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Monday, June 11, 2012

Tea Cup Tuesday-Coalport

(Image taken from "An Illustrated Encyclopedia of British Pottery and Porcelain")


Hello All!
Welcome to Tea Cup Tuesday!
Today  I am sharing about one of my favorite make of china....Coalport.

This vibrant floral cup is a beautiful example of Coalports quality.
I received this trio from Martha in our
Easter Basket Tea Cup swap!
Lucky me!

Wonderful design, love the mix of ruffled edges and plain!
This is a truly dainty and feminine set.
Perfect for afternoon tea in the garden.

Here is another gorgeous example given to me by my
younger sister. 
I adore the handle and the scalloped footing.

See what I mean???

 And this incredible art work in stunning blue!
Coalport cups feel so good in the hand and this one is light as a feather.

Here is the backstamp for the blue and white cup.

This portion of a page from Geoffrey A. Godden's book Encyclopedia of British Pottery and Porcelain Marks indicates this cup was manufactured after 1920 but before 1939.

1796-1815 Pottery from Coalport's was not marked, but from 1805-1810 they began to use the simple backstamp of "Coalbrookdale" alone, these were very rare. From then on Coalport's backstamps went from simple letters, to very fancy designs. They even had some that were imitations of Meissen!
Being a company that began with John Rose in the late 1700s, and endured as long as it did with great quality, it is no wonder I find this cup very satisfying : )

 Thank you so much for stopping by! 
If you would like to play along, just create a post with a tea cup in it you would like to share, then come back here and sign up with Linky tools below.
I am truly enjoying visiting you all and seeing your tea cups, and hearing about your life.
(To see a post about my visit to the Victorian era Gladstone Pottery Museum in Stoke on Trent England....in which you can see the bottle kilns as in the engraved image at the top of this post..... go HERE)


Donna@Conghaile Cottage said...

They are BEAUTIFUL Terri! I especially LOVE the second one with the birds. I have NEVER seen anything like that one. Don't you just LOVE finding info and reading about the factories that made our wonderful china?
Thank you for sharing and Co-hosting all our fun every week.
Big Hugs,

Maria Andrade said...

Hi Terri
You share two gorgeous Coalport cups this week! You were lucky to be offered such beauties!
I loved seeing that old print and reading about Coalport, a special name in the history of English china manufacture that I also very much appreciate.
Thanks for hosting.

Zinnia said...

I was instantly in love with your two Coalport cups. I can not choose who I like most. Interesting to read about the company. I wish you a great week! Zinnia

Charlotte said...

Both teacups are gorgeous! Thank you for sharing the information on Coalport teacups...I like learning the history.

Unknown said...

Terri, I am just drooling over these beautiful Coalport teacups. I so love the distintive blue and white.Thank you for sharing all the fabulous info. Have a lovely week! x

Clara said...

Hi Terri! I love both of your teacups. I don't have a Coalport teacup but now I will be on the lookout for one.

Sandi@ Rose Chintz Cottage said...

Hi Terri,
I love your teacups, especially the blue one! I have had my eye on a red one exactly like it for quite some time but they are asking seventy dollars for it and I refuse to pay that. Lovely teacups you received as gifts. I always enjoy the history of them too. Hope you have a delightful day.


Lucille said...

I think both cups are outstanding. The first one has a bit of orange in it which looks striking among the other colours and the second one with its birds is just so pretty! I always love to read your description of the cups you show us.

Linda Kunsman said...

such beautiful teacups Terri- I really love the first one with its delicate painted flowers-gorgeous!

Faith Hope and Cherrytea said...

very lovely teacups and the set! having been to the same pottery in Stoke I always appreciate seeing your mention :) and the historical details.. have a great TeaTime !

Victoria said...

Hi Terri..more gorgeouness.your photography is pure awesomeness too...i love them both..the first is so cheerful and makes me happy!! and the second from your sis..how sweet..it is truly stunning..wonderful blues!! It is so special when you receive cups from loved ones isn't it!!
Wishing you a happy day full of bliss

Linda M. said...

Hi Terri, They are beautiful cups! Thank you so much for sharing and educating us about these tea cups. I know what to look for better because of you. Have a wonderful week. Hugs, Linda

Trish said...

Oh dear Terri I have a delightful cupboard full of tea cups I have collected over the years.. so wish you were near I would give them all a good home..LOL

Lynn-Teacupstitches said...

Beautiful teacups as always Terri!
I so admire your collections, photographic talents and knowledge of teacups!!
Enjoy a terrific teacup tuesday!!
Smiles, Lynn

Dorthe said...

Oh Terri, the blue one is SOOOO beautiful, I totally love that strong blue ,and the fantastic painted pattern-and the more romantic forst one, is adorable too,
Thankyou for showing dear.

Johanna Gehrlein said...

Hi Terri,
how sweet from Martha to chose this beautiful tea cup for the swap. I guess, she knows how to make you a special fun. Both cups are really beautiful and dainty. Thank you for sharing your treasures and the wonderful informations. ANd for hosting this sweet event.
Best greetings, Johanna

Linda said...

I so look forward to Tuesday evening when I can spend some time in blogland looking at the lovely cups. Thank you for igniting a new passion in my life. Hugs Linda H x

Tazas y Cuentos said...

Hello Terri! I really love your teacups! They are very beautiful.
I'm very happy joining your fantastic party. I'll visit other teacups.
Thank you for hosting!
Besos from Argentina. Silvina.

Anonymous said...

Hi Terri! I look so forward to your teatime posts each week! Your artistic eye and the quality of your photos and your educated understanding of all things teacup assure me of a blessed visit. You find the most beautiful pieces and I love how you present them - I want to find one of these teacup pottery books and educate myself! You inspire me regularly!

Cinderella Moments said...

For some reason the first cup reminds me of August. It's very pretty. The blue and white is just classic gorgeousness. You must have such a huge collection. It's really a great one!

Zaa said...

Hi Terri ...
Gorgeous Coalport... I love the vintage prints in contrast to the glistening white porcelain ... It would be very hard indeed to choose which cup to sip from
( ha ha)..Thanks for sharing the history too!!! ..Hugs

Micupoftea said...

THANKS for hosting, Terri. I really like the scallop saucer of the first cup..wow! They are both lovely. It is always fascinating to me to read about the who/what/where of the cups. Have a great week~

Kathy said...

Hello Terri, these are exquisite - loe the colors and the patterns - I am so enjoying learning about these beautiful teacups!~

sharon said...

I adore the blue and the bird....sigh. You are so knowledgeable on the teacups, and your collection is amazing and gorgeous...it inspires me artistically!

CEO Lisa Anne - L.A said...

Hi Terri,
Thanks for sharing your information on your Coalport teacups. Your teacups are beautiful...so elegant! Have a wonderful week.

Anne Payne said...

Not only do I love seeing the photos of such magnificent teacups and china when I hop around to all the participants blogs, but I especially love the tidbits of history that some of you include! Fascinating!!! Your teacups are beyond gorgeous :)

Deb said...

What beautiful pieces of art. I mostly love the blue and white. Deb

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