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Monday, April 30, 2012

Tea Cup Tuesday-Replacements.com

Hello All!
Welcome to Tea Cup Tuesday!
Can you believe I have run out of new cups to show you?
Well, I have! Lol!
Today I will share with you some pictures I took during
my recent visit to Replacements Ltd.
This shop is so amazing, just walking in the door is stunning! 

To the left of the entrance you will see a entire area dedicated to silver...
silver tea sets, silver ladles, silver wares, silver cups, silver serving platters,
silver urns....the list goes on... 
And it is quite the site to see all that gorgeous gleaming silver in one place! 

There is a museum in the back of the store. They have so many beautiful pieces back there! Pattern books of silverware are being showcased, very fascinating! 


 "Historic America" by Johnson Brothers. This is one ginormous tea cup!
They even call the the "Colossal" cup.

I so love looking at their large display of vintage chintz.....
These tea for one are so very sweet.

 I adore the little breakfast tea trays. Can you see the chintz toast rack in the back?

Blurry, but you can see how pretty it is.
Unfortunately the images are taken through glass and without a tripod.

They have hundreds, maybe 1,000s of sets of china...not all on display lol! but they do have them in storage. Very helpful salespeople will help you find a set you will love.

Lovely tea pot and tea cup made by Royal Copenhagen.

Here is a beautiful Japanese footed tea cup with a gorgeous mother of pearl glaze.
I f you are ever in North Carolina, this is a fun place to visit.

Please join us in Tea Cup Tuesday so we can come and visit you for tea!
Just sign up below and show off one of your tea cups.

Here is an adorable B&B in England 

Monday, April 23, 2012

Tea Cup Tuesday-Vintage Rosina

 Hello All!
Welcome to Tea Cup Tuesday!
Martha (of Martha's Favorites) and I have been hosting this tea cup hop since March 8th 2010!
We have just passed our two year mark!
Can you believe that Martha???

I began collecting tea cups when I was in my 20s. I loved the few sets that I had, but had to let go of most when I moved from Canada to the US. I began to collect again, slowly, once we settled, but with a young family newly located, there wasn't much money for such things.

Fast forward many years later, kids in university or all grown with kids of their own, and I am back into the swing of tea cup collecting. I counted over 100 last week!
I really thought I had only about 60! Yikes!
Of course, I am no where near Martha, Queen of Collectors! Right Martha?
Time to let more go! But not the two I am sharing today.....

When I began collecting in earnest a few years back, Rosina was my favorite to find. I found their designs very romantic. This cup above, with the two lovely roses, is "waisted" and "footed", as you can see.

 It also shows off lovely gold sponging...and if you have been following T.T. you know I love gold on a cup!
The scalloped edges also give this cup extra beauty!

The handle is simple with a mild thumb rest and some gold trim.

 Such a beautiful cup!

 Here you can see the Backstamp....and the makers tick as well as the pattern number B5072 (?)

 The second Rosina cup has more color with the added Forget Me Nots. 

Again, we see the gorgeous gold sponged scalloped edges.

The handle on this one looks to be exactly the same.

Here is a bit of a blurry image of the lovely flowers on the plate.

Very pretty flowers!

Here is the backstamp, it is the same one as the first stamp so we know they were manufactured around the same time period. The pattern number...3089 is not easy to read and it may be a 5 instead of a three.
You can see a sideways 3 by the word "Bone" and a Y by "China". These are the artist marks.

Rosina was a pottery in Longton, Stoke on Trent. It used to be the G. Warrilow and Son's Co. (which began in the late 1880s before it became the Rosina company in 1941.

Thank you all for stopping by!
If you would like to share your tea cup with us just go and create a post about it and come back here and sign up with Linky Tools below.
Martha and I always love to come and visit you!
Hugs, Terri

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Charmed for Life : )

Hello All!
Feeling better today...Yay!
So I thought I would show you a little more of my soldering progress.
I find I learn well through trial and error! Lol!
And since I have had such magnificent errors, I have learned some fab lessons!

The other day I heard about an art school that has it's students create art each day, everyday, for class.
But then, the rule is that you have to burn it, that day! Every day!
All your art from that class is burned all semester long!
The lesson?.....maybe that it is the process and not the product?........
maybe not to take themselves or their art too seriously?.....

When I think of this slant on creative learning and I look at my soldering process, I can relate.
At first I was terrified to do it wrong and waste supplies. I quickly learned that I will definitely ruin supplies! And each charm is not a keeper! Lol! So I am learning to take them apart well too, and start over.

Basically, what I have learned is to "Stop fretting and just PLAY!"

I am basically soldering everything that is not nailed down....like...."Oooh, maybe I could solder that!!!"
Trial and error! Soldering a vintage wooden domino was tricky, I didn't know if it would burn or melt or ??? But it turned out fine...see?

Then I decided to get a little risque and try something really different, at least for me : )
This necklace about memories of home, was an interesting effort. 

I used a vintage post card for the images, and a piece of old rhinestones off a broken necklace.

Here is the back of the charm...where i decided I wanted two jump rings, and the charm can slide. 

I call this one "French Date" as it contains a piece of 94 year old French document paper.
There are a row of rhinestones at the bottom and top, but I am not sure you can see it here.
Also, I have German glass glitter inside.

And this is the back.... 

This is another effort in fun...
The Fairytale charm drips with magic!
There is German glass glitter inside this one as well. 

I do love the look of the glass glitter adhering to the inner sides of the charm.
This is also my first practice with doing dots. 
They are tricky! 
I have heard that no two dots are created equal and not to try to make them perfect.
Good thing!

I have plenty of more projects on the go!
 At least in my mind!

What have you been up to this week?

Monday, April 16, 2012

Tea Cup Tuesday-Short and Sweet

Hello All!
Welcome to my short and sweet Tea Cup post for today.
I am "under the weather" today, and so popped up just for a moment to say "hello".

There is nothing so lovely as pretty tea cups on a crisp white tablecloth!

 These three tea cups look so fresh and spring like to me.
Perfect for an afternoon tea.


....with beautiful gold filigree details, my favorite kind!

 That was the "Short"....now...

 ...here is the "Sweet" part of my post!

This was a delicious tea I had at my favorite tea shop in Glastonbury England. 
And yes, it was really really good,
and I wish I had some right now   : ) 
Thank you for stopping by!


Sunday, April 15, 2012

Embracing the Unexpected

My dear Hubby and I were out and about yesterday, when we saw this little helicopter.... 

When I heard the pilot was offering rides.....my first thought was YES!
Anyone else want to join me? 

Just a tiny little area in front of the seat, all "glass", so up close for sure! 

The day was clear and bright, so we could see quite a distance.
Beautiful North Carolina greenery!

I would love to learn to fly one of these guys!.....if not for learning what all these mean and more!
I imagine it is quite the process to learn to operate a helicopter!

I loved it!....can I go again????
I had no idea when I woke up in the morning I was going to be enjoying my first helicopter ride!
Off to solder some more...I am really enjoying the learning process as well as the creative.
What are you up to this weekend?

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

More Charms

I thought I would share with you how my soldering experience is coming along. 
I took Sally Jean's course at Art and Soul last March, and I also signed up for her online class as a refresher. I have also signed up for Terri Brush's soldering classes. All of these have been helpful.

But I find nothing helps as much as hands on practice!
These past three weeks I have had a chance to practice most days. I can see a definite improvement from my very first charms, which is good, because other wise I would loose heart! Lol!

This house shaped charm (the taping is tricky)  is the most recent thing I have done.
I find that I am very interested in the art work to go in the charm,
and I have been playing with watercolors and enjoying that very much. 

I have learned some things already about taping, about burnishing, cleaning, temperatures....so many things, and each of them really make a difference to the outcome.
My favorite flux is a gel named "Classic 100" and Silvergleem is my favorite solder.
Now if I can just get my hands to hold steady! : )
 So I am having fun while I wait for my "style" to reveal itself..lol!

Now about that Downton Abbey ATC Swap.....

(water colored background, tissue paper transfer of castle, vintage flower on her sweet hat!)

So far we have participating.....April 12th last day to sign up....

I am so excited about this swap, I am going to show off every one's ATCs on my blog, it should be a hoot!

Ladies, please confirm my e-mailing me at nliten@usa.net and I will e-mail you back my address.
And if you can, when you send me your ATCs, could you send along a dollar to help with shipping?

And thank you all for stopping by for a visit.

Monday, April 9, 2012

Hello All!
Welcome to Tea Cup Tuesday.
Today I am sharing a great thrift store find...
This lovely set of dishes! 

I was delighted to see this set of 40 pieces sitting all alone
on a dusty shelf in the clearance room of a thrift store.

Ten cups and saucers....pretty in Pink!

This set has a sweet pattern on a creamy white background...

A lovely floral spray of roses.....

The Scalloped edges add to the romantic pattern...
She really does set a pretty table!

There is extra texture added along the edge, a frilly relief in white....

 The cup is a simple clean shape with a very plain handle.
When holding it in the hand it feels ever so light and fine!
(and I will tell you I paid a dollar a piece!)

This Bavarian company is like so many British pottery companies, in that two people go into partnership and create beautiful pottery, but they are so unhappy together they split and go their separate ways. Each of them becoming famous for their china. It is also like British companies in that they went through several name and owner changes through the years.

Fritz Thomas left his partner in the late 1800 and began his own company in 1908, with his new partner and with great success. The backstamp on this set varies, some are as above, and some have just the orange number and some do not have "Germany" on them. I could not find these exact stamps in my research, but many similar, and I would guess they were manufactured around 1939-52.

Last year I posted about my trip to the Winchester's Discovery Center's show "Tea Tales" a historical look at Britain's favorite drink. You can read about it HERE.  Well, I forgot to share this tea cozy with you that I saw at the same show. I had meant to, but forgot! So here it is . She is dated between 1920-30. 
Isn't it just lovely?

Downton Abbey ATC Swap!

Only two more days to sign up!
This is a 3/3 ATC swap centered around The fabulous Downton Abbey series.
Due to me by May 12th ( I accidently put April 12 earlier, and Elaine kindly pointed it out to me)
I will swap them up and send them out.
I am very excited to see what the other swappers are creating! 

I am still working on my soldering skills.
Next post I will share my new pieces...I am getting a little better! Yay!
Tiny steps...lol!

Thank you so much for stopping by today!
I appreciate your visits and your lovely comments : )

If you would like to join in with Martha and myself, just create a post with a tea cup in it you would like to share, tell us about it, about how you got it, what you love about it...and we love a picture of the backstamp if you can, thank you : ) Then come back here and link up below with Linky Tools.

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