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Thursday, December 24, 2015

Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Jane Austen's Birthday

Happy Birthday Jane!

Jane was born on this date in 1775.
Her writings give us insight 
into a world we will never visit in person...
but delight to visit over and over
 through her words.

I could not choose a favorite of 
Jane's stories...

Thank you Jane.
Thank you for your life 
and for sharing your 
wonderful stories 
with all of us!

You may have seen
a Jane themed Christmas tree
 I had fun making two years ago.
I add to it each year. 

I thought I might offer a 
Jane themed craft in honor 
of her birthday...

to see post about Jane
and the tree.

Here is one of the first ornaments 
I made about Jane,
and some instructions
in case you are interested.

Winter Blessings

I tried to recreate it as best I could.
I didn't' have all the same supplies.

 1 cardstock strip 1 1/2" x 12"

Score it at 

Fold on scored lines 
and glue the ends.

punch two holes at top,
usually opposite of seam.

Lay in small hoop
or anything close to 3"

Press it down,
(you might need a weight to keep it down)

 Give it some glue in the center
to begin to coax it to stay.

put a weight on while you 
get the other pieces ready.

Jane image:
2" vertically and 
1 1/2" wide.
(I  Googled "Jane cameo images" )

Circle to frame the cameo
approx. 2 1/2".
adhere silver glitter to it.
 (This circle here has a scalloped edge)

Use a piece of script 
for a 2 1/2" circle on the back. 
I used a print of a letter Jane wrote
I found a Jane cameo
stamp to put on the back.

 Here is the front with all
three layers front,
and two layers back.

Adhere them in place.

 Add some glittered snowflakes,
pull ribbon though holes at top
and make a loop with knot.
Choose a saying and 
create a banner with the sentiment.

I really snowed this one up as my edges
were not totally symmetrical ; 0

This is the back.
The original one has a 
silver glitter fan back. 

 The original is on the right.
Deck the Halls is new today : )

Thank you for stopping by today : )
I know how busy we all are.

Winter blessings!
Happy Birthday to Jane
And Happy Birthday to my
youngest son!


Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Holiday Tea

Hello All!
Welcome to Tea Cup Tuesday!

Tea time is restful time.
This time of year it can be a festive time!
Tea can take on a merrier theme.

  (as I sat down my tea tray I noticed a visitor coming to join in...)

The Christmas holiday to me
is about being with and appreciating those you love
and care for...

to take a moment and honor loving relationships...
 being thankful for hope and love.

It is a time to share, to give.
It is a time to be thankful for the Earth
and all she has blessed us with all year.

It is a time of year to have fun,
and even if you are not a child,
to let go and play. 
: )

A serene cup of tea for balance...
Chamomile, peppermint, spearmint and plantain.

(Besty soon joined in as tea is one of her favorite treats)

A very pretty frosty cup...
(a favorite I have shared many times)
her swirls remind me
of wintry weather. 

simply festive,
and cheery.

...and speaking of festive and cheery...
remember this hut I shared a while back,
I said I would show you more later?

Here is the tree lot a little further along...

 and almost done...
this tree lot needs a sign.

I had only just arrived to take pictures
when it began to snow! 
; )

the workers managed to get the sign up
before the storm really hit.
(and the lights went out!)
; )

Snow Valley is open for business,
and Santa is waiting to 
greet you.

there is a good selection of trees this year.

the snow really began to fall in ernest!

The wreaths are only $5!

This is my kind of play!

Thank you for visiting for tea today!

If you are celebrating this month
I am wishing for you good times
with family and friends!  

Sending you all warm hugs of LOVE

I am joining Ruth, Bernideen, Sandi  for tea,
and Judith for Mosaic Monday.
Thank  you for hosting ladies!

Martha has posted Tea Cup Tuesday 290!
Yay Martha!

Saturday, December 5, 2015

Jane Austen Themed Trimmed Tree

Hello All!

It is that time of year again,
when I go down to the basement...
and rummage through boxes....
find things I forgot I ever had...
and gather up arm fulls of nostalgia
to deck our home out for the holidays.

You can see the wintery cup I had 
my tea in while I decorated.

Each year I bring out my Jane Austen tree,
and each year she looks just a little different.

This year I added 
silvery minty pine cones.

Here she is last year with 
additional adornments 
created by loving friends!
Jane did not mind sharing : ) 

Here is my new 2015 Jane ornament! 

My dear friend Suzy creates
beautiful angel ornaments in this style,
and I crafted this with Suzy's angels in mind.
Thank you for inspiring me Suzy!

"Be Merry in the Moment" is written on
one of her ribbons. 
It seemed like something Jane might say.  

The artist is the English portrait painter
 William Beechey, and the 
woman he painted is Marcia Fox.   
I believe this image was one of the first
portrait art used on a Austen book cover.

She looks very Jane like to me : )    
Do you think she looks like Jane? 

Steventon was Jane's Childhood home.
She wrote Northanger Abbey, Sense & Sensibility
and Pride & Prejudice, here 
but they were not published until later.
This is a very easy ornament to create.
2 1/2 x 3 1/2 card stock with glitter edges,
Pinked edged image
A little lace, a little button
and some glittered branches.

This ornament looks a littler harder,
but it is quite easy to make too.

A Jane image of your choice,
This one is not accuate
for clothing or hairstyle
but the feeling for me
was very Jane like.  
two ovals of cardstock 1/4 " larger all around
than your image.

16 snowflakes, two kinds...
6 " of ribbon,
1 rhinestone, 
1 large jump ring
1 bead dangle.

I used two kinds of glitter on
the snowflakes.
The back piece is a print 
of a letter of Jane's.

I did a short video of making one,
and if I can figure out how to get it off my phone,
lol, I will post it : )  

*Most of the images I used can be*
*found if you go to all my Jane posts*

Many of you are making all kinds of
amazing Christmas art!
I love visiting your blogs and seeing
what you are doing.  

Holiday crafting is so much fun : )

this was a long post 
and hopefully not overwhelming!

 The most important part of Christmas 
is not crafting, decorating or shopping...
(those these are joyful too...not the shopping though...lol)
The priceless part of celebrating Christmas
is the magic of HOPE and
being with loved ones!

Sharing here with you is wonderful!
Wishing you all a December full of LOVE
 Hugs to you all,

I am joining Sandi for No Place Like Home
and Bernideen's BTTCG party

Martha is back posting for Tea Cup Tuesday!
I am so thankful : )
Yay Martha!
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