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Monday, February 24, 2014

Tea Cup Tuesday-More Romance

Even though Valentine's Day is past,
I still think of Romance.

Especially when I stumbled upon these images of a cup
I gave away in a swap a couple years or three ago. 

Isn't she just the sweetest, romantic, upright cup? 
The rose buds are so dainty.
The pink so pretty,
her stance so prim!

She has a highly polished gold pedestal footing.
Notice the unusual gold vine or ? dividing the panels around the cup. 
It looks a bit like rose thorns. 

Interesting to depict the thorns along with the roses.
More like real life!

Adderley, a Stoke on Trent pottery,
created this tea cup somewhere after 1947. 
I have that idea as Ridgeway Potteries bought out Adderly in 1947. 
They retained the name "Adderley" and added the 1789
below the crown in the backstamp.
This one does seem to be one of their earliest stamps,
maybe even the first one?

Lately it has been fresh ginger tea for me.
 What tea are you having today? 
or coffee, or hot chocolate???

Our weather has turned fine!
I am hoping you all have had a change in weaether
for the good, too!

Have a wonderful week : )


Saturday, February 22, 2014

Collage and Paint

Hello All!
It has been a truly lovely day here.
The sun is out warming everything it touches.

My friend Sharon from Livewire Jewelry has long been
inspiring me with her beautiful collages.
She made me a beautiful one for Christmas,
and I was so inspired I created this one on watercolor paper.
I am not sure if this pic is blurry, lol!
To be honest, my eyes are so blurry today! 

 I was taken with the daisy tissue paper she
wrapped my extra birthday present in, as well as the 
silk ribbon and robin egg blue tissue paper.
so I wondered what I could make of the wrappings,
and this is what came forth.

Thank you Sharon for the inspiration that you are!

I have been "under the weather" these past few days.
So I have not been painting as much as I would like.

But they are coming along!
I am on the fourth layers. 

Are you shocked at the boldness, the bigness???

I am!

Big and bold has never been my style!
Yet, I have never had so much fun!
I will be sure to share them when they are finished,
no matter what they look like.
OMGoodness, I am making a brave commitment!
I consider all of you my friends on a creative journey together : )

 I hope you too, are having a creative weekend,
How do you step out of your creative comfort zone?


Monday, February 17, 2014

Tea Cup Tuesday-Corset in the Art Room

Hello All!
Welcome to Tea Cup Tuesday!

Did my title surprise you? 

Tonight's tea cup is in the corset shape.

This is one of my favorite first tea cups,
and the first shape I learned to recognize.

She is dainty and romantic at the same time,
simple yet lovely with her little poesy of roses
and silver and gold leaves. 

I am not sure of her color as she changes in the light. 
(Color fascinates me)

I am all excited as the books I ordered came in!

I am taking Flora Bowley's Bloom True  e-class,
and it is very good....And very colorful! 
Perfect as it is all outside my comfort zone.
Having her book to follow and the journal makes my class
experience richer.

I hope you do not mind that I am sharing
an artsy Tea Cup Tuesday experience with you...
tucked up here in my art room tonight,
with my tea, Flora's gorgeous books,
and  my newly begun bold paintings!

 (here we see the Aynsley backstamp)

Forgive my absence as I am so taken with Flora's class and two other 
wonderful classes, that I am deep in it!

Thank you so much for visiting!
I love to "see" YOU!
I hope you are all well,
and that your wild weather has abated.

I will be visiting all the tea cup parties I can this week.
If you would like to join in, just create your post with a tea cup in it to share,
Then come back here and link that specific post up below.


Monday, February 10, 2014

Tea Cup Tuesday-Romantic Tea Cups

Hello All!
Welcome to Tea Cup Tuesday once again!

Valentine's Day is almost here, 
And I began to pull out some of my most
romantic tea cups today.

How about the tea cup above?
She is sweetly romantic with her bounty of flowers.
Pink seems to be a Valentine favorite,
(can you guess her maker?....)

A rose adds to this cute tea cups romantic charm.
She too is a sweetly romantic cup. 
Have an idea of this cups creator?

Romance isn't only expressed in pink....
How about a simple white tea cup, 
Pink roses...and eyelet trim?
Well, o.k. some pink!

This cups maker is unknown to me...
I know it's name, but not anything about it.

Put lace near any tea cup and it looks romantic! lol!
Hint: This is one of my all time favorite china companies.

Lovely gold filigree always looks romantic to me.
Not sweetly Romantic, but more classy. 
Do you recognize this cups maker? 

This style really lays on the layers.
She is lusciously romantic!
The deeper the colors,
and the more gold trim
seems to do the trick.
Guessing her maker may be a real challenge.

Old Country Roses must get many votes for most romantic china pattern.
It's traditional beauty really steals the show!
Many of you can guess this beauties manufacturer.

For some reason, 
I feel this is the most romantic tea cup I own.
Are you surprised?
I am! lol!
It isn't expensive, Pink or particularly well made,
and the paint is chippy....
Maybe it is the bohemian feel?
It looks like it was made in Europe,
a long while ago,
Maybe it has seen many travels?
Maybe it was owned by a woman in LOVE?
Anyways, it wins my vote for 
Most Romantic Cup this Valentine's Day.

February is a month for LOVE
I am sending out Hugs of LOVE to each of you today : )

 p.s.   Cup # 1 E.B. Foley  Cup #2  Shelley   Cup #3  HR Hallmark Japan  Cup #4 Rosina  Cup #5 Nippon Hand Painted  Cup #6  Meander BV   Cup #7 Royal Albert   Cup #8 No name

Want to join in the tea cup fun? 
Just link your tea cup post below and then Martha and I 
can come and visit you : )

Friday, February 7, 2014

Hearts for February

Hello Everyone!
This is the month for hearts!

Here is a little heart necklace I soldered
a while back.
She is simple, a delight to wear 
and very supportive with her message.

Creating jewelry has been one of my favorite forms of
expressions since I was a young person.

I especially love creating jewelry with a theme,
message or affirmation.
 There are always new inspiring ways to explore
this medium and I find
I am still enjoying it very much many years later.
It keeps me singing!

What do you LOVE to create?
What makes you sing on the inside?

(p.s. still loving all my classes...painting...
drawing...oh my!)

This necklace was inspired by Patricia Mackey,
her Esty site was Here.
It was the large loops that really caught my eye.

And I really have loved using this style.
Thank you Patricia for allowing me to create my
own version of your design!

Monday, February 3, 2014

Tea Cup Tuesday-Stormy Day brings Calls for Chintz!

Hello All!
Welcome to Tea Cup Tuesday!
It has been snowy and rainy since last week. 
We are expecting more of each soon!

All this topsy turvy weather turns my mind to Chintz!

It is the cheeriest tea cup style I know : )
(It was very dark and heavy all day)

Tea time is all the more important during these changeable conditions.

Lately, I have been indulging in a simple but delicious "tea"...
One of my own concoctions.
In fact I am enjoying a cup of it right now...
up in my art room over the garage.

Terri's Fresh Ginger "Tea"
 To one good size mug or large tea cup add:

about an inch to half an inch of freshly chopped ginger,
hot water from a recently boiled kettle...
(fill 3/4 full)
bite size apple bits
and honey

Let steep about 5 minutes.
No need to remove the ginger, it just floats to the bottom.
I do not eat them, but you sure could.
The flavor is rich and deep 
and the apples soak in the tea,
they become warm, soft and extra delicious!
No, it is not traditional tea, but it is an adventure : 0

Liquid Sunshine!

This lovely old chintz was manufactured by Rosina,
one of my favorite china companies from
Longton, Stoke on Trent, England...sometime after 1952.

How is your week going?
Crazy weather out your way?
Many of us need it to rain very much, 
and some of us need it to stop raining.

Do you have an unusual drink for your tea cups?

I am also sharing tea with Sandi at Rose Chintz Cottage today,
where she has a delicious chocolate fudge cake!

Thank you all for visiting! 
Last week was a blast!


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