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Monday, December 30, 2013

Tea Cup Tuesday-New Years Eve

Happy Tea Cup Tuesday!

Soon, we welcome in a new year with
new possibilities. 

Above is an early morning picture of some lovely Christmas gifts...
This beautiful floral  tea cup trio is from my friend Dianne
up in Stoke On Trent, England.
I am happy to share it for our last Tea Cup Tuesday of 2013!

Dianne really knows what I like!
This pattern's name is "Ming Rose"
I even love the name : )

What a sweet handle...

This is the dessert plate. 
I find the mix of colors lovely.

This pattern looks quite nice on the quilted box.

She sports a ring handle, which turns out is very comfortable.
I think she is going to be a nice cheery morning tea cup!

From the backstamp we can see Coalport was the manufacturer.
This English company is one of my favorites.
Their wares are high quality,
and beautifully designed.

This is Dianne's Christmas card this year...
She painted it herself! Wow!

Dianne also painted these tags for me!

I almost forgot...this is the box she used, didn't she decorate it beautifully?!

Thank you so much Dianne!
You are so kind and generous!

This super lovely mint (?) green quilted box is from Sharon,
Oh how I love it!
Sharon knows I love love love this color!

Dear Sharon made me these earrings!
I adore the stones she picked for me!
She even makes her own ear wires. 
I feel very lucky : )

As if these gifts weren't enough....
This magnificent collage by Sharon made me catch my breath!
It will be hanging in my art room soon.

Sharon also made a wonderful birdie ornament for me,
and I promptly hung it up on my tree.
But I cannot find her picture so I must save her to share later....

Sharon sweetie, Thank you so very much!

I feel blessed.
For so many reasons.

I have a few more lovely gifts to share yet in the next post.

We had a lovely Christmas here...

Emma knew just where to sit Christmas Eve...

And Betsy tired herself out running after her new santa toy.
: )


Thank you all for sharing Tea Cup Tuesday with Martha and me in 2013!
We are so thrilled to know each and every one of you!
Thank you for all your visits and kind comments!

If you have a tea cup you would like to join in and share, just link up your tea cup post to Linky Tools below and then we can come and visit you too : )


Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas!


Monday, December 23, 2013

Tea Cup Tuesday-Festive Tea

Welcome to Tea Cup Tuesday!

 Martha and I would like to Thank you for your wonderful
presence here at Tea Cup Tuesday this year.

Each one of you who have visited us for tea,
have warmed our hearts and brightened our lives!
(and we have loved seeing all of your tea cups!)


Today I am setting the table for Christmas eve dinner. 
This holly berry china set was a surprise find at the local GW.
It is a simple stylish wintery pattern. 
The grey, silver and cream look just right with a touch of berry.

The next few days will be slower,
and filled with family.
The presents are wrapped,
The food is cooked, 
the cookies are baked,
The tea pot is on,
and tea will be ready soon.

English Breakfast tea will taste lovely with these cookies.

This china was created by Syracuse China Co, here in America. 
Originating in1871 in Geddes, New York. 

Now it is time to sit down (breathe a sigh of relief)
and enjoy a favorite family pastime.
Watching Christmas movies.

Merry Christmas

Have a lovely week : )

Monday, December 16, 2013

Tea Cup Tuesday-Christmas Tea

Hello All!
Welcome to Tea Cup Tuesday!

You are just in time for a Christmas tea...
Come in and warm yourself by the fire.

 How about a cup of English Breakfast while we chat?
How are you doing? 
Are you celebrating Christmas?

If you do, what is your favorite part of this holiday?

This sweet little vintage tea pot has a festive feel to it.
I found it last winter, after the holiday.

(I only  just realized I do not have any Christmas tea cups...
not one!)

It must be the gold trim and the red and cream
coloring that makes it seem 
like it belongs to the Christmas season.

This tea pot was created by my favorite
English fine tea pot company,

I believe the tea cup is a Paragon.

Only 7 days until Christmas Eve....
: )
My favorite thing about Christmas is LOVE.
and because of the LOVE....


Thank you so much for visiting!


Monday, December 9, 2013

Tea Cup Tuesday-Celebrate the Season

 Hello All!
Welcome to Tea Cup Tuesday!
December is well on her way,
We've had some chilly weather,
and some good tea this  month : )

As many of you do,
I find it a joy to use special dishes during the  holidays. 
This wonderful thistle pattern set
I found while out thrifting with my mother in law, 
who also loves to find treasures : )

Thistle patterns can be so pretty!
This coloring here reminds me of the subtle 
colors of winter.

My tea today is a mix of herbs, 
Peppermint, rose buds, lavender, 
chamomile, lemon verbena... and more.
It is a lovely mix from Tin Roof Teas
called Rip Van Winkle.

Simple handle with a single silver detail.

The background is a nice creamy white coloring.
The salad plates are oval shaped, 
which I really do love about them.  

The backstamp lets us know this is a
Johnson Brother's tea cup.
This company has created beautiful
earthenware in many well loved patterns.


Thank you so very much for stopping by today!
I loved having you over!

Today I am joining Sandi from Rose Chintz Cottage,
for her Celebrate the Season party. 

Thank you for hosting Sandi!

If you would like to join in Martha and I and 
share a tea cup or two of your own,
please link your teacup post up below.
Drop by and say Hello To Martha too : )


Monday, December 2, 2013

Tea Cup Tuesday-Happy December!

 Welcome All
December is here...
Today is our first Tea Cup Tuesday of the Holiday Season!
Martha and I are delighted to see you all!

Time for a cup of tea and a moment to think about the up coming holiday.
I have a few gifts made, and a few gifts bought so far.

I think what I love about Christmas the most, 
is the Giving and the gathering. 

Giving meaningful gifts and 
gathering with loved ones,
just to be together and celebrate
is the best!

I am very very thankful for my family and friends.

 This is one of my favorite little tea cups. 
I adore the green handle, the shape and the color.
It really complements the autumnal colors in the cup.

The deep pink, and  purple tinted flowers 
are a bit of a surprise in this design,
but I think the combination is lovely. 

 I am having my favorite Chamomile tea again today.

She is an Old Royal Bone China cup.
This company had a number of different locations 
in Longton, Stoke On Trent, England between 1846-1963.
This cup may have been manufactured between 
1930 and 1941. 
There are two backstamps that are very similar,
one is a much later date.
The only difference is the colon before the fancy S mark.
Which this cup has. So I am pretty sure of the time frame.
(found in Godden's book) 

The fancy S mark is actually the initials S.S. of
the owner Sampson Smith.

The tea pot above is Bavarian.

Now that the holiday season is truly begun,
I am enjoying some festive creations. 
This little assemblage was done in a silver creamer.

In my last post, I shared some festive tags I am enjoying too.

Oh, I almost forgot!
I wanted to share with you all a interesting find....

They are called Milk Tab dolls,
and I found them at a estate sale in my city.
The man I bought them from said they were from the 40s.
Have any of you seen dolls like these?
They may be plentiful for all I know. lol!

Pine State Creamery began in 1928,
but did not close it's doors until the 1990s.
The building is now listed in the 
National Register of Historic Places. 

Thank you all for stopping by today!

If you would like to join in and share a tea cup of yours,
just go and create a post with your tea cup in it.
Then come back here and link up below.
We have been having some links to shops, or to items for sale.
I have had to remove these. Sorry!
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