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Monday, November 30, 2015

Last Autumn Tea...with Jane

Hello All!
It is good to "see"
you all again this week
: ) 
I enjoyed visiting you!

Yesterday was a brilliant day to
have tea outdoors.
As you can see,
the maple tree was still wearing 
her fall coat. 

The birch in front of her 
had long lost her golden glow.

the maple is almost bare 
after a cold wet and windy day. 

This time of year weather can 
change so quickly,
and it reminds me winter is coming!

Having tea outdoors...
with Jane...
on a gift of a day...
Bliss full! 

"but for my own part, if a book is well written,
I always find it too short.”
Jane Austen 

I totally agree with Jane here. 

The Christmas season always 
brings Jane close to me.
I do not know why...
Her birthday is December 16,
the same day as one of my own.
As the weather chills...

 ...I find myself reading my 
favorite stories all over again,

 Having a lovely tea cup 
to drink from?
: )

I forgot to take a pic of my tea.
I enjoyed a cup of chai! 

She is a pretty cup?
Her shape interests me.
Her roses are lovely.
Her country of origin is Austria
and this stamp was in use from 1880 - 1925.


Do you have favorite stories you
love to read during December?
I am very honored that 
(click on name above to see)
is sharing my Jane Austen themed 
Christmas tree in their 
newsletter and online magazine...
There is a recent picture of me there...
if you would like to take a look : ) 

Thank you for coming by for a visit today!
I loved reading all your comments last week.
You are all so kind!
I do not know if Martha will post this week.
keep her in your good healing thoughts
and prayers.  

I am joining Ruth, Bernideen, Sandi  for tea,
as well as Judith for her Mosaic Monday. 

Thank you ladies for hosting! 


Monday, November 23, 2015

Thanksgiving Tea Time

Hello All! 

Thank you for stopping by!
Being back in Bloglandia has been a joy.
Hearing from many of you...
This time of year,
when the leaves burst into colorful expression
and the air has a certain chill,
I find myself more reflective than
the busy hot summer months. 

Tea is a perfect companion for reflection...
as you all know....

Today I enjoyed a mix of some of my favorite herbs...

in  a  sweet tea cup given to me by my friend Dianne Buckley. 
Thank you again Dianne!
It is a lovely little tea cup,
very sturdy and very comfortable 
in the hand for such a pretty cup. 
She is "Ming Rose"
by Foley,
a fine company.

I sipped my tea while working on the card above,
it is almost done.

Creating holiday cards for family and friends
is a loving task,
I was able to focus and finish my cards. Yay!

I felt so thankful for each loved one!
How lucky are we to have those in our lives
who know us and love us!

How precious love is!

I started writing a list of all I was thankful for...
You all here are on it!
There is so much to be 
Thankful for!

Every single day!
I am thankful for Martha,
Dear Martha is going through a very 
challenging time.
*Send her as much love as you can*

Wishing you all...
where ever you are
and in whatever circumstances...
( I have put up my Jane Austen themed tree!
I will share next post)
Hugs to you All

I am joining Judith for the first time for Mosaic Monday
I also am joining Sandi for No Place Like Home,
Bernideen and Ruth for tea!
Thank you for hosting ladies! 
(I am sorry about the tiny font! I can't seem to fix it!)  

Friday, November 13, 2015

Time to say Hello!

Hello All!
(It feels so good to say those words!)

Happy Autumn!

I am so thrilled to be back with you all!

The ATC above is an older one,
but my sentiments are the same...

Colorful falling leaves
have a musical magic all their own. 

I have been away all year long,
and I have missed each one of you very much.
It is time I return to Bloglandia.
We have had many ups and downs, 
and have been so thankful for all your good thoughts,
prayers, cards, e-mails and handmade art
and even Skype chats!
Thank you all!

Many times you have comforted and cheered me : )
on exactly the right day....
at exactly the right time....
Don't you just love how that happens?

Thank You! 
Many times I was not able to respond during the past year,
and have hoped I have caught up with everyone by now.
Please forgive me if I missed you somehow! 

When November first arrived,
I knew I would be posting before the holiday.
(which surprised me as the day before I thought it might be ages yet!)

Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday in many ways...
Not the history, but the idea of having a day that everyone
knows is a day about giving thanks. 
That does it for me! lol, 

During this past year I have been able to do
some creating here and there,
and it seems I am getting a little more done recently.

 I needed a blanket for my bed...
One large granny square!
No concentration needed!
Emma and Betsy wasted no time in snuggling on it from the 
moment I first began to crochet it!

 I made a new glitter "house"...a tree lot....
this is the little sales hut in it's early stage. 

Here is the hut with a frosty roof 
and new wreaths waiting to be adorned.
I will share how it all came out closer to Christmas : )

I took an interesting painting class with 
Will Kemp, he is a wonderful teacher.
This is one of my attempts at his lessons.

There have been days I was able to visit many of you and 
see the amazing art you have been creating!
You all really inspire me!

And...the many gorgeous tea times! 
Martha, thank you for hosting
Tea Cup Tuesday...
you are a lovely host.
My thoughts are with you!
I hope to visit you soon for tea : )

I look forward to visiting as many of you as I can.

Thank you for visiting!
See you soon!
Hugs, and hugs,

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