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Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy St. Valentine's Day

What a joy to have a day set aside to celebrate LOVE! It causes me to consider how love has come into my life and how thankful I am to be sharing every day with another. I am conscious of how blessed I am to be sharing my life's path with my dear soulmate. Over the years we have had many hours of enjoyment, laughter, grief, tears, dreams, wonder, failure, Love and so much more.
It is worth every minute of it to share it with my love!

A Poem by George Bruce


and no sound
and no word spoken
and the window pane
grey in dwindling light
and no word spoken
but touch, your touch
upon my hand veined
by the changing years
that gave and took away
yet gave a touch
that took away
the years between
and brought to this grey day
the brightness we had seen
before the years had grown between

To celebrate here on my blog I am hosting a giveaway! As the two posts before have shown, I am giving away a Heart bracelet and today I am adding to it this Romantic bookmark (Image from Paperwhimsy), so once I have picked the winning name for the bracelet I will then pick the winner for the bookmark. I will pick the winning names first thing tomorrow morning. That way, those on the west coast have at least until midnight to comment. Everyone who has commented since Thursday will be entered.

I am having so much fun reading all your posts. I wish I had a bracelet for each and everyone of you! Thank you all for stopping by and celebrating with me!


Alexandra said...

Wonderful card!

Debby said...

Terri, this is gorgeous. Happy Valentine's Day to you sweetie.

Kate said...

What a beautiful bookmark. Every detail is just perfect. Your work is inspiring!

peggy gatto said...


Debbie-Dabble Blog and A Debbie-Dabble Christmas said...

Beautiful things that you have!! Love all of them!

Rhondamum said...

I am so glad that you have such a love in your life Terri! Happy Valentine's Day! xoxo Rhonda...

Chriss Rollins said...

My Goodness Terri I have had a wonderful time cayching up on your beautiful blog your jewellery is soooo romantic the colours are amazing.

I love the new look blog the header is romantic and your colours are soft and easy on the eye.

Love the bookmark too and thanks for popping over leaving your comments as you do.

chriss xx

Christy said...

I have been admiring your bookmarks for some time now...they are lovely, and you add such great details. The winner will be a lucky lady!



Bleudelavande said...

So nice to meet you too!!!! Your blog is fantastic!
I love this Valentine's day post!!!That's great!
See you soon and have a nice week

Ozstuff said...

The first word that comes to mind is ELEGANT, the next is EXQUISITE and the third is EXTRAORDINARY. Terri, your Valentine's Day card is superb.

manon 21 said...

merci de ton passage chez moi ,je découvre ton blog.

bonne journée


Sugar Lump Studios said...

your bookmarks are always a delight and I love this one...so elegant and regal! :)

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