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Friday, May 21, 2010

First French Friday

I am in Paris! We arrived early this morning before many people were out and about, so we were able to begin exploring without crowds. One of the first places we came upon just up the street from our hotel was a florist shop on a corner. All the flowers were lined up looking gorgeous. They are geniously displayed in a plastic bag filled with water and twisted to look almost like a vase. These Hyacinths smelled devine!

Look at these absolutely gorgous colors!

Across the street from the flourist is one of many bakeries. Can you believe these mereinges??? Tomorrrow I am going to eat one of those!

Look at this enchanting alleyway. There is a journal store in there that has some lovely papers. I am going to pick some of those up too. There is also a resturant there I want to try.

This photo below was taken before the crowds filled the streets. Paris really comes alive as the day progresses.

The photo below is where we ate dinner this evening. I had Beef Bourguignon. It was so tender, I had to remember to chew! The wine was fabulous as well. The ambiance was perfect, just a tiny little cafe, with open window, red tablecloths, a breeze and plenty of French being spoken.

We have really enjoyed our first day here. But, we are soooo tired! Tomorrow is a new day and we are heading for the flea markets early in the morning.
Wish us luck!


Marsha @ Tattered Chick said...

How exciting!! Thank you so much for taking us along with you!!! I'm looking forward to "our" trip!!


Anonymous said...

o-la-la.......what beautiful photos! The flowers are just so sweet and that resturant you ate such a yummy dinner looks so romantic! Oh, Terri, your trip is going to be just so memorable and I'm so happy you are sharing it with all of us! I can smell the flowers from here!
Hugs in bunches,

Creative Grammie said...

Oh Terri, I'm so excited and happy for you! Thank you for sharing photos, it just brings back memories of when my husband and I were there.
enjoy yourself and please take more pictures.

Susan Freeman said...

Bon Jour Terr! Or should I say Bon Soir because of the time difference?? How wonderful of you to share your trip for us. The fleuriste has such a beautiful display and the cafe looks so charming. Bentley and I are looking forward to your next post!!

Susan and Bentley

Norma Bennett said...

Have a wonderful time - and thanks for taking such fabulous photos to share - and of course the unashamedly gluttonous Francophiles amongst us (like me!)are waiting for more ;)

Brenda Pruitt said...

Oh, I envy you this! You're going to have so many stories to tell when you get home.

Denise@alloverroses said...

Terri it looks so wonderful there! Have a great time. Can't wait to see more pictures. Thanks for taking us with you!

Marlynn said...

I'm so excited for you! Where are you staying. The flower stand looked exactly like one I photographed while there. Enjoy, enjoy! hugs,

Claudia said...

I am so happy for you...I only wish I was there, too! Have a good night's sleep and can't wait to hear and see more.


Terri Gordon said...

Oh Terri, I am so excited for you, how wonderful. Thank you for sharing your trip with us, your photos look wonderful. The flowers look so beautiful. I really enjoyed reading all about your first day. Have fun at the flea market, boy would I love to go there. Can't wait to see more pictures. Have fun.

Anonymous said...

I'm oh so jealous! I had the wonderful pleasure of going to France 10 years ago with my children. We had so much fun! Have a fabulous time!!! Marcia

Lou said...

Oh Terri what a fabulous post!!! It all looks sooo wonderful! Just like I imagined... so cant wait to see more thru your lens! So pleased you have been able to go and have a wonderful time! That little arcade is just begging for me to wander down and look... lol.. especially if there are gorgeous papers down there!LOL! Oh I cant wait to see what the markets are like.... totally full of fabulous art supplies I expect! Ohhhhhh so wish I was there too!
Have fun!!!!
Love Lou xx

fitty's pinky rose cottage said...

oh Terri.. am so Jealous! love the photos you took and how exciting! I just can' wait to visit Paris.. oh la la!


Julia @ Vintage with Laces said...

Thank you for sharing your wonderful trip with us, Terri! The restaurant looks great and I'm sure the meringue will be very yummy. Have a lot of fun at the flea market and good luck for your treasure hunt.
I now will pretend that the coffee with milk, that I'm having right now, is a French café au lait :-).

Debby said...

WOW!!!! Thanks for sharing your beuatiful photos with us. Have a great time!

Tristan Robin said...

hope you're having a marvelous time!

It's true - early morning is the best time to explore, before the crowds are out. My biggest problem is always remembering where I wanted to go back to once the shops open! LOL

You must make an effort to go to Laduree for macaroons!

And, if you go to Montmartre, be sure to stop by Le Grenier à Pain for the best baguettes in Paris!

Home and Heart said...

Luck you!! Thank you for posting such wonderful images for the rest of us to enjoy!

ShabbyChicShaz said...

Wow, it looks and sounds as if you're having a wonderful time. Enjoy your holiday in Paris, just love the photos of the flowers.

Glenda said...

How wonderful!! Please enjoy each and every moment of your visit!!

Marguerite (Tina) Smith Hart said...

Ahhh, a dream come true! Thanks for the beautiful photos and taking the time to share this, I am right there with ya,:)

Betzie said...

Oh my, I loved seeing your photos and I wish I was there with you!!
Someday!!! Fun seeing your adventures, thanks for sharing!

The Liberty Belle said...

Wishing you a fantastic time in Paris! Be sure to stop in at Laduree while you are there!

Anonymous said...

Oh, it's all so wonderful! Thank you for taking the time to share it with us!!!

Rella said...

So happy you arrived safe and sound and were able to enjoy the streets before the bustle of the crowds. How fun. Enjoy every precious second.

xox Rella

Ginger said...

How wonderful we get to go along with you on your trip. Probably the only way I will ever see Paris (LOL) so thank you from the bottom of my heart. I hope your stay is your dream come true. Keep those pictures coming.
glitter and roses

Elaine A said...

Lucky, Lucky girl! Have a marveous time Teri!

Elaine Allen

Recycled Rita said...

Thanks for sharing your trip to Paris, I just read thru all your posts and really enjoyed it! It is a dream of mine to someday go there and I even jotted down your directions to your favorite flea!

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