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Monday, March 19, 2012

Tea Cup Tuesday-Sweet Gift!

Hello All!
Happy Spring!
The cherry tree in our back yard has broken into joyous bloom this week! 
The fragrance is divine!

Welcome to Tea Cup Tuesday, where Martha and I get all sentimental about china! 
Especially tea cups!

I have taken my images out of doors this week, just because the weather was gorgeous yesterday.
Today we were lucky to have a thunderstorm. So I am very glad I took these pictures then and not today!

This cup is new to me as of this past week.
Tara and I exchanged tea packages. This is the lovely cup that she has sent me!
She also sent along some home made jams, some teas, a vintage set of salt and pepper shaped like a tea pot, and a beautiful card. I feel so lucky : )

The lovely bouquet of flowers here reminds me of fall, yet the pink of the blossoms makes it look like spring too! So I am thrilled to use it now on this first day of a new season. I think I shall have a cup of Chamomile tea. Mmmmm....one of my favorite teas!

Here we see a simple but sweet handle, no gilding or any decoration.
The plate and cup edge though does sport a nice gold trim.

On the backside, there is a smaller spray of pretty flowers.
You can see the wavy gold trim rim well in this image.

This is a very sweet vintage cup. And I really love it. I also love that it is the first cup I have that says Made in England, yet has no company logo on it. Unusual to me....is it to you too? Or does this happen more often than I have experience with?   
You can see a little brown mark that looks like a 3 lying on it's back. 
This could be the artist's mark. The brown four digit number is the pattern.
But so odd that they didn't bother with a maker. 
Maybe it was one of those cups made for another company and that company puts it's mark on it when it arrives from the manufacturer. What do you think?

Now here on the plate there is another story... see the faint brown six at the top? That is an artist mark I believe and it is different than the cups. The cup was made by one person and the plate by another. They may not have been made anywhere near the same time either. I just love anomalies!
The only thing I know for sure is that it was made in England.

Tara, thank you so much for your lovely gift!

Spring is a time of rebirth, of new growth and of fresh starts. 
What an optimistic season it is!

Thank you so much for stopping by for a visit.
If you would like to join in Tea Cup Tuesday just create a post with a tea cup you would love to share and then come back here and link that specific post with Linky Tools below. 
Martha and I look forward to visiting you!

I am still soldering away...ordered more supplies, trying different solders and fluxes. 
I promise to show you some in my next post!
Wish me luck!



Sandi McLean said...

What a pretty post Terri! Lots of buds and early flowers here too but it is way too cold still. Happy soldering!

MomWaldsPlace said...

I so miss our cherry tree. The blossoms on your teacup will last forever. Happy Spring!

Antiques And Teacups said...

Your flowers are way ahead of ours! My daffs & tulips are just a few inches of green yet. The teacup is so pretty. The teacup was probably a commission for another potter, and occasionally potters would share facilities and some didn't have well known names. You do see them sometimes. Have a great day!


What a beautiful post Terri honey! How lovely your flowers are, along with such a pretty teacup. Who cares, your teacup is a treasure, I don't know much about names on the porcelain, I just like them and that's it... lol! Thanks pretty lady for your lovely visit. Have a super week.

Rella said...

xox Sending love and light dear friend. Love your beautiful post as always.....the flowers bring back sweet memories of home. xo Rella

Martha's Favorites said...

Hi Terri: So glad you are home. Love the beautiful you cup you shared today. Thank you for keeping me in your prayers. I sure could use them. Hugs, Martha

Marjanne said...

I am in the south of France for the moment and the weather is beautiful! High in the mountais it is stil freezing the noghts but during the day you can simply wear a t shirt. I love this season! And your teacup!!

Maria Andrade said...

What a lovely tea post welcoming Spring!
Those cherry blooms are beautiful, they are a bit late in my garden this year.
The tea cup is a beauty, too, but I don't know the reason why it has no maker's mark. Ruth's explanation seems right to me, though.
I'm sorry, but something happened with my entry and the picture doesn't show up. I've already tried to repeat it but Linky Tools doesn't allow it. Do you know what I can do?
Thanks for sharing

♥ Miss Tea said...

oh my, what a beautiful teacup! i agree that the lovely pink blossoms is like spring but the leaves bouquet reminds me of fall, what a special teacup and beautiful too!Thank you for sharing and hosting teacup tuesday!

Happy soldering hehe


Zinnia said...

To enjoy the cherry blossoms in its own backyard. Such a wonderful happiness. It is snowing today with me. Therefore, it feels extra good to see your pictures. Very cute teacup that your friend sent from England. I wish you a wonderful day! Zinnia

Sandi@ Rose Chintz Cottage said...

Terri, your cherry blossoms are gorgeous and I can just imagine their scent! Love the daffodils too. Your new cup is very pretty and a treasure. Thanks for sharing with us and Happy Spring!

Blessings & hugs,

Unknown said...

This is one stunning cup and so nice it came from another tea lover. Your flower buds are lovely too. Have a great week.

Brenda said...

I love the beautiful cherry blossoms and the beautiful gifted cup. Your photos are magnificent! Thanks for hosting today's tea.

momto8 said...

soo beautiful! what a delightful way to celebrate the start of a season!!
i am your newest follower..pls follow back if you can.

highheeledlife said...

Terri, what a blessing to have such loveliness to celebrate the beginning of spring! The photos of your cherry blossoms are breathe taking.

Your teacup is lovely, that it was a gift from a friend priceless!! Happy Spring Time Tea, xo HHL

Deb said...

What a pretty tea-cup and gift. If there is anything we in Canada need right now is to see flowers. Happy Spring. Hugs, Deb

Marianne C. said...

Sweet pretty cup, Terri. Yes, the colors give it that Fall/Spring air about it.

We're having a delightful thunderstorm here, too.

Your cherry blossoms are so beautiful. I've never been around real ones. I imagine they do have a lovely scent.

Looking forward to seeing your soldering projects.


Johanna Gehrlein said...

Hi Terri,
oh my, this cherry blossoms are so delicate and beautiful. I love this photo. Your tea cup is a tresure, too. I think, the colors and materials are so shiny, when you take photos outside. It is a completely different light. It brightens the soul, too.
Best greetings, Johanna

Victoria said...

Wow..such a super beautiful post! gorgeous daffs!! lovely setting...very inspiring..and dazzling tea cup of course!

Anonymous said...

Happy Spring, milady! I posted early this morning and linked in - and am only now getting to visit as I had to rush about to be ready for a tea party this morning. Photographed it and will show and tell all about it next week!

Great to start the season off with beauty and a cup of tea . . . lovelies in your garden and on your table today!


The Charm of Home said...

Hi Terri!
Your teacup is lovely! it is perfect for spring. Thanks for hosting!

Princesa Nadie said...

Dear Terry
I wish you a very happy Spring showing your charming tea cups every week

Cinderella Moments said...

That cup is very cottage cute! Lovely!

Becky said...

Terri...oh you are making me want springtime so much! Love your beautiful photos!

Debbie-Dabble Blog and A Debbie-Dabble Christmas said...

Such a beautiful tea cup and perfect for the start of Spring!!
Thanks so much for hosting!!


Suz said...

That was lovely, Terri! I enjoyed the post a lot and your cup is so beautiful!

Linda Vincent said...

Delightful photos Terri - so cheerful! We have just bought an ornamental cherry tree for our garden (a joint anniversary present ;-)

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