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Saturday, March 26, 2016

Happy Easter, Happy Spring!

This is the time of year that that I love...
beauty arises from the Earth,
trees burst into bloom,
and the birds sing just about as happily as one could imagine.

Sitting outdoors and sipping a cup of tea
is a lovely way to be present with Spring.

This dear old cup has a feeling of age 
and wear...
Which I love. 
And I don't mind the crack.
It has seen many springs. 

You can't buy or hurry age, or history....it takes time.
It is this that gives the cup a real feeling of value. 

Maybe like me...lol...
I have just turned 57 years old,
(this cup is much older though...)
I have some years behind me and wear and tear.
The years have been full 
and surprisingly not what I expected when I 
looked forward at the age of 20.
I thought I knew exactly what my life would look like.

But I have learned, and one thing I know for sure
is that appreciating the beauty of the Earth,
and of all Earth's inhabitants, brings me joy.  

So this Easter I am appreciating the natural spring
beauty all around me...

and I am appreciating my family and friends.
There is an old saying...
"friends are the flowers in the garden of life"
(I would add my family in with friends)

They certainly are beautiful.

This is the only mark on this cup.  
I have no idea of it's age. 
Do you? lol? 

...wishing each of you of beauty and love... 

Thank you for coming by for tea!


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