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Thursday, March 28, 2013

Busy and Thankful

 Hello All,
It is the last week of March 
And spring is starting to look like it might just be here!
I am dreaming of the day my lilac bush blooms!

Lately it has been late nights and early mornings as I work hard on my newest class.
I am having way to much fun! 
The deadline to finish is Friday night
(update, that would be today!)

May I share about my latest creative journey?

Necklaces I have been making for my (self) class all have their own names...
Each one her own theme.
The one above is about taking good care of myself.
Sometimes I can get so very busy!
This necklace is a supportive reminder to me.
Her delicate colors remind me of my dear Lilacs.

This lovely girl supports me around my own inner self knowledge.
Her vintage luminous rosary pearls are softened with age,
a great feel for a piece around wisdom : )
In my class, I share how to create these simple inexpensive bezels.
As well as inspiration and creating artwork.

"Beauty and Delight"

This is the most recent one I have made,
she looks very different but uses the same techniques,
 and I found the creative process very enlightening.

and she has to do with how beauty and delight have
been my healing for many years.
And my necklace reflects that.....
many symbolic charms, dangles and tangles...
images, and stampings...
that resonate with me.
Putting this all together really gave me more clarity.

So....sharing this class at Creative Workshops has already been a blessing to me...
And I have Gail to thank for that : )

And Gail of Creative Workshops is an amazing mentor and business woman,
as well as a talented artist and all around lovely person!
I was lucky to meet up with her a couple weeks ago.

She very kindly made me this sweet adorable cuff!
I adore these colors together and I admire the stitching and lace!
I love it!
You can see more of her beautiful creations on her blog Shabby Cottage Studio.
Her recent blog tells about her Gelli plate and how she is doing screen printing.
It looks incredible to me!
(the wrapping paper for the bracelet was made on a Gelli plate!)

 Last week I received a lovely surprise gift from Donna of   My Cup of Tea.
She had sent me the loveliest e-mail, and said she wanted my address.
What she sent was part of her own lucky find at an estate sale,
that she thought I would love. Isn't she kind!

And she was right...
I love what she sent, and her beautiful tea card too!
(and her dear stamped envelope, quote and all!)
She told me of a woman who collected these religious cards during her long life,
I loved knowing who these cards were special to.

 Donna, thank you so much for your kind generosity!
In turn, I too will share some of what she shared with me in my upcoming giveaway!
I am putting together a sweet package of goodies!
Just to celebrate and say thank you again.

HELP Please...
I have somehow deleted my blogroll!
Do any of you know how to reinstate?  

I hope you are all doing well this week!

Monday, March 25, 2013

Tea Cup Tuesday-Restorative Tea

Hello All!
Welcome to Tea Cup Tuesday!

Is it me, or are the Tuesdays flying by?
These past 7 days, I have been locked in my turret...
working away on lovely little videos for my newest class,
See my funny little window studio?

I am shooting some of the segments in front of the window
so that I can use the natural light. 
With jewelry classes, I want  the natural stones and beads
to be close to their true color.
All is going well, between many storm clouds and bright sun,
it is getting done.  One more day.
Then 4 days of editing....
Then it is all sent off to Gail (wonderful, magnificent Gail!)
at Creative Workshops, who sets it all up.
I am excited for the class to open! 

During these long days of video taping, tea has been my secret elixir, lol!
Sharon of Livewire Jewelry, a really sweet friend,
Sent me some tea recently, and I have been enjoying it.
Thank you Sharon! You were just in time!

 I found this sweet little vintage cup in Asheville a few weeks ago. 
I always love yellow and pink roses together.

The pastel flowers have a delicate mistiness to them.

 This tea cup was produced by Regency, a company that began in 1953,
in Staffordshire Potteries, in Longton England.
This cup may be as old as me!

A restorative cup of tea has been just what I have needed!
Yay for tea!

Thank you so much for stopping by. 
As soon as I am done with my class preparation, 
I shall be out again visiting all of you that I can.
I appreciate all your visits,
And I love reading your comments.

Martha is very thankful for all your prayers and healing thoughts.
 ...let's keep sending her the LOVE.

If you would like to join in T.T. just create a post with your tea cup in it and come back here and link that specific post below....


Monday, March 18, 2013

Tea Cup Tuesday-Lovely Gift

Hello All!
Welcome to Tea Cup Tuesday with Martha and I.
We are happy to see you today : )
My friend Jan from A Journey sent me  this tea cup for my birthday last week.
Jan is such a sweetie, and I was delighted that she thought of me.

 She is a sweet trio, such lovely spring colors too!
She came in a pretty floral round box that matches her pattern.

 Pink roses, and fanciful colorful wildflowers adorn
the rim of the cup and the plates.
The fresh trim has lovely shades of green and blue. 
I love it!

Here is the backstamp. We see Ashdene manufactured her. The pattern name is Kensington. 
I am sure to have many lovely mornings waking up with tea in this cup!
Thank you so much Jan! I appreciate your kindness.

 Today was rain and clouds all day. Thunder rumbled around my house several times.
I am writing this late Monday night...
The rain is still coming down. It sounds soothing though. 
Especially as I am listening to "Music for Solo Harp"...with Elisabeth Hainen
Rosetti, sonata No. 2
Spohr, Fantisie
Glinka, Nocturn
Alvars, Serenade
Very beautiful, and very calming.

Thank you all for stopping by!

Thank you all again for your very lovely birthday wishes!
I wish for you all a year ahead with many opportunities for JOY.

If you would like to join in Tea Cup Tuesday, just go and prepare your post with the tea cup in it you would like to share. Then come back here and link up below to that specific post. 

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Thankful Birthday

Hello All!
Happy almost Friday!

Thank you all for your very sweet birthday wishes!
It was a real treat to read all your kind comments.
Thank you again!

Would you like to hear what I did on my birthday?
I did some antiquing and some bead hunting.

I have loved rocks and minerals since I was a little girl, and have always collected them. When I began creating jewelry many years ago, I only used precious metals and natural stones.
Eventually I began to enjoy crystals, and pearls, as well as many vintage beads.
Above from top to bottom, labradorite faceted rondells, African reclaimed metal beads, tiny vintage rhinestone string, and pyrite (4mm rounds, to give you an idea of their size).

There are several lovely bead shops in Asheville and I had a great time in two of them.
Here are some faceted amethyst, a rhodonite drop (the pink one), some crazy lace large stones and some lovely little beads.

I wonder how many of you are rock lovers?
Do any of you make your own jewelry?

I also found some lovely things in local antique shops.
These sweet linens were hand washed and ironed by a 92 years old woman, who makes her own homemade starch! She is known for getting stains out, and for her low prices. She often marks things at $2.00. She reminds me of my own grandmother who at her yard sales would mark most things for a nickle or a dime. I appreciate this woman's linen knowledge and care,
as well as admire her stamina! I hope I can be doing the same at 92!

I also purchased two tea cups....to be shared at Tea Cup Tuesday...

And... vintage fresh water pearls and old buttons as well as some old Ledger Monthly magazines.

 In the afternoon, I did something I had been dreaming of for my entire life...
My hubby and I went out with a real estate agent to look at property in the mountains!

This was one of the farms we looked at.
It has about 30 acres and an old 1917 farm on it.
And when I say that this house was not restorable, believe me!
Oh my! The insides were beyond true description! lol!
There are also several out buildings.
We learned some things during out first outing.
Any advice from you out there who have bought property before?
I was totally in my element out in the mountains!

In the evening we had a lovely romantic dinner at a tapas restaurant where the food was incredible!
Then, late at  night, finally back at the hotel room,
My hubby gave me a piece of Cheesecake and some tea...
He was a real sweetie!

Here I am...a tired and happy.

Then, when I arrived home last night, I had cards and packages to open...
here are some of the thoughtful and kind gifts I received...

Sherry, at Creatology, sent me this very pretty handmade birthday card and
a  gorgeous personal tissue holder she made! The material has a very lovely shimmer to it.
The holder was beautifully sewn into a wax bag. Lovely presentation!
Thank you so much Sherry! I appreciate your heartfelt wishes!

Jan, at A Journey, sent me this lovely handmade card!
What a beautiful tea themed card!

 And....she sent me this very sweet tea cup trio!
Just a peek now, as it will be featured in a tea cup post too : )
Jannie, thank you so much!

I will share a few more next post.

Really, I  was so touched by all your very warm wishes, here on the blog, e-mails,
on Facebook and even snail mail cards and gifts! ...
You all taking the time to say Happy Birthday were all like bright shining stars lighting up my day!


By the way. I found a fabulous giveaway at Fiona & Twig.
They are offering the chance to win two Magnolia Pearl outfits!
I have always loved their clothing.
You can visit it here and also see the incredible post about the Magnolia Pearl Ranch that is now for sale in Texas. It is a one of a kind, unique home!
It is only found out about the giveaway today,
and it ends tomorrow so hop over.
And you can also see the gorgeous images of the spectacular home!

And my favorite giveaway outfit...

Have a fab Friday and weekend!

Monday, March 11, 2013

Tea Cup Tuesday-Antique Shopping for Tea Cups

Hello All!
Welcome to Tea Cup Tuesday!
Today I was lucky to visit a great antique shop.
And I thought I would share with you some of the tea treasures I saw there...
Once again, I used my phone to take these images so I apologize for the fuzzy look.

Beautiful chintz! All shapes of plates, little tea and dessert sets, even this beautiful box.
As I am looking for a tea cup, this one really caught my eye. I adore the pattern.
It is one of those tea cups where the plate is oblong and one can put a dessert.

Isn't this the most gorgeous color! I think this one was the Shelley Melody.
Another very lovely tea cup!
I have it in yellow at home.
So sweet!
Could you image having the entire set?

 Royal Winton, Marion.....such a gorgeous breakfast set! I wish I could have snapped a better image, but it was high above me (I am 5 feet tall...) and I had to hold the camera above my head to get a pic.

Lots of pretty plates....

More gorgeous dishes!

I am sorry I don't remember the name of this pattern,
but I am sure some of you do...
Update: Yes! Maria A. tells it is Coaching Scenes by Johnson Brothers, Thank you Maria!
It really looked lovely all spread out together.
I love this tea cup, but do not collect blue and white. (Just can't collect it all! lol!)
So I will keep looking.....

I spotted this Lefton "Green Heritage" large tea pot.
Beautiful, but not on my list today. 

I did find a tea cup, a real sweetie!
I will share it next week when I am home.
Bryant Antiques is located at 120 Swannonoa River Rd.

Is my 54th birthday.
I am pretty excited about it.
My hubby's gift to me is a couple days in the artsy city of Asheville,
Such a wonderful town to visit for art and antiques and great food! 
Thank you dear hubby for your lovely gift!

Thanks so much for stopping by for a visit. 
I hope you are having a very good week :  )

If you would like to join in with Martha and I in our tea cup fun,
just go and create a post with your tea cup to share and then come back here 
and sign that specific post up below with Linky Tools and we can 
come and visit you!

Friday, March 8, 2013

A Beautiful Day

Hello All!
Today is a beautiful day!
The sun is shining,
The sky is blue,
The earth is warming up a bit....

Emma (on the left) was not feeling well yesterday when I took this picture, 
She has sore ears, a hot spot on her side and a gimpy leg...
 Betsy is sticking close to her sister.
But today, Emma is feeling better! Yay!
She looks much happier today.
Betsy is happy as ever, and ready to play at a moments notice. 
They keep me company all day.
Such sweeties!

So I am thankful the ear medicine is helping,
her soar is not as red looking and her limp is better today.
Boy it is tough getting older. lol!
I am thankful Betsy is well and happy too!

Today I just feel like being thankful and aware of all our blessings.

So I thought I would share my Gratitude thoughts for today....

1. I am so thankful for my family.
My dear husband, and my three children. Boy do they connect me with my joy!

2. I am very grateful for the health that we do have. 

3. I am truly thankful for my husband's  creative job that he enjoys!
....and that he works from home. 

4. I feel such thankfulness for our home. What a blessing to have a home!

5. I am thankful for friendship...many of which I have made right here online with YOU!

6. I am thankful for grocery stores that always have food in them for us to buy,
AND for all the farmers who provide our food.
7. I am really thankful for the sun, the daffodils coming up,
the crocus and the buds on my lilac bush.
The spring rain (snow?) and the lovely breeze.

I am thankful for all you artists, who share your creations and inspirations so selflessly!
I have been so inspired this last week visiting you.

I could go on and on.....

What are you thankful for today?

 (Today's drawing practice.... I love learning!)

Hugs of LOVE,

Monday, March 4, 2013

Tea Cup Tuesday-Tea in the Art Room

Happy Tea Cup Tuesday!
Today I am having tea while I work in my room.
It's a bit messy, but that is inevitable! Lol.
I try to begin my morning with drawing. 
And a cup of warm tea to get comfy with.
Today is full of sun. Which is a lovely change.

I want to thank you all who wrote me encouraging comments
about the drawings I shared.
Thank you so much!
You have no idea how much your kind words help me keep trying.
My tea cup today is a lovely violet cup I found in England a few years back.

The tea cup is a sweetie with beautiful hand painted violets.
I have shared this beautiful thistle teapot before, it is made by Wade.
I just love it too.

The swirl design along with the scalloped gold edge give this cup an elegant and romantic feel.
(mmmm. a nice warm cup of assam!)

It was manufactured by Embassy Ware in Fondeville England.

**************and just for fun**************

Here is the intro to the children's Beatrix Potter DVD series.
My children and I have loved these stories since I first saw them.
My kids are all grown up now, but the recent rains here reminded me of it.
About 2 and a half minutes in she makes herself tea. It is very quaint and comfy.
The blue transferware cup and the silver tea strainer are beautiful.
I hope you like it.
It is a harbinger of Springtime...


Creative Workshops is hosting a new jewelry class of mine.
I am very excited about it!
 I will be mentioning it on and off as we get closer to the opening. 
And I will be hosting a Giveaway to celebrate my 4th Blogging Anniversary in April,
I will give away a free class to a lucky winner!

Soulful Adornments

In this class we create jewelry for your soul! 
Artful, affirming, helpful, and inspirational!
We learn to make our own focal pieces easily and
inexpensively with  this simple soldering technique.
I chose a Mother Mary Image as for these two pieces.
The image on the right is from Graphics Fairy
The other one came from a card in a very old Bible I found.
You can use your own artwork or any other images that speak to your theme and heart. 
 Thank you for coming over to visit!
I so enjoyed seeing your many gorgeous tea cups and tea settings last week!
If you would like to join in just go and post with your tea cup.
Then come back here and link up below.
Martha and I love to come over and visit you!
Keep Martha and her family in your hearts, good thoughts and prayers if you can.

Friday, March 1, 2013

Learning to Draw and a New Class

 (half way done...I think....)

I am enjoying learning to draw in Misty Mawn's amazing class Face to Face. 
This drawing above...(just as I went to take the picture,
I dropped my book and crumpled the page! lol!)
 I am working on her chin, it curves under and with her head tilted just a bit up,
I have to learn to shade to show the shape. 
There is much work yet to be done on her.
I have to tweak her nose over a bit I think, as her mouth is not quite lined up! 
Shading and placement!
That is what I am working on.  

This lady here is in process too...
And like many of my drawings, she has no hair! lol!
I find hair very hard. But I figure, once I understand the face more, 
I will be able to focus on hair. 
I have many drawings of bald ladies! lol!

I must say...the art I see participants doing in Misty's class is totally awesome! 
Misty herself is just such a special soul!  They all inspire me!


What has been taking up most of my time though has been
video taping my new class at Creative Workshops.
It opens April 15th. 
I am excited about it!

Inspiration goodies!

In this class we create jewelry for your soul! 
Artful, affirming, helpful, and inspirational!
We learn to make our own focal pieces easily and
inexpensively with  this simple soldering technique.
I chose a Mother Mary Image as this necklace is about nurturing.
You can use your own artwork or any other images that speak to your theme and heart.

I am in process today of creating another one
with a completely different image and theme.
Next post or two and I will share it with you as well.
Wish me creative luck : )

Hugs and Happy Friday!

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