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Saturday, February 4, 2012

What Is So Special About Getting Old?

I am thinking about this question lately and wondering what is my part now that I am "older"?
I have only just begun to think of myself as
In my minds eye I am still about 28 years old!
My bathroom mirror tells a different story (Lol!) that is compelling me to stop for a moment and recognize where I am... and who I am becoming.

I love old things, and always have. I adore all things vintage, and above are just a few items I picked up recently on a little antique market. I appreciate the passage of time that these items show.

Could I see the same value in the wrinkles around my eyes and mouth?  One cannot buy the effects that time takes on books, fabric and paintings. Seeing beautiful crazing on an old tea cup, or the yellowing of a books pages, creates a appreciation within me for these items and their previous owners. 
Could I truly appreciate the effects that time have created in my physical form?

As my mindset shifts with this new stage of life, I am questioning what is truly important to me, what is my deepest wish that I have yet to grant myself, and what place do I have in my world now? Even something as everyday as what clothes to wear bring up new questions for me. So when my friend Sieglinde shared this Youtube link with me about the Artful ladies of NYC, I was thrilled to watch and hear what they had to share about the experience of getting older. Thank you so much Sieglinde!

I thought I might share with you this wonderful trailer for a new documentary "Advanced Style":

I would love to hear what you think...

I have two milestones to celebrate this Feb and March!
Sooooo of course that means I am having a GiveAway!!!
You all know how much I love to have a great giveaway!
I will be posting it this week so keep an eye out, there will be 3 prizes to give away.
Thank you so very much for stopping by!
I hope you are all having a fabulous weekend!



Marfi-topia said...

hi Terri
My daughter loves those ladies!!!
how delightful that you have them on here!
it's not growing old, it's growing more...more wisdom, more love, more talent!
and of course more beauty:)
have a wonderful day.


Princesa Nadie said...

Dear Terry
I love your new header and your last tea cup
I love old things too,they have something special ,an story to tell...
I´ll try to prepare a tea next tuesday

Holly Loves Art said...

Hi Terri!
I watched the video and I LOVE it! Love documentaries so will definitely watch for this one. I have always loved fashion and could see myself being like these ladies so easily! I really liked the woman with the red hair (it was actually orange) and she had the super long false eyelashes on in RED! I want them!!

I'm with you and still feel that I"m in my 20's. It's hard sometimes (most times) to be getting older. I wish I could be like Oprah and embrace it and feel grand but I don't like the wrinkles very much and the body changes are no fun.

BUT we do our best don't we? And I refuse to dress frumpy or wear "mom jeans" so hopefully I not only have a young spirit but a young look as well!

Looking forward to the giveaway. I need to do one too! It's my 6-yr blog anniversary!

Take care,

Anonymous said...

Ah, the age old question.....how to embrace getting older. I like to say 'it's just a number', but the mirror doesn't lie, does it? A few yrs ago I was shocked to see the wrinkles in my face. It was like one day they weren't there and the next POW!
I have no 'sage' wisdom either, Terri. I guess we just should appreciate the days that are good and try to ignore the bad ones.
And I feel like I am 38 most days!
love ya,

Roz said...

I don't necessary like what I see in the mirror, but I would never change the wisdom I've gained for my youth. I finally feel comfortable in my skin ......... as long as I don't look at it.

Heather's Blog-o-rama said...

There's a lot of wisdom and experience that comes with growing older. I've always had older friends, even when I was a teenager :) ) I've always found that older people have a lot to offer and share with me :) :) I'm always loving what you share on your blog here :) :) Oh, and a giveaway? You always host such nice giveaways :) :) Love and hugs from the ocean shores of California, Heather :)

Barbara F. said...

Hi Terri, I feel the same way, in my mind I am 25; my body, however, tells me 95!!! I got a kick out of this video, especially the lady with the big red eyeglasses. xo

Createology said...

FABULOUS! I adore these lovely ladies and their zest for life and being happy with themselves! This is what I aspire to be in my advanced life. I already embrace my age and how I have earned my wrinkles and wisdom. Be brave Terri Dear...it only gets better! Happy Heart Hugs to you...

Lady Linda said...

Dear Terri, isn't it great to have a blog to share you thoughts, hopes, dreams and even fears.
I have many friends who are about 10 years younger that I, so I'm kind of the older friend who helps them as they reach those "special" birthdays. I enjoy being the one to make them stop and thinK, to enjoy their age! Each age brings many gifts and joys! I think learning something new all the time keeps you young and enjoying life.
You have so much to offer to us all Terri...don't worry about the wrinkles, embrace each day.
Love ya,
Your tea friend, Linda

Terri Gordon said...

Hi Terri, I saw these ladies on the today show and they are fabulous! I know exactly what you mean I feel like I am in my 30's but then I look in the mirror and say wow, I am getting older. I think you brought up a wonderful point, I love all things vintage, I guess I am just going to have to start loving myself even with the wrinkles. I went through this a few years ago, when my son's did not seem to need me so much, I thought I was born to be a mother and now what, keeping creative is what really helps me, if I don't create for a few days, I get edgy. Have a wonderful week and thanks for making me think. Oh the lady with the red hair makes her eyelashes herself with her own hair! I think she is 90. She has a wonderful outlook on life. Hugs, Terri

BECKY said...

Oh Terri, I've been going through this, too. I wrote about my recent birthday on my blog (in January). I, too, feel like I'm in my mid-thirties...but the mirror is a beastly creature, isn't it?! I just can't grasp the fact that I'm 59 years old now! Eeeeek! The LAST of my 50s. It just doesn't seem possible. But let's all unite and be like those fabulous ladies in the video...and heck, we are TEENAGERS compared to them! :D

Ana Cristina Caldatto said...

Terri é emocionante sua postagem,
amo vintage também... amo estar envelhecendo e podendo compartilhar momentos assim com outras blogueiras como você...

grata pelo carinho do sua doce postagem!

tenha um lindo dia..
mais um dia em nossa vida!

Dorthe said...

Terri, they are wonderful--
I might not dress just like them, but the idea of doing what you like, in dressing -old or not, I love. When my dear sister 4 years ago died from cancer, I told myself to try "celebrate" every day-and make it colourful. So ever since I have not had many dayes without wearing something colourful -like pink and green striped stockings under my black (under the knie) trousers , lol.
Thankyou for showing this, I am totally with then.... Age shall not difine what to wear and how to think :)
Terri I LOVE your new header, dear.
Happy sunday to you-

Unknown said...

Fabulous Terri. This came to me just at the right time. I spent all day yesterday in hospital after collapsing to the floor trying to get dressed, and Wham! I thought my pelvis was colapsing. Morphine and what ever later and having all the things I want to do and haven't as yet flash before my eyes haha, I am now tucked up in bed reading all my my blog friends posts.
This is truly a "get up out of your bed" call, at least, when I can, and live like no-one matters but ME. I love these women's attitude and for sure it should make us all sit up and take a leaf out of their book. Thanks for sharing Terri and making my day. Hugs Vee xx

Unknown said...

i watched the video and just wish i had the enthusiasim their vision awesome inspirated ladies ..im not as old as those wonderful ladies but what wonderful inspiring ladies they were ..i do love antique and try to do that in my cards most of the time love shabby chic.love old peeps iwork with them i have one lady whos a 100 this year she is amazing..life is individual as we are too so grab it with both hands whilst you can..although ignoring the wrinkles well thats hard.im sure i get a new one every day..they say there laughter lines ...well i cant remember anything ever that funny lol!!!!!!

Dee in N.H. said...

Isn't it just crazy how you suddenly see your self differently in the mirror but still feel so 30ish? I have my 25th anniversary coming up on valentines day and it seems like it went by really quick!

Anonymous said...

Good Morning, Terri. Oh, your thoughts echo my own. I had to chuckle especially when you mentioned clothes. Certainly, there's a cut-off age for some styles or we'd look like cartoons, wouldn't we! lol And I've always thought that less is better as we age...less jewelry, less ruffling, etc. But it's a challenge to still look stylish but how to dress appropriately for our age without becoming dowdy! Especially since 60 is the "new 50"!
Thanks for this post! We're not alone, are we!

XO Diane

Anonymous said...

PS: Just watched the video, Terri. I saw bits of this on TV awhile ago. Absolutely LOVE the lady with the red hair! Wish she were my grandmother!
I wouldn't dress like those ladies, but I admire their courage to just be who they are and their attitude about who cares!
It's a good way to think, just be yourself, wear color, be happy! It's OUR life, not someone else's!

XO, Diane

Susan Roux said...

Amazing clip! Accepting all the changes is part of my problem. Somedays I do it better than others. This clip is inspiring.

Unknown said...

How funny that this is your topic today. For some reason Ive been thinking about age a lot lately and wondering how on earth I became 52 years old! Inside and creatively I feel about 30, I look in the mirror and I'm starting to see my greandmother! Which is not a bad deal really, she was a pistol and would have loved the ladies on the video.

As they say in Steel Magnolias, what separates us from the animals is our ability to accessorize.

Wanda said...

The video of the ladies was AWESOME I love that they look good to themselves, and others.And the one lady is right every young girl will get older, as we all do everyday. I like all of my years and there are many of them. As for style I have always had my own, and try to be true to my age. Look good as I can but not look like I am trying to be 18 again. We are who we are and I have found beauty is also from within and a loving person is usually beautiful.TTFN

Becky Voth said...

Thanks so much for sharing that video! Only in NY!! It's wonderful! I too look in the mirror lately & wonder "who is that old-lady?" and I am only 42 (next month!)
:D Becky

Frieda Oxenham said...

Isn't it strange how we become strangers to ourselves when we grow more advanced in age, even though our minds are as young as they ever were! Perhaps we should merely consider ourselves matured and thus better than we used to be!

Linda M. said...

Hi Terri, Thanks for sharing the video I really enjoyed listening to the ladies. A few were dressed a bit over the top for my tastes. When I went through chemo and lost all my hair I changed how I dressed and the amount of makeup and jewelry I wore changed too. I got as glammed up as I could to make up for the bald head. I didn't like wigs so I wore hats and scarves. People told me they loved how great I looked. My hair grew back. But I didn't go back to dying it red. I kept the color that grew back and I now sport a short spiky doo. I'm looking forward to you announcing your milestones and give aways. Hugs, Linda

Christine LeFever said...

A wonderful clip that you shared with us. I think the older women who enjoy dressing in an artistic manner are wonderful. Every aspect of one's life can be done artistically. As the one older woman said to younger ones, "you will get old, so don't worry about it" I would like to add, you will get old, if you're lucky, so don't worry, and enjoy!

OmaLindasOldeBaggsandStuftShirts said...

oh Terry, this was delightful. I have recently awakened. I must have been asleep for the past decade. I appreciate the attitude of the "ladies" in the video and am reclaiming who I am and embracing it. I still get scared when the old lady shows up in the mirror in the morning though. tee hee. "we are all getting better". Oma Linda

Denice Metz said...

the video was great. I think like I'm 30, but people think I'm crazy,I don't care I love it
Thanks for posting this

Dawn said...

being 50 in a few weeks time doesn't seem QUITE as bad now, weren't they Fab! Wish they were my friends, bet they have a scream! X

Jann said...

Oh, Terri, this post could have been written about me! I am anxious to view the video--thank you in advance for sharing it with everyone!

Marjanne said...

My father, 8O years ran 8km today, I have the example of my parents, the are old, but stil active and interested in everything, happy to live and to share... they are lucky to have a good health and to be together... what more can you wish, I would love to grow old like that.
I am exited about your give away!!

land of ahz said...

oh terri, been reading all the comments and feeling not so alone. i cant seem to live for me and i need to i just dont know how. it makes me feel selfish but marching to the beat of everyone else's drum makes me crazy. i am so glad you posted your thoughts and the video clip. i ask myself why cant i be more like that. i am going to try, i promise! you have given me new hope that i can enjoy life before its all over. and i still feel like i am 18 some days of course my wicked arthritis lets me know i am not. love you and your fabulous cretivity thank you! hugs candy

Holly M said...

I love this remarkable little trailer, and I can't wait to see the full film. No sugar coating here, I am growing old. But I love it. I wouldn't go back for anything!

Marlynn said...

My big 65 is in a few days - I didn't start thinking about "old" until probably around 63. I know what you mean when you say - my mind's eye is still at 28 or 30. I have never seen that video you showed and it made me smile really big - loved it. I love the look of your blog - sorry I have been away... Can't wait to see you and Jan real soon the way the month is already flying! Hugs.

Linda said...

love the video! kind of tired of the old applied to people. what is so special about getting old?-the alternative.

Ann said...

i figure..if i am able to get up very morning..face the day..make it through the day with 1)learning something new and 2)not hurting anyone and 3) making a difference,however small..then whatever i put on that morning will work out great!!!
i am 57..my brain feels like a teenager..yet i wouldn't go back to my teens for anything! I like me now...wrinkles,droopy butt and all!!! ... my husband still tells me i'm beautiful.

Micupoftea said...

I used to worry about my appearance (as a teen & 20's) to the point I made myself miserable. Now, I still make an effort to groom myself and dress well, but I do not stress if everything is not 'perfect'.....getting older has given me perspective. Wish I could go back and tell the younger me to relax and just enjoy my tight smooth skin and trim waistline!! lol~ I don't care now if I have a bad hair day...if somebody doesn't like it, oh well!

Such a Wondrous Place this Faery Space said...

You are fabulous, creative, and a joy!!!! Your life is affirmation that it is sooo good! I am affirming that yes, getting old is a gift! Thank goodness for you! Blessings.

Werna Gail said...

Each and every day is a gift from God, and His mercy is new every morning. At the young age of 68 my hearts desire is to learn to grow in grace and be a blessing. I enjoyed watching the video.

Donna Heber said...

Hi Terri,

Your new blog design is wonderful. Karen is so talented, isn't she? I look forward to seeing you for Valentine's Day tea.

Linda Vincent said...

What a fab clip Terri...it definitely made me feel better about the fact that 6-oh is only a few months away for me.
Maybe I will dye my hair..... :-)

Anonymous said...

I think these women are SMART!
They are savoring the MOMENT....they don't live in the past or in the future. They are what they are and they are enjoying WHERE they are....if we all could be so SMART and live as they do!

Thank you so much for sharing this...most inspiring!! Barb

Charlotte said...

I came back to watch the video! Too cute!! I think those ladies are wonderful for not letting their age get in the way of dressing the way they like. I have found myself asking my husband "does this look too young on me?" What a silly question...and how is he supposed to answer it? (He better not:)

Pandora said...

Great video Terri~thanks so much for sharing! I loved the comment that you lie about your age until you are 80 and then you brag! It is so true, my mom is turning 80 next month and there is a lot of bragging going on!

Victoria said...

Yay..that was so beautful..what gorgeous souls and beautiful ladies..i love that 90 year old red haired woman with all the color..she is magniifcent!My Nana( no gone) was a magnificent colorful lady always dressed up and i love it!
I think freedom is the key..and feeling free..and blissful in whatever you wear as creative expression!

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