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Monday, August 27, 2012

Tea Cup Tuesday-Crown Staffordshire Blue

Hello All!
Welcome once again to Tea Cup Tuesday, which Martha and I have been hosting for a few years now...is that right Martha? She is good at keeping up with the number of posts we have had so far.
This blog hop has helped me meet wonderful bloggers out there who love tea cups as well and everything that goes with them. I am so glad I have met YOU!
And both Martha and I find much enjoyment in visiting your beautiful blogs, and seeing your gorgeous cups, hearing stories of how you came to have them, as well as seeing how you treat yourself to tea. 
Thank you all so much for sharing with us!

This lovely cup is new to me, a sweet little unexpected find!
The coloring drew me to her first. 
It is hard to get the coloring correct in an image, and this one was hard,
but it is close to her true color.

She is sweet with her sensitive blue coloring and darling pink roses.
Her simple, but gold trimmed handle is just right.
And her waist is also detailed with a fine gold line.

Here we see that she is a Crown Staffordshire tea cup.
The company began in 1889, under another name, Minerva Works, Fenton. 
They began using this backstamp in the 1930s, 
I could not find out what the L stood for. 
Anyone know?

I have just heard from Martha that she has hurt her back and will not be posting tonight.
Please keep her in your prayers and send her Love and Healing : )
She says she will post as soon as she is able.
We love you Martha!

Sunday, August 26, 2012


Hello All!
Happy Sunday!
As you know, I have slip covered my orange couch...
I have not shared a pic yet of how it came out
 as I am wanting to share when it is all done : )
This past week I have had a few moments to work on some new pillows.
There were so many style options!
I finally decided I wanted to work with vintage linens and doilies. 

This pillow was the easiest one. It was a lovely linen towel with a cut work design.
I used one of my favorite rhinestone pins to secure the front opening. 
I had thought of using a pastel colored lining so as to show off the cut work more, 
but then settled on only shades of white and cream for all the pillows.

This sweet little heart pillow case was a lucky find!
It is delicate fabric, and I needed to be careful as I created a heart shaped pillow insert for it.
I chose a deeper shade of cream for the liner.

This was is my favorite pillow so far.
I used two linen napkins with heavy crochet edges.
The unusual cross shaped doily was perfect for the background,
and the lovely darker circle doily was just right for the center.
The finishing touch is a beautiful mother of pearl vintage button
that I have been saving for something special.
It looks much nicer in "person". 
The main part of the cross doily is machine sewn,
the other doilies are hand sewn to the napkin.

It has been a busy summer here, and I am slowly getting the projects done that I have been dreaming of. I still can't believe I actually finished the slipcovers! 
Soon I will show all!

How are your summer projects coming along?

I have heard back from some of you that I have been sending out advertisements for...
certain kinds of "aids" for adults.....if you get my drift! 
I am totally not doing this, but must have been hacked in some way that I can not even imagine.
So if you receive an odd message with my name attached to it, IT IS NOT ME! LOL!!!
I had actually received some of these e-mails and comments myself from another blogger, but didn't know her and though "Oh well, everyone makes money in different ways" but now I realize that the poor women probably doesn't even know that she has been hacked and that the messages are going out. I have gone back in my deleted files and found her and sent her a message letting her know.

Rest assured! I am only making pillows! Lol!!!
...not selling adult medications or "toys".
...no judgement on those that do : )

Also, I am having really weird things happening to my posts...
Blogger is adding hyperlinks randomly.
They do not show up on my compose window,
but they do on my preview window and on my post.
Anyone else have this?

Thank you so much for stopping by!
Have a fab day!

Monday, August 20, 2012

Tea Cup Tuesday-Tea And A Good Book

Hello All!
Welcome to Tea Cup Tuesday once again!
How are you all doing this week? 
Hopefully you are all well and enjoying moments of beauty,
peace and healing.

Today I am lucky to be able to show you a new tea cup I found this afternoon.
I popped in a local tea shop just to see their collection of cups for sale.
I didn't expect to find one,
especially not in my favorite color!

but i did.

She is such a dignified upright cup!
Just look at the way she stands so tall and  holds her handle,
if that doesn't say "confidence" I don't know what does :  )

....yet, maybe there is more to her than just looking good on the outside?

aaaah....yesssss.....we get a peak of her inner beauty......

and once you truly get to know her you are blessed with her full loveliness!

Even her plate is precious. 

I must admit, I was surprised she was and Albert girl!
She must be around my age.....

Time to enjoy!

...a cup of tea in a beautiful cup and a new library book....

...and some gluten free chocolate chip cookies...


Thank you so much for coming over to visit me today. I love hearing from you all!

If you would like to join in, just create a post with a tea cup in it you would like to share,
then come back here and link up below with Linky Tools.

Martha and I are having so much fun each week visiting all of YOU!
It is amazing to me how we sometimes all post daffodils, or pink cups...
It is like we are all connected : )


Friday, August 17, 2012

Artist Share

Lynn at TeaCupStitches held a giveaway and I won!
She sent me this absolutely gorgeous sachet!
It is so perfectly created, every bit of it is amazing. 

It has such a lovely aroma. 
I am very sensitive to many fragrances,
but Lynn's sachet is just the right amount!
It smells like lavender, just divine!

Isn't it romantic?
I love the little pink rosebuds and the delicate flowers and ribbon.
Thank you Lynn for crafting such a sweet little pillow,
and for being so generous!

Visit Lynn's beautiful blog here

As for me? I am busy with so many different things!
My couch is done! Yay!
Now I am working on the pillows...

What are you creating?

Thank you so much for stopping by!


Monday, August 13, 2012

Tea Cup Tuesday-Morning Tea

Happy Tea Cup Tuesday!
What a fabulous Monday this has been.
Just returned home from a long trip, 
And tea was the perfect restorative!

...along with some delicious new treats from Whole Foods...


Orange Cranberry

Strawberry Chocolate Chip
(my favorite)

Limoges china has always delighted me.
(I have read that 50% of all porcelain in France is made in Limoges)
I think it is the sprays of flowers....

that adorn their china, look ethereal and fairy like...
....do you think so too?
These beauties make my restorative tea even more effective! Lol!
Add some quiet time with the sun streaming in and you have perfection!

(The top two cups are Theodore Haviland...and the last has a GDA France Haviland Backstamp)
Tea cups are so Joyful!
So pretty!
No wonder we love them!
Thank you so much for your visit
and for sharing your tea cups with us all today.


Monday, August 6, 2012

Tea Cup Tuesday-Summer Showers and Flowers


Hello All!
Welcome to Tea Cup Tuesday!
I am glad you are here!

It is dark and stormy as I write this...
Lucky to have such thunderous weather!

It is a good summer day to choose a cup of flowers....

such as this beauty....
one of my most elegant cups.

The fine gold designs that ring the cup really look lovely,
and the bouquets of summer flowers are vibrant in color!

The gold trimmed edges look so gorgeous together!

This sweet summer cup has a kidney shaped golden handle.

...and such a fabulous shape! 
I just love it!

Were you able to guess who manufactured it?
E.B. Foley!

Happy August to All of YOU
May you August be even more Joy Full than July!
If you would like to join in the fun and share a tea cup you love with us, just go and prepare a post with a tea cup in it, then come back here and sign up with Linky Tools below : )
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