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Monday, February 28, 2011

Tea Cup Tuesday-Blue

Hello All!
Welcome to Tea Cup Tuesday,
a day where Martha and I
get all warm and fuzzy about china tea cups!

First of all I would like to thank you all for your very
kind messagesfrom my last quick post.
My heart was warmed to see such good wishes from you all! Thank you!

I also want to share that my daffodils are blooming already!
They say that spring is on it's way!
The tulips above are from Wallmart,
they lasted so well and looked so lovely for days.
What a delightful treat!

So on to Tea Cups!

My cup today is another new one. I found this at a local antique store. I do not usually buy blue tea cups, but this one was so pretty, and felt so good in the hand, I brought it home.

It is a simple blue pattern on white.

But such a pretty blue floral pattern. A perfect pattern for a cup of cheer!

I am fascinated with the molding of this cup. I did not know what you call it when the shape is like this. On one of the R.A. sites it said that this cup has a Shelley shape. I just find it lovely. There are striations in each "petal" shape, the photo does not show it.

A simple loop handle, no spur or thumb rest, but two ridges or rings around the loop.

This pattern is called Dainty Blue (and so it is!) and was manufactured by Royal Albert as you can see by the back stamp. This pattern was produced from 1966-the 70's.

Thank you so much for stopping by today!
If you would like to join in and share one of your tea cups we would love to come and see it.
Create your post about your tea cup first and then come back here and sign up with Mr. Linky.
Check your own link once it is up to make sure that it takes us to your post.
Share how you came to have your cup, what you love about it and even it's history. I love seeing the backstamp on the bottom of the cup!

Friday, February 25, 2011

Healing Opportunity

Hello All!
I just thought I would pop in for a moment to let you know I haven't fallen off the face of the Earth, I have been resting and taking some time to feel better. I shall be back hopefully this weekend with a new post. I have missed visiting your blogs and seeing how and what you are doing.
I appreciate you all very much!

Monday, February 21, 2011

Tea Cup Tuesday!

Hello All!
Tuesday again, and another day for us to ooooh and aaahhhh over tea cups!

Martha and I have been enjoying hosting each week,
where we get to showcase some of our favorite tea cups,
and we get to come and see your beautiful tea cups too!
We are both very thankful for each one of you playing along!

Today I am sharing a cup that is new to me.
I am quite fond of gold filigree on a cup. This cup has plenty,
so I am quite delighted with it.
It is also from one of my favorite companies, Paragon.

What is so special to me about about beautiful cups? Hmmmmm, I think it is the beauty, and maybe that beauty inspires one to pause and consider more beauty. When I pick up a beautiful cup to have tea in, it motivates me to choose a nice tray, and then linen, and a pretty cream and sugar, a lovely spoon, and maybe even a flower in a bud vase.......next thing I know, I am having a beautiful quiet moment to drink in the tea and the beauty all around me.

This cup has a lovely ruffled edge trimmed in gold.

A very simple handle, with a mild thumb rest and spur.

The outside of the cup is simple white with a little gold trim.
It has a pedestal base with a little gold around it as well.

In this closeup of the base inside the cup, we can see the beautiful details in the many flowers.

And here is the backstamp attributing this cup to Paragon.
Paragon was carefree with their backstamps, and often used ones that were not registered. They may have just used what they had transfers for, until they were used up. So it is difficult to have a really firm date for a cup. From what I can find on the internet, this stamp may be from somewhere after 1963.

If you would like to play along, choose a tea cup to share with us and create a post about it. Tell us what you love about it, how you came to have it, who manufactured it (we love to see the backstamp!). Then come back and fill in the Mr. Linky so we can come and see your beautiful tea cups! Remember to click on your own link to test it out, you want to make sure it works so we can find you.
Please do not sign up unless you are showcasing a tea cup. Thank you so much!
I am also joining Lady Katherine today for her tea time!
Hugs to you All!

(Mr. Linky is doing maintenance this week...so??? Also, I am trying out a new linky, if it does not appear to work, please come back and see if it is fixed later)

Monday, February 14, 2011

Valentine Tea Cup Tuesday!

Happy Valentine's Day

A day for LOVE
How about a week for LOVE?
Or a year for LOVE?
I think I will choose a lifetime for LOVE!

Here is a sweet little cup I just found on eBay. eBay can be a lovely spot to find treasure.

I have never owned a Shelley before. With all the swirls and florals on this cup, it seems to be a very good cup for a valentine tea!

The Shelley china company created beautiful china. Their china is so thin you can see through it. Shelley's bone china clay mix had the highest percentage of ground bone of any china company. This company produced china from the late 1800's to the mid 1900's. Many consider Shelley china as the very best china ever created.

It has a very simple loop handle, but I love how it is painted pink!

See the lovely flowers and the swirls in the china itself?

Along with a nice cup of tea in my new sweet cup, how about a piece of delicious cake?

And now it is time for me to announce the winner of this lovely Valentine cup!
The winner is......

Terri Gordon!!!
I went to Random.org and put in 1-67, the number was 2 and she was the second person to comment.
Congratulations Terri!
Terri is an amazing artist and makes beautiful art.

Thank you so much for stopping by for Tea Cup Tuesday! I hope you enjoyed your visit.
I appreciate every one of you who come by, and I love reading your comments.
If you would like to share one of your tea cups with us, sign in below with Mr. Linky and we can come and see your post about it.
Share how you came to have the cup...
Who made the cup...we love to see a photo of the backstamp, or tell us the maker.
What do you love about your cup?

Hugs to you All!

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Giveaway day!

Hello All!
Happy Sunday!
What an amazing day it is here....sunshine, good company and lovely food!

I just wanted to pop in to Blogland and remind all that my Tea Cup Giveaway winner will be chosen tonight at 10pm! So there is still time to leave a comment to enter!

This lovely cup has a petite gold trimmed pedestal.

A lovely touch of gold on the handle.

This wonderful raised pattern just above the pedestal.
The floral pattern is a pretty pink and red, just right for a Valentine cup!

And it is by Royal Albert in England!

Good luck to you All,

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Valentine Dreaming

Hello All
Happy Saturday!
What a bright and shiny new day to experience!

How wonderful that at this time more people are focused on Love more than any other time of the year. Little children are creating and signing their cards to other little children, lovers are wondering what would be a romantic way to say "I love you" to their significant other. Some of us older romantics are basking in the knowledge that our long times loves are the greatest teachers we have ever known.

To feel loved is such an incredible feeling. To share love is a great joy.
I love having this special day to increase my desire to do both!
In fact, how about we have some more days created just to focus on LOVE!

Here is a hanging Valentine's Day card I have made to show someone that I love them.

Have a lovely weekend!

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Beauty and Delight

Hello All!
I hope you are having a delightful week. We have had a few days of glorious spring like weather, the kind that makes you take a deep breath and breath in the wellbeing that you are.
Aaaaaah....that feels so good!

Today I am sharing two gifts, the first one is a birthday gift to one of my sisters. The second one is a surprise gift to me!
Here is a little envelope that I created to hold the bracelet and earrings I made for my sister. I really enjoyed making this because I used pieces I brought back from England and Paris. I do hope she likes it...it should arrive at her house today.

Just look at this envelope that showed up in my pile of mail today! I saw the edge of it sticking out of the stack when my hubby brought it in and I said "What is that one there" quite excitedly....see we don't usually get beautifully aged letters...by Royal Mail no less!
I took my time getting to open it, I saved it....waited hours until I had a moment to myself and a cup of tea!

See how she has aged it? I love this!!!

Along with this finely crafted card was this amazing ATC!

This beautiful red ATC is perfect for Valentines and I love that the word on it is "Beauty"!
Can you see how she expertly sews in pretty beads on both the card and ATC?

The artist who graced me with this surprise beauty is Frieda Oxenham! You can visit her blog here and see her totally amazing quilts and beautiful photography.
Freida, thank you so very much! Your gift has really warmed my heart!

Here is another pennant from my new Spring Joy Banner.

I have uploaded a free video tutorial of this banner on YouTube
and you can see it here.

Hugs to you all!

Monday, February 7, 2011

Tea Cup Tuesday Romance

Hello All!
Happy Tea Cup Tuesday!!!
Martha and I are happy once again to reach into our china cabinets and share with you!

Today's post is about Romance. Since Valentine's Day is just around the corner, I want to share with you things of a romantic nature. The first cup I would like to share with you is a cup that speaks romance! I found this cup at ABC carpet and home near Union Square in NYC a couple of years ago.

It has the most gorgeous colors, as well as an exquisite raised gold design and beautiful pink roses. It appears to be hand painted. A company called Meander BV created it.

The roses really are gorgeous in person.

This pink pennant is part of a Spring Joy Banner I created recently. I wanted to make a romantic Banner that speaks of joy. This is the first in three pennants, the others being the O and the Y. I have just posted a video tutorial for it on YouTube. I will share a secret...I made a rather funny boo boo during the taping but left it in because it was too funny, if you watch it, let me know if you notice what I said incorrectly! The girl image is from Paperwhimsy.

How about a pink romantic heart necklace?

Or a red romantic heart necklace?

My second cup is a little sweetie. She is so cute and she too is a very romantic cup with the lovely gold filigree and the pastel colored pansies.

The little handle has a dramatic angle to it.

When I bought it I had not checked to make sure the cup and saucer were of the same make. I just assumed they were. This cup taught me to always check both before buying. Truthfully though, I would have brought it home anyways! It was only $4!...and it is really lovely.

Here is a sentiment I found in a book
"How to Write Love Letters" by Michelle Lovric:

"Why did you let your eyes rest on me like that,
and smile at me with that smile,
and speak to me in that voice?
Now nothing can ever be the same again."

This is how I felt when I met my dear sweet man 23 years ago, and nothing has been the same since.....only it has been much better!

Thank you so much for stopping by my blog and sharing today with me.
It has been a pleasure! I love reading your comments!
If you would like to play along, post about one of your tea cups, who made it, it's history, why you love it, how you came to have it.... things like that. Then link up below with Mr. Linky by filling in the two blank.
(I have just noticed Mr. Linky looks weird today! You have to click on him to see the list!)
Remember to click on your own link once it is made to make sure it goes to your blog. We don't want to miss visiting you and seeing your tea cup!

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Valentine Creativity

Hello All!

I have been playing with some romantic ideas for Valentines day. These little boxes are sweet and just the right size for a pair of earring, a small necklace or some little notes of love written out on strips of parchment.

They are very easy to do. I bought some heart shaped boxes from a craft store and painted them with Gesso, then the color of my choice. I did not paint the top of the box though, I left that free for the image I had chosen to glue on with tacky glue. I also glued on a strip of vintage lace trim around the lid. Then I used Diamond Glaze just along the outer edges to adhere a string of vintage rhinestones. When that was dry, I filled in the center with more Diamond Glaze (let it dry overnight). I used a thin line of Stickles just below the rhinestones on the outer edge.

More Valentine crafting to come!
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