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Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Christmas Cards for Family

Today I have been working on cards to give to my family members. I am inspired by many of you out there, whose art I see on your blogs. You are all truly talented! The images are all from PaperWhimsy.

By the way....remember I told you my husband was giving me cupboards and shelves in my art room for Christmas? Well, somehow I did not realize that it meant me cleaning out my entire room!!! I was shocked at how much I had! Half way through the moving and sorting I truly wondered if it was worth it! But, as in all big jobs..."inch by inch it's a cinch and yard by yard its far too hard!" so I inched my way through and finally did move it all. Yeah! And my husband has been doing an amazing job! It has only been a few days and they are half way built! It is going to be fantastic! I will post pics soon. (Did I mention my husband is a dear soul?)

Thank you again for coming by to visit!


Martha's Favorites said...

What a great Christmas gift. I love that your were drinking tea while reading my blog. That was the best think you could have said. That has always been my desire, to have people just sit and enjoy! Have a blessed week. Martha

Unknown said...

Hi Terri...oh wow !!! your cards are wonderful works of art....I am sure your family will love getting these....wonderful work!!!


Marlynn said...

I so love the sewing on your Christmas cards! And, I have never heard the inch by inch quote. I'm copying it right now to put over my computer in my craft room .... I so need to clean it up and out this holiday season. Your husband is a dear, and of course, you are to! blessings,

~*~Patty S said...

Love how you used the PW images! I treated myself to a few new ones recently, they really are THE best!

Happiest of Holidays to you! I am visiting by way of Marylnn's Honeysuckle Breeze :)
Ho Ho Ho

Christy said...

I can't wait to see pictures of your new room. You have to be so excited. The clean out will be worth it. I love the cards you're working on, and I'm sure your family will love them too.

Happy Holidays and fantastic arting!



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