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Monday, September 26, 2011

Tea Cup Tuesday-Roses!

 Hello All!
Welcome once again to our tea cup sharing party! Yay!
Today I am thrilled to show you a cup I found earlier this spring, but saved to show you now as it seemed like a perfect fall cup. It reminds me of the last roses of summer. My roses do poorly here in the hot summer heat and humidity, but when the cooler weather comes with September, suddenly they are happy again and blooming vibrantly. They will bloom for another month if we do not get a frost at night.

 There are so  many things I love about this cup. Firstly, the colors of the roses! 
Soon worthy to me!
Secondly, I adore the shape of the cup, can you see the unusual shape of the rim? Almost square.

 The two sides of the cup are decorated with roses, red on one side and yellow on the other.

 I love the color of both roses. Just right.
The leaves are my favorite colors of green.

This looks like a modified "7" handle to me. It has just a simple gold detail on it.

The other thing that I appreciate about this cup is that it is a trio! I rarely find all three pieces.
The leaves are my favorite colors of green.

The leaves are my favorite colors of green.
The roses on the plate, so lovely!

There are beautiful yellow roses on the plate too.

Here you can really see the shape of the cup.

The pattern name is Morgans Rose and was created by Hammersley in England.  From what I can find out about Hammersley, it began around 1887, but was bought and sold a number of times. Aynsley bought the name in 1989. I am thinking that this backstamp is a fairly modern one, so it is not more than 20 years old.

As the weather gets cooler at night here, it is lovely to have such a cup to sip from by the fire.

Thank you so much for stopping by today! Martha (Make sure you visit her as she always has the most gorgeous tea cups...and her vintage website has lovely items for sale!) and I are so thrilled to visit each of you and we love seeing your tea cups. So if you would like to join in this week, just go and create a post about a tea cup or two and then come back here and link that specific post with Linky Tools below.

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Saturday, September 24, 2011

Happy Fall!

Happy Fall to all of you!
What a delight to have a whole day to feel good about!
It has been raining on and off for a few days here, just perfect for entering fall. The maple tree in my back yard is just starting to show red and gold tints to it's leaves. 
The smell of fall is filling the air and filling me with thoughts of appreciation and gratitude for life, however busy it may be, no matter the circumstances. Fresh fall air always makes me feel hopeful!
Do any of you get this feeling with fall?

During this season, I find myself already looking back at the year and realizing there is still so much I would like to do before the new year. I think of people I still want to write to or visit if possible, places I want to experience, bike rides I want to go on and projects I would like to finish.
Last night I had a dream it was Christmas morning, 
and I had not bought any presents!


Fall, for me, is a good time to reconnect with myself as well. I can get so busy with things going on in life, so fall reminds me to breathe. I appreciate that! It also reminds me of how thankful I am for life, for my family, for my friends, and for all of you here in blogland. The saying above is one of my favorites. To me, each day really is a gift. That doesn't mean I jump out of bed every morning with a grin on my face (although that does happen!), but I know each day I can choose to experience it that way. Yay!

Feel free to right click on the saying and use it in your art. I have a giveaway going on to celebrate my new Altered Domino Class over at Creative Workshops. If you would like to enter just click HERE

Have a lovely fall Saturday!
Hugs to you All! Terri

Monday, September 19, 2011

Tea Cup Tuesday-Lady Carlyle

Hello All! Welcome to our Tea Cup Tuesday!
Martha and I share a love of tea cups, and really, all things tea. We totally love coming and seeing your beautiful tea cups each week and so you have all blessed us! Isn't it delightful to focus on things that bring you in touch with your own inner joy? I think so! Tea cups and having tea are pure delight to me. Sharing it with Martha and you all???? PRICELESS!

I owe the showing of today's cup to Carrie at Oak Rise Cottage who shared her Lady Carlyle tea cups last week and reminded me of mine and how much I enjoy it. She showed both the Avon shape as well as the Malvern. My cup is the Malvern shape although I love the Avon more.

As you can see it is a cup full of gorgeous color!

It sits pretty on it's pedestal base simple adorned with two gold rings.

I do so love the pink and cornflower blue in the flowers within the beautiful rose pattern

These pretty flowers adorn the inner cup.

I find the plate a work of art! Just look at that pattern!

Of course, it is Royal Albert! Doesn't it just look like a Royal Albert cup?
The pattern name "Lady Carlyle" is perfect for it.

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I must say, I am feeling a little guilty for having a video that isn't free, after two and a half years of free only! Someone commented on my Youtube page that they were sad I wasn't having free ones anymore. But I am ! I will do more for free.
I love doing that too!

This vase of flowers looks so lovely! The weather has cooled here some, and the roses are much happier! We will have roses for another month before it gets cooler.
Flowers are such a gift! They too connect me with my JOY!

Thank you so much for stopping by for a visit today!
Martha and I would love for you to join in, just pick out a tea cup to share and tell us about it in a post. Then come back here and sign up with Linky Tools below. If you don't have a tea cup, you could go look at Martha's website Pretty Vintage Things, she sells beautiful tea cups!


Thursday, September 15, 2011

Celebration Giveaway!

Hello All!
I am wanting to share my joy with you by having another giveaway! In celebration of my first Mixed Media class over at Creative Workshops on Altered Domino Books, I am giving away a box full of goodies to make your own domino books! There are all kinds of items from my art room that you could use to start creating your own! With Domino books you only need to think small, tiny little pieces. Which is so nice if you only have a little bit of your favorite paper or lace left, it can be used beautifully in one of these books!

Vintage ribbon and lace bundle...

Pink ribbons and lace bundle...

Blue and green ribbons and lace bundle...

Tissue paper transfers...

Two envelopes of beads, rhinestones, charms...words, sentences and many tiny images...

Three page inserts ready to adorn for your book....

Diamond Glaze, Stickles and of course, dominos!

I have been truly enjoying creating the video lessons for this class! It is full of all kinds of tips and techniques usable for creating domino books or any other type of art. What I love about Creative Workshops is that you have at least a year to do your class, maybe even longer and you can start any time. Yay! I am so excited to share and play with any of you who might want to join in!
This Altered Domino Book Class begins October 10th.

To enter my giveaway, all you need to do is to leave a comment...and of course be a follower.

Here is the short video that previews the class...
Just in case you haven't seen it before.


Friday, September 9, 2011

Gifts from Linda!

(this cream smells divine, and is truly a joy to put on!)

I was recently blessed with gifts from a very talented artist named Linda, from Blue Eyed Girl. She is an amazing fiber and graphics artist, and I enjoy visiting her blog and seeing what delicious things she is creating.

A little while ago I saw that she was creating her own soothing cream as well. It sounded so good, I asked if I could purchase some. Instead though, she asked if she might gift me with a jar of it....well YES! How generous of her!

Linda works with such vibrant colors! Here is a gorgeous pin she sent along with her cream. This is going on my favorite sweater and my winter coat!

Linda sent along some of her own stunning fibers! Look at those colors! Lastly and not least, is the card she made me. She put an image of her own antique tea cup on it! What a creative way to share it with me! Isn't it a beautiful cup?

Thank you so much Linda! I so totally appreciate your creative gifts!

I adore the colors Linda works with, and I was inspired to begin a new project that I am using some of her fibers in. Below is a sneak peak of it. It is part of the new venture I mentioned in my last post. I will be teaching a mixed media class on Alter Domino Books at Creative Workshops ,(a wonderful online community!) this fall and I am very thrilled and excited! I was delighted and honored to be asked by Gail to join such a fine group of artists. I love teaching online as any one any where in the world can come together to have fun!

As you know, I do videos for free on a regular basis and I love doing it. I had been wanting to do a domino video, but it became a very large venture, as it has about 8 videos to it! So I thought that it would be a good fit with Creative Workshops. I will continue to do free video tutorials too. I have some new ones coming up for this fall. Lots of fun!

(recently on my art desk)

Thank you so much for dropping by!
Hugs to you all,

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Tea Cup Tuesday-Gypsy Tea for You and Me

Hello All!
Welcome to Tea Cup Tuesday!
I am sharing my Gypsy Dream blog hop post for Tea Cup Tuesday today. A little bit different, but I thought you might enjoy it.
I used a lovely blue luster cup and saucer with gold stars that seems magical to me. There are no markings on this footed cup. So we can only guess it's origin.

Welcome to my little caravan, come in and have a seat at my little table. I will pour you a cup of tea and then we shall see what we can see....

The tea is brewed in the old way, my great grandmothers recipe.....

We shall let the amber liquid steep in its pretty cup...

And talk of things.....while you drink, and then we shall see, what the leaves see for you......

Oooooh, a good cup! I see happiness....I see joy! I see only good things for you!

I am so glad you stopped by!

Creating this post has put me in the mood for Halloween! When I was a little girl, maybe 8 years old, I dressed up as a gypsy with a flowing skirt and fancy shawl. I think I can remember wearing a scarf tied around my head. I believe it may have been the first time I wore makeup.

This post is in participation with Gypsy Dreams blog hop hosted by
Celia from Adventures of the Striped Stockings. If you would like to see more of the Gypsy Dream posts just click on the name of her blog to follow the link!

Follow the link to read about my new class at Creative Workshops!

And...I am having a giveaway later this week to celebrate my class! Yay!

Monday, September 5, 2011

Tea Cup Tuesday-New Cup and New Tea Pot!

Hello All!
Happy Tea Cup Tuesday once again!

Here is my newest cup that I found at a Goodwill store for only $1.50!

It is a lovely shape and a very generous size (which I love!). The color palate is lovely with the pinks and lilacs.

Just a simple loop handle and gold trim around the plate.

I was researching this company on the internet and found no information. I did find one very frustrated collector who said she was unable to get answer about this company, even from the company (Bohemia Ceramics or Thun Karlovarsky Porcelan) who may be the original company. Considering her backstamps, I could hazard a guess at somewhere around the 1960s. Maybe one of you have some knowledge of this backstamp?

This little tea pot I found in England while driving through the New Forest. There was a quaint little antique shop on the road and as we passed by I shouted "Ooooh loook!" and my dear hubby pulled over and patiently waited while I look inside for treasures.

It is a tiny little pot, standing about 7'' tall, and has this beautiful top on it. See the lovely ruffled edge? The footing is ruffled too.

I find the handle so unusual, it looks like one handle from one side and two handles from the other side. See what I mean?

I adore the ruffle like handle with the sponged gold accents!

The delicate spout with sponged gold accents as well.

The flowers that decorate it are gorgeous in pastel shades of pink, purple, lilac, white, yellow and green! This is a very cheerful looking little tea pot!
If I remember correctly, I only paid about 9 pound for it!

Again, I came up empty while researching this backstamp. It may have been created in Limoges, France. But by whom and where??? I did see some information that Martin Freres and Brothers used a bird with ribbons in it's mouth with one ribbon saying "France". There was not an image with this information to compare with. So again, I can only guess. And this time, I do not even have enough information to risk a guess. If one of you happens to have a good book on Limoges, maybe you will find this backstamp in there.

Martha and I are very much enjoying visiting all of you each week! Last week we really saw some gorgeous tea cups, thank you so much each and everyone of you who participated! Thank you also, for all of you who stopped by to visit us!

If you would like to join in this week. Just go and create a post about a tea cup (or two...) that you would like to share with us. Let us know about how you came to have it, it's history, and dare we ask for a photo of the backstamp? That would be fab too!

Once you have your post up, come back and link up with Linky tools below.
We are excited to see what you have this week!

Friday, September 2, 2011

Fun with Purples and Greens

At the Paperwhimsy Forum (a totally fun place to be!), we have just finished a fabulous swap. The theme was Sassy and we were to decorate a 81/2 x 11" envelope and then fill it with art supplies from our own stash. Then, send it to our secret Sassy Sister. Once everyone had there envelope of goodies, we were to create a Thank You ATC to send back to the sister who sent us the supplies. Totally fun!

Meet the "Sassy Sisters". There is Sassy One, Middle Sass and Lil' Sass. They are the cutest little girls....but my oh my are they sassy! I dyed the laces that Christine, my Secret Sassy sister sent me, and I used her green and gold paper background as well as her little girls for the ATCs. I decided they needed stitching in place and used gold, purple and green threads.

The papers she sent me worked so well together...even though she did not send me anything purple, that just kind of evolved.

Lil' Sass is really sweet looking....but watch out, her bite is much worse than her bark!

I had not made any ATCs for a while so this project was really enjoyable.

Here is the fantastic envelope that Christine created for me, along with some of the goodies she so generously sent too!

A close up of her decorated envelope. It was hard to capture the fab texture on the blue.

(My return gift to Christine, with the 3 ATCs)

Thank you so much Christine! I really appreciate what you sent me!
Thank you Paperwhimsy for yet another creative swap!

I hope you are all doing well this week. It has been a very busy week here.
I am working on a new venture and I will share about that soon!
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