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Monday, February 21, 2011

Tea Cup Tuesday!

Hello All!
Tuesday again, and another day for us to ooooh and aaahhhh over tea cups!

Martha and I have been enjoying hosting each week,
where we get to showcase some of our favorite tea cups,
and we get to come and see your beautiful tea cups too!
We are both very thankful for each one of you playing along!

Today I am sharing a cup that is new to me.
I am quite fond of gold filigree on a cup. This cup has plenty,
so I am quite delighted with it.
It is also from one of my favorite companies, Paragon.

What is so special to me about about beautiful cups? Hmmmmm, I think it is the beauty, and maybe that beauty inspires one to pause and consider more beauty. When I pick up a beautiful cup to have tea in, it motivates me to choose a nice tray, and then linen, and a pretty cream and sugar, a lovely spoon, and maybe even a flower in a bud vase.......next thing I know, I am having a beautiful quiet moment to drink in the tea and the beauty all around me.

This cup has a lovely ruffled edge trimmed in gold.

A very simple handle, with a mild thumb rest and spur.

The outside of the cup is simple white with a little gold trim.
It has a pedestal base with a little gold around it as well.

In this closeup of the base inside the cup, we can see the beautiful details in the many flowers.

And here is the backstamp attributing this cup to Paragon.
Paragon was carefree with their backstamps, and often used ones that were not registered. They may have just used what they had transfers for, until they were used up. So it is difficult to have a really firm date for a cup. From what I can find on the internet, this stamp may be from somewhere after 1963.

If you would like to play along, choose a tea cup to share with us and create a post about it. Tell us what you love about it, how you came to have it, who manufactured it (we love to see the backstamp!). Then come back and fill in the Mr. Linky so we can come and see your beautiful tea cups! Remember to click on your own link to test it out, you want to make sure it works so we can find you.
Please do not sign up unless you are showcasing a tea cup. Thank you so much!
I am also joining Lady Katherine today for her tea time!
Hugs to you All!

(Mr. Linky is doing maintenance this week...so??? Also, I am trying out a new linky, if it does not appear to work, please come back and see if it is fixed later)


Natasha in Oz said...

Thanks so much for having me today Terri! It has been a long time since I have joined in with the weekly tea party! I can't wait to go and visit everyone.

Best wishes,

Sandi@ Rose Chintz Cottage said...

Hi Terri,
That is a beautiful teacup! The flowers inside are very pretty! I love how you described it and makes one want to stop and enjoy a cup of tea in a pretty teacup. Thanks for sharing and for having me for tea.


Pamela said...

Beautiful! Would really be special to drink from. I love all things tea.

Ann@A Sentimental Life said...

what a nice suprise you get when you finish your tea! the colors are so pretty. Joining along with you for the 1st time..Thank you!

Marlynn said...

WOW - Terri - I love those flowers inside this adorable stunning tea cup! Do I dare ask how many tea cups do you have? They are all so beautiful. Hugs to you girlfriend! M

{oc cottage} said...

I always love your "handle" shots!

m ^..^

Tara said...

Hi Terri,
I really like your tea cup ... simple on the outside, and bursting with flowers on the inside. I learned something new about Paragon this week. Thanks!

Diann said...

Such a beautiful teacup and saucer! And I so agree about pcking a pretty teacup and then a pretty tray and then next thing you know you have create a beautiful little tea for yourself and it makes the moment so much more special.

xinex said...

What a beautiful desing, Terri. It looks very elegant and I love the set....Christine

Martha's Favorites said...

Hi Terri: I love this cup. All white with flowers, just stunning. You have such a great selection of cups. I think I want them all! (Sorry, coveting again!) Love you, Martha

Victoria said...

I am totally enchanted with this beautiful post!! Gorgeous dreamy romantic..i am dazzled..i love the inside of the cup! I love the handle..very cool shape!! i love it all Terri...thanks for always charming my heart with yoru beautiful tea posts!

my cup of tea said...

So delicate and beautiful! What a special tea-cup!

Marianne C. said...

Terri, what a gorgeous cup! I do like the pattern and the wavy edge of the cup. I am always so attracted to the pretty floral designs and this one is lovely.

I'm getting a head start viewing the delightful teacups.


Createology said...

Hi Terri: I can't believe it is already Tea Cup Tuesday again. This cup is truly beautiful. So delicate and feminine. Happy tea sipping...

debi said...

Terri, your post is so pretty, and I LOVE your tea cup!
I love how it's mostly white and gold, with that beautiful surprise of colorful flowers.

Wendy@Once upon a rose haven said...

Thank you for hosting. This is my first day joining blog's parties.
Thanks for your sweet comment.
Have a blessed week!

Antiques And Teacups said...

A lovely post filled with spring! I love Paragon. The date mark actually identifies the teacup as having been made between 1956-1958 when the mark changed again. The previous mark was used from the coronation of Queen Elizabeth in 1952 until 1956 when it was changed to this mark. Paragon is fun to date because of the Royal Warrants. Cool!

Elaine said...

What a lovely cup Terri, so pretty and as you say such a delight to stop for tea to enjoy a special moment using a cup like this. My teacup this week also has a suprise inside the cup.

Elaine x

Johanna Gehrlein said...

Hi Terri,
Hi Terri,
you show always such lovely cups. This is wonderful. I love the golden decoration and the flowers are very nice. How nice to pause with such a beauty.
Thank you for hosting this sweet event.
Greetings, Johanna

Marjanne said...

Hello Terri, such a nice cup!!

KathyB. said...

This is a beautiful teacup that would go well with just about any table-setting.I have 2 Paragon teacups I am very fond of too. I am still learning about teacups & saucers from you, but I do know the teacups I love are beloved no matter their provenance, and I gather from your posts that is true for you too. ( But a great provenance is always appreciated ! )

♥ Miss Tea said...

I'm full of oooh and aaahs when i look at your teacup, so beautiful in detail, elegant in golds and very lovely! I love the flowers on it! Thanks for sharing and hosting!

Farah said...

Hi Terri...
Again a very feminine touch cup... lovely one... the details on flower is very interesting, and I am sure it will be a pleasant surprise for one when he finished his/her tea... simply beautiful...
Hope you would like to spare a little bit of your time for my new post, it’s something different I hope you will enjoy …

Marguerite (Tina) Smith Hart said...

Oh Terri that is such a lovely cup and saucer!
Sorry it has been awhile since I visited, things have been a little hectic but I do so enjoy stopping by and seeing your beautiful china!
Have a sweet day!
Tina xo

Kelsie from Our Country Home and Studio Photography said...

Hey Terri,
I can see how this pretty cup could inspire a wonderful quiet moment as you discribed...

No time for tea here this week as the garden is calling to me to plant, plant, plant...but this means very soon I can start having tea surrounded by flowers :)

Have a wonderful blessed week

Princesa Nadie said...

Dear Terry your cups are really beautiful always!
You have a fantastic collection and I love watching it
Hugs a week more

Kathy said...

Terri! This is an absolutely gorgeous teacup! Love the filigree detail and the exquisite flowers! So lovely,

Mi Pequeño Atelier said...

Hi, Terry:

I loved so much your beautiful tea cups, like every tuesday I hope to see more details about a new cup, simply I like it!

And the way you describe it is amazing!!!



Jann said...

Oh, this one is definitely worthy of many "Oohs and Ahhs!" Gorgeous, gorgeous cup and saucer, Terri!

Theresa said...

Hi Terri, I thought I would play along this week with tea and cookies. lol I love the close up of the flowers on this beautiful cup!
Honestly you keep topping yourself with your collection. Have a wonderful week. ~Theresa

Pink Roses and Teacups said...

Hello Terri!

So nice to meet you! I don't think I have every seen your lovely blog. Thank you for stopping by, and for your nice comment. I love, love, this pretty teacup! I have to agree, this gold filagree is lovely. Now, I will go and visit more of your pretty blog.


Rella said...

Oh how I love the delicate ruffle of the top of this cup and such a surprise to see the flowers on the bottom. Delicate and gilded...what a beauty. Thank you for sharing this precious piece.

xox Rella

PuteriFauziah said...

Hello, Terri!

Thanks for visiting my blog and you've such a nice blog!

I really love all your teacups. They're all gorgeous!


fitty's pinky rose cottage said...

Dear Terri, another lovely teacup! love the flowers inside! look so cheerful! thanks for sharing and hosting this lovely TT! have a good week!

The Charm of Home said...

Such beautiful teacups! I love the flowers in the fist one. Always a pleasure! Happy Week!

Terri Gordon said...

Hi Terri, I love your Paragon cup and saucer, it is beautiful. I also love Paragon, I love how wide the cups are. I am sorry that I missed Tea Cup Tuesday this week. Have a wonderful week. Hugs, Terri

Martica Designs said...

Hi Terri I awarded you the Stylish Award go take a peek;

Anonymous said...

What a sweet post!
I love that you and Martha host tea cup Tuesday each week! And I will try to make more of a regular habit of joining in on all of the fun once again, like I used to.

This cup is the prettiest thing ever!
I am a huge fan and lover of all things white...and I hope that some day I find one just like this to add to my personal collection of bone china beauties!

Thanks for sharing your sweet sentiments as well, Terri!
We all need to take the time to set out the good china and use it and really make an event out of taking afternoon tea!
It is a soothing ritual!

Have a great night!

Ciao Bella!

Creative Carmelina

Jess said...

I fell in love with your blog I love tea cup and well anthin anitque and vintage. Thank you for the nice commetns on my blag and following me.

Ana said...

Hi Terri,
The more beautiful tea cups I see, the more in love I become. I had never paid much attention, but so many sweet bloggers love them and have shared their love for them it is just hard not to fall in love too. Thank you for sharing. Your tea cup has so much beautiful details...Love the flowers and the gold.

Hugs and Kisses,

CIELO said...

Very pretty! Sure for me please! ;)


Donna said...

Terri, This is a really lovely cup! I adore the pattern and the design. So ornate and delicate. I really love it. And thanks for hosting this great tea party!

Donna @ Comin' Home

Awishdream said...

Terri you always have such lovely teacups....I seem to always forget "Teacup Tuesday"...I'm either to early or very late...but this time I remembered..thanks for sharing your collections!

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