a blue dress with a black diamond on it the day of the incident.

The printed charm to the left is a newspaper clipping about her being caught shoplifting,
nine years after the murders in 1904. Which I found to be very odd.

There is a little Gothic cross to symbolize one reason she was considered innocent...they really just could not believe a woman, let along a Christian woman as she was, would commit murder....and such a brutal act! They insisted only a man would use a hatchet!
You can't see in this image, but I have stamped on the key "Sister" as I think the sister was holding the key to what had happened. Just a impression I got from reading the history.

There is also a charm that holds an image of the all male jury,
and one with a hatchet head I created.
One charm is a handwritten message...it is part of the missing evidence..
...as well as a "Missing Evidence" charm that I really enjoyed creating as it is an odd shape, as is the date charm 1893.

I burnt a piece of blue dress material in my fireplace and wrapped the necklace
in it to send to my friend...why?
Because Lizzy had been seen burning her blue dress that day.
I thought it might be an extra creepy touch,
and the more I read about Lizzy, the creepier I felt!

Are you creating with a Halloween theme?
Thank you so much for visiting!


Monday, October 22, 2012

Tea Cup Tuesday-Black, Gold and Old Lace

Hello All!
Welcome to Tea Cup Tuesday...
A day to celebrate tea time with friends and pretty tea cups!

Halloween is only 8 days away...already!
My decor choices are turning darker...to black, and gold.
So I went to my china cabinet and pulled out a cup I often use in the fall.
She is black, gold and beautiful on the outside!

 And light and feminine on the inside....lovely gold gilding.

 Oh, and some floral art as well....

 ...Beautiful with a little poesy of roses and wildflowers... so romantic in such a dramatic cup.

 I do swoon over the gold pretty detail!
(this image shows off her high footing)

 ...and around the saucer...

 She wears a simple gold handle, just the right size and shape for a comfortable hold.

The backstamp on the bottom is clear...this cup was manufactured by Collingwood.

Collingwood Bros., (formerly Collingwood and Greatbatch) china company began in 1887 and used only an impressed mark of their name until just around 1900, when they began using printed marks.
They were situated in Longton. Stafforshire Potteries.
This mark above was used between 1937 until 1957.

You can also see a little pink smudge in the center. It almost looks like nail polish.
The large gold "P" interests me and an initial search through books and Internet 
did not reveal anything to me. Boo hoo!

I recently finished a special necklace for a friend. 
Next post will show you all about it...
but Beware...it is a little creepy!

If you would like to join in Tea Cup Tuesday...just go and create a post with a tea cup in it you would like to share and come back here and link up below with Linky Tools. Martha and I do so love visiting you and seeing your tea cups and tea time.

Thank you so much for stopping by for a visit...I love reading your comments!
See you soon : )


Monday, October 15, 2012

Tea Cup Tuesday-Cloudy Day

Hello All!
Welcome to Tea Cup Tuesday with Martha and myself...
Today the sky is heavy with dark clouds.
I had a challenging time getting some images of my tea.
So please excuse my awful exposure!
(I am borrowing the two images below from my archives)

 Both of these cups I have shared before, the one above is a vintage 50s Paragon...
I just love the coloring and this sweet handle.

The X and two dots are interesting...
I think they may be artists mark...
or maybe signify seconds?
What do you think ladies?

This pretty cup also sports a fancy handle, and it is a German made cup.

Royal Bayreuth
Bavaria, Germany US Zone. This cup was manufactured during World War 2. 
This company began in 1794 and was highly prized for it's designs by the Victorians. It's backstamp includes the Royal Coat of arms of Bavaria.
The initials were written on in permanent marker...
I am thinking the owner wanted to make sure no one took her cup home from the pot luck!

For a special treat, I am having some delicious gluten free brownies, that my dear hubby baked.

Chamomile tea will go beautifully with them!

I wish you could join me for tea!

 The sun peeked out from the dark clouds for one minute, and a very optimistic birdie began singing loudly!
I think this bird has the right idea....
Take every opportunity to feel JOY!

If you would like to join in the tea party, just go and create a post with the tea cup in it you would like to share, then come back here and link the URL of that post to Mr. Linky below.
Martha and I would be delighted to come and visit you too!


Friday, October 12, 2012

Prayer Flags Received-Yay!

Hello All!
I would love to share three prayer flags I received in a swap with Creative Lenna!
Prayer flags are to be hung outside so the wind can carry the prayers...
We have had such weather here, that these are yet to go out.
Hopefully tomorrow : )

This first one:
"Birds Sing"
By Marilou at Lulu's Lovlies
There are layers and layers of beauty here, in such a lovely nature theme.
The nest of twigs and ribbons at the top are glorious!
Thank you so much Marilou!

By Donnalee Nichols in Kentucky.
Her personal sentiment is stamped beautifully and the batik fabric is gorgeous!
On the back she has stamped the word HARMONY!
 Thank you so very much Donnalee!

By Jan Brown at Dejavu Creations
 She has used a beautiful vintage hankie, and created a pocket for aromatic lavender!
I love "Tend Your Garden of Dreams"!
Thank you Jan!

I enjoyed this swap of Prayers very much!
Thank you so much Lenna for bringing us together for such a loving swap!

And I had to make one more flag myself...for a friend....HEALING

Happy Weekend to you all!
If you are experiencing any challenges in your life...
this prayer is for YOU.

Hugs of LOVE

To see more of the flags in Lenna's Prayer Flag Swap go HERE

Monday, October 8, 2012

Tea Cup Tuesday-Looking on the Bright Side

Hello All!
Welcome to Tea Cup Tuesday!

 (Betsy is contemplating the meaning of life)

Fall is truly here in NC
The sky is full of cold gray clouds
and it has been raining for two days...
A roaring fire, a good book and....

 This...would be most welcome! 
Too bad "this" is across the Atlantic in England!
I will have to patiently wait....

In the mean time, 
To cheer me up, I will choose a CUP full of summer!

Isn't she just darling?

 A cup of Chamomile would be very welcome today.
 And this sweet cup will be just right for it.
Tea has a way of calming our souls...


 She is a Rosina,
You can see that her name is pretty much rubbed off,

There is a pattern number 4866
and a few other ticks that may be indicative
of who worked on the cup.
Pottery workers were often paid only for pieces
that came out of the kiln in sale-able shape.

Rosina was one of my first favorite cups to find.
Many companies have a "look" 
You can already guess who made it by the 
shape and design.
This is how it is with Rosina.
Many designs are footed have a waist.
I love their waisted shapes
(see the first image of her,
it is like she has a belt around her middle)
and their sweet handles.

Thank you so much for coming by to visit!
I glad you are here, I enjoy reading your comments!

To join in, just go and create your post with the tea cup in it you would like to share.
Martha and I love to see your cups, and we love to have a look at the backstamp...
Then come back here and link the post to Linky Tools below.
Hugs, Terri

Monday, October 1, 2012

Tea Cup Tuesday-Backstamps part 3

 Hello All!
Welcome to another Tea Cup Tuesday!!!

Martha and I are still going strong in the tea cup department.
I have run out of new ones...
So I am being very creative :  )
I am going to apologize for the length of this post.
I try to keep all my posts short and sweet,
but there is so much to share here, I allowed the length!
Hope that is o.k. : )

The first cup I am featuring today was gifted to me by a very kind and artistic blogger who I met while I was with Marie Antoinette Mail Art Ning Group, Terri Gordon.
(I love that group and miss them!)
I was thrilled to receive it! It really is a romantic cup!
I love the flowers and the little raised dots around the base.
Terri creates the most lovely of art
Visit her blog at  Terri Gordon Designs.
I know it has been a couple years or more
Terri, but I am still thankful for your lovely gift! 
Thank you!

This was a well loved cup.
Some of the pattern has been rubbed off with daily use.
This may have been someones favorite tea cup to drink from!
It has a sweet little rose on the back.

I find it fascinating to look at the backstamps of tea cups. 
Backstamps were marked in several different ways,
besides the transfer method onto a slip of paper and then on to the porcelain,
or the impressed or incised method we saw in my last weeks post...
some backstamps were actually stamped on. 
And this cup is a good example.
I can feel the stamp image on the bottom of this cup
It is definitely over the glazing.

I also found the bottom of the cup fascinating for another reason.
Look at the arrows in the image above,
see the uneven line? 
It goes all around, and looks to be the edge of poured glaze!
I have not seen a cup like this before. 
It is not uniform, it is jagged. 
And the other arrow points to the area outside of the pool of glaze, and it is dry.
A tiny bit of the backstamp is sticking out from under the glaze at one side. 

The backstamp reads Bavaria 125 (?),
I have heard that if a cup says Bavaria it was created in the 20th century for the American Market, and if it was not, it said Bayerishe (German for Bavaria). If you have a cup with this name on it, then it was made in the 19th century.

So, my question to the Experts out there is...
How unusual is it to see a glazing job on the bottom of a cup like this? 
Do any of you know the manufacturing process for this?
(and does anyone but me find it interesting LOL!!!)

This cup here is from France...
I brought it home as it was the first cup I found that had two backstamps.
It caused me to learn, so I thought it deserved a place in my home.

I now know, that one stamp is the manufacturers (B &Co Limoges)
and one is the stamp for the store they created it for...Wright Tyndale and Van Roden in Philadelphia, and this stamp is under the glazing, where the manufacturer's stamp is under the glaze.

This cup was given to me by my dear friend Cheryl in England. 
It had been in her family for many years.
It too, has two backtamps.
Only this time, the second backstamp does not say "made for" but is just another backstamp by the look of it. I had to do some research to find out...

Hard to read on the cup!

 But the plate has a better view as the two backstamps do not overlay as much.
Here you can see the word Lawleys stamped more clearly. 
I found that Lawley's was a regent street retailer of fine china in London, years ago.
This cup and saucer were made especially for this company to sell in their shop.
Tuscan China (the green backstamp) is the actual manufacturer.
There seems to be a Lawley's in Blackpool, Lancashire still.
Do any of my English readers know of this shop?
Do you remember them being open in London? 

One reason I adore tea cups is that I enjoy drinking tea!
The two above are my current favorites from Tin Roof Teas.
All organic, yum!

My new favorite tea strainer...

Worth every penny as it catches all the tiny pieces of herbs.
And just look at the sentiment on the rim....

Isn't it lovely that tea is beautiful as well as aromatic and delicious???

It is a feast for the eyes as well as the soul!

What ever is going on in your world today,
I wish you the very best moments,
and hugs of love.

Thank you all so very much for stopping by to visit!
I totally appreciate you being here, 
And I love to read your comments!

IF you would love to join in and share your tea cup or something about tea cups, then link your post up below and Martha and I will come visit you : )
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