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Wednesday, April 11, 2012

More Charms

I thought I would share with you how my soldering experience is coming along. 
I took Sally Jean's course at Art and Soul last March, and I also signed up for her online class as a refresher. I have also signed up for Terri Brush's soldering classes. All of these have been helpful.

But I find nothing helps as much as hands on practice!
These past three weeks I have had a chance to practice most days. I can see a definite improvement from my very first charms, which is good, because other wise I would loose heart! Lol!

This house shaped charm (the taping is tricky)  is the most recent thing I have done.
I find that I am very interested in the art work to go in the charm,
and I have been playing with watercolors and enjoying that very much. 

I have learned some things already about taping, about burnishing, cleaning, temperatures....so many things, and each of them really make a difference to the outcome.
My favorite flux is a gel named "Classic 100" and Silvergleem is my favorite solder.
Now if I can just get my hands to hold steady! : )
 So I am having fun while I wait for my "style" to reveal itself..lol!

Now about that Downton Abbey ATC Swap.....

(water colored background, tissue paper transfer of castle, vintage flower on her sweet hat!)

So far we have participating.....April 12th last day to sign up....

I am so excited about this swap, I am going to show off every one's ATCs on my blog, it should be a hoot!

Ladies, please confirm my e-mailing me at nliten@usa.net and I will e-mail you back my address.
And if you can, when you send me your ATCs, could you send along a dollar to help with shipping?

And thank you all for stopping by for a visit.


Createology said...

Hi Terri...your soldered house charm is looking wonderful. Yes, practice is the best way to improve and learn. I know because I have not practiced my torch work at all and now am not even sure I would know how to begin. I learn best with hands on in a small class grouping. Your little art pieces are beautiful to capture in your charms. Blissful creating dear...

Michele M./ Finch Rest said...

Terry, that's beautiful. You are doing such fine work, just love it!!

Unknown said...

Gorgeous charms! Looks like you're doing a great job learning to solder.

:) Kathy

Anonymous said...

OOOOOO, your charms are so pretty and using that beautiful geode as a backdrop was perfect! They are simply CHARMING. Like you.

YES, Downton Abbey ATC's ! I am so happy to be a part of this group and now will be working on my creations. It'll be hard to top your creations, Terri. They are so beautiful!


Anne said...

Beautiful! You have a lovely blog, and I'm a new follower!
Anne ♥♥

Sandi McLean said...

Your charms look terrific! Isn't there always something new and wonderous to try!

sharon said...

Your charms, with original artwork no less, are just beautiful! They look great!
Your atc's also, just fabulous Terri!

Shortbread and Ginger said...

Love the house charm - gorgeous. Downton ATC is fab!
Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger

Marjanne said...

this looks adorable! I lovze it!
Is the translater not working only on my blog? or is it generally on all blogs you visit? I will try to sort it out. Hugs from sunny Paris!

Valerie-Jael said...

Well done on those soldered charms, I know how hard it is to get things looking so good! Have fun with your ATC swap! Valerie

Lady Linda said...

Hi Terri...I love your charm...I really love that type of charm and have ordered several from Etsy people.Love to wear a bunch on a chain. You are so talented.
Your ATC swap looks so fun. I'm not sure I'm ready to join a swap but your topic is perfect.

Christine LeFever said...

Your soldering is amazing and surely puts mine to shame. I had no idea Sally Jean had an online class! I will have to scope it, and I thank you for alerting me to it.

The ATC's are wonderful, and here I thought we had only until today to get ours in, but now I see today is the deadline to sign up? Actually, I just don't get it even yet. It's my duo personalities.

Anyway, all wonderful here at Artful Affirmations.

Maminka Girl - Loribeth Robare said...

good job with your soldering Terri! I have enjoyed taking Terri Brush's workshops too. Such a small world. Loribeth

judith@poppy cottage said...

Terri, I see that today is the deadline to sign up for the ATC swap. Elaine told me about it. I am a huge Downton fan, so I'd lik to join in if I may. Judith xx

Victoria said...

Wow...do beautifull...I love all of your creations Terri..and yay..i am so happy your soldering experiences are coming along..wonderful!! keep up the beautiful work...so very gorgeous and full od light and spirit and magic!!(PS:Love the amethyst!)
HUgs! I love yours DA swap..very cool! I look forward to seeing upcoming posts and the creations..wonderful!

Linda Kunsman said...

If I knew the Downton Abbey series you bet I'd sign up Terri! Love your soldered piece-it's something I have wanted to try but just haven't had the courage or inspiration to jump into.

Lucille said...

Hi Terry! You're so right when you say that practice makes perfect. It's like me with my miniatures. I'm building a cast-iron single bed for my dollhouse at the moment. And, I have learned so much from my mistakes. If we don't make mistakes, we don't learn. Your tag for the swap is so lovely and I like what you wrote on it.

Dorthe said...

Your little house is wonderful dear Terri, I love the watercolour inside, and the soldering looks so beautiful. Also love the "poor girl"s ATC - for Downton Abbey- lets hope they find each other in the end......

Rella said...

I am just about to pop in the very first video..........I can't wait!!

Your soldering work is wonderful..I am so excited for you in the venture...I shall be watching and cheering you on with each piece!

Sending love and joy xox Rella

Linda Kunsman said...

Love your sweet house charm Terri! One day I'll give it a try.....:)

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