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Friday, November 29, 2013

Yep, I've Got that Christmas Feeling

I've been enjoying some Christmas themed art time lately. 
 I am taking Ruth Rae's Stitched Mixed Media Art online class.
I have admired her for ages now and 
I knew she would inspire me to loosen up.

I am applying Ruth's techniques to some paper/lace collage tags,
with a simple wire hanger.

 a little bit of paper, some lace, vintage textiles....
and some sewing....
They look nothing like what Ruth was making...lol!
She is totally amazing. 
But I did feel like I was breaking some new personal ground.

I can not remember where I found this image.
I usually mark each image I download in the file name,
but alas, this one I did not.
I apologize.

They are kinda wonky,
but I like the layers this way...
just simply laid and sewn. 
The strings are left hanging down.

I have a few baskets of small pieces of vintage textiles,
lace, ribbon, and such. It is fun to rummage through them,
searching for just the right piece to put on next. 
All in all a very fun project!

I am now working on some vintage postcard angel tags.
Are you working on something festive too?
 What is going on in your part of the world?

Thank you so much for stopping by for a visit : )

Monday, November 25, 2013

Tea Cup Tuesday-Happy Thanksgiving!

Hello All!
Welcome to Tea Cup Tuesday!
I missed you all last week.

Thanksgiving is traditionally a busy time,
and taking a moment for tea can be very restful.

I will use this beautiful harvest cup today for my tea time.

A cup of chamomile is just right for a
brisk November day. 

I am thankful for a good cup of chamomile : )

Simple gold crown backstamp

The beauty of November
always brings about a feeling of gratitude.
I feel very thankful for all the many blessings in my life.
I am thankful for YOU.

The next few days will be full of cooking good smelling things : )
...and being with family. 
The older I grow, 
the more I realize the value of  being with loved ones.
I treasure the moments.
I am wishing you a lovely week.
Thank you so much for visiting!

If you would like to join in,
just go and create a post with your cup in it.
Then come back here and link up below.

Monday, November 11, 2013

Tea Cup Tuesday-Afternoon Tea

I apologize for re posting last weeks tea.
 I am unable to be with you this week.
Hello All!
Welcome to Tea Cup Tuesday!
I am having an afternoon tea treat today
because I have been watching the Hallmark Channel,
... where they are counting down to Christmas with holiday programs
featuring mouth watering cookies and holiday meals!

I spotted this product at Whole Foods the other day
and thought it might make a good dessert for tea time.
I have to admit, I was somewhat skeptical
that a scone mix out of a bag would be good,
and this one is gluten free too.

 I added dried cranberries to the mix. 
They look pretty much like scones to me.

 Would you like to join me for tea?
Here is a cup of Chamomile....

 Or would you prefer this cup?
You get to choose as you are my guest : )

It has turned chilly here, 
making tea time even more welcome.

We can chat while we sip.....


Tin Roof Teas Chamomile is flavorful and hearty. 
I do love it, especially if I am having something sweet. 
It just seems to balance it all out. 

Would you like a scone or two with jam and cream?
They are still warm, and smell like freshly baked shortbread.

I will have some...
Oh my!
This is delicious!
(really truly, what a pleasant surprise!)

I hope you like them too : )
And thank you to Moon Rabbit Foods,
for making my tea today easy and extra delicious!
I love finding a new delicious GF product!


It would be grand if we really could have tea together...
ah well, at least we can pretend.

My cups today are....

The yellow cup with gold filigree is a Paragon. 
I do love this company's china.

The yellow cup with the golden stars is a Queen Anne, 
Another fine English bone china company.

Thank you so much for stopping by today!
I enjoyed "having" tea with you today.

Monday, November 4, 2013

Tea Cup Tuesday-Virtual Antique Shopping at SuzAnna's

Hello All!

Happy Tea Cup Tuesday!
How about a trip to SuzAnna's Antiques?
A wonderful place where I find 
some of my favorite treasures,
especially tea related antiques.

A few years back I found these wonderful French cups...

I was so happy to see there were five of them!
And at a great price too!

This lovely design is on the side of the cup.

 Interesting backstamps!
Some stamped and some incised. 
The orange is for the shop it was created for ,
The blue is the maker,
and there are incised marks underneath
that I can not read.
Ruby Lane has a good page on identifying Sevres Porcelain.
It is very possible that these are not truly Sevres.

Vintage Village has a number of paces to shop...

Suzanne's is the largest one,
and the first shop I will share this week...
it is chock full of lovlies!

 It is always a treat to poke around each room...

SuzAnna's includes many vendors so there is plenty of variety.

Beautiful lavender transferware!

We had an afghan just like this one in my childhood home.
A trip through Suzanne's always brings back memories.

There are nooks and corners to explore...
and tables artfully decorated.

Hutches full of china...

Wonderful way to show off quilts, linens, tablecloths....

 Lots of vintage clothing and  textiles.
I have found many good things in this corner...
especially in this basket : )


So much to see!

A fall themed tea cup for $6.

Bavarian...I can't make out the word below...
do any of you recognize it?

There are fall touches everywhere...putting me in the mood for Thanksgiving.

This sweet little cup did not have a backstamp.

The jewelry room is full of all kinds of treasures...
and I love the vintage Christmas balls hanging from the ceiling.

The owner, SuzAnna, is a very kind woman. 
Everyone there is helpful and excited about you
finding something you love. 

I have always had a a good and welcome experience here. 

Thank you SuzAnna!

This is a loooonnnnnng post for me, 
I hope you enjoyed our shopping trip.
Now that it is November, 
I am looking for thoughtful gifts...
and this is a favorite place to find them. 

Thank you so much for joining me today!


Saturday, November 2, 2013

Happy November!

Hello All,
Happy November!

It is a gorgeous day!

My art table is full and messy...
I am still working on my little "lace" book.
It is not a true lace book, 
but more a little folding journal with lace in it.

I really enjoy trying new things. 
also known as Nanowrimo
This is my 5th year participating. 
I love it!

What is Nanowrimo?
Each November, one can 
sign up to write a 50,000 word novel
in one month...
yes, I said one month! lol!

I am writing a science fiction story about 
challenges, hope, love and...
oops, well I can't say...that would give it away ; )
Wish me luck : )

Hope your weekend is full of beauty!

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