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Friday, October 26, 2012

Lizzy Borden Necklace!-Creepy Alert!

It is getting close to Halloween!
 I love this night!
I can eat all the chocolate I want and no ones looks at me funny : )
I have a dear and talented friend....Marlynn
And she loves Halloween and creepy....
She is helping me embrace creepy!

Last year I made her Skeleton earrings...
but this year, I thought I would put more effort into it,
and I created a special necklace just for her.

This is the Lizzy Borden Bed and Breakfast where my friend's passion for all things creepy took her.
She loved it! So I thought a necklace of this theme might be fab!
Most of you have heard of Lizzy? 
She was accused and acquitted of murdering her parents with a hatchet in 1893
I don't think I could have gone along to this B&B...I am too chicken!

Do you remember the rhyme..
"Lizzy Borden took an axe 
and gave her mother forty wacks
and when she'd seen what she had done,
She gave her father forty one!"

 (a beginning collection of soldered pieces about Lizzy as well as other possible pieces)

I had done quite a bit of research before hand,

 I learned that the children's rhyme about the murders was not accurate...
There were 29 ish wacks (I am sure it was hard to count accurately...eeeewwwwwhhhh!)
The murder weapon was a hatchet, not an axe (they only found the axe head, the handle had been broken off, presumably from the force of the blows! Eeeuuuwwwwwh again!)
I learned things I never wanted to know about! Lol!

Each piece of the necklace tells part of the story....
and the key that hangs from Lizzy's portrait hold a message...

A photo I took before it was done to "see" how it was coming along.
I find it really helpful to look at my creations through the camera and photo.
In this image I haven't finished putting patina on all the wire just yet.
I also added a little to the length.

I loved soldering all the charms, and wrapping all the beads.

A charm "B" for Borden, "L" is on the back.

She had been wearing a blue dress with a black diamond on it the day of the incident.

The printed charm to the left is a newspaper clipping about her being caught shoplifting,
nine years after the murders in 1904. Which I found to be very odd.

There is a little Gothic cross to symbolize one reason she was considered innocent...they really just could not believe a woman, let along a Christian woman as she was, would commit murder....and such a brutal act! They insisted only a man would use a hatchet!
You can't see in this image, but I have stamped on the key "Sister" as I think the sister was holding the key to what had happened. Just a impression I got from reading the history.

There is also a charm that holds an image of the all male jury,
and one with a hatchet head I created.
One charm is a handwritten message...it is part of the missing evidence..
...as well as a "Missing Evidence" charm that I really enjoyed creating as it is an odd shape, as is the date charm 1893.

I burnt a piece of blue dress material in my fireplace and wrapped the necklace
in it to send to my friend...why?
Because Lizzy had been seen burning her blue dress that day.
I thought it might be an extra creepy touch,
and the more I read about Lizzy, the creepier I felt!

Are you creating with a Halloween theme?
Thank you so much for visiting!



debi said...

Terri, this is wonderfully creative! And the necklace is beautiful, your work is just amazing! I'm sure your friend loved it.

froebelsternchen said...

Oh wow ..such a wonderful piece! ADORABLE!

newfiecrafter(Marilyn) said...

Wow what a story and what a beautiful necklace . Sure your friend will appreciate it . Thanbks for sharing

Unknown said...

wow what a fab story all such spooky stuff brings a chill in the air..floating remnents of burning satin amongst smouldering coals..a sense of knowing and not knowing the truth.a night full of secrets ...and what a beautiful yet so thoughtful to make this for your friend she is blessed by havng you as her friend....hugs sassyxxx

Snap said...

Wow, Terri! Creepy for sure. Great necklace. I bet your friends loves it. Well done!

JoAnne said...

Marlynn is going to LOVE this necklace Terri! I'd say you've embraced creepy quite nicely.

The Junque Seeker said...

That is an amazing - tho' certainly creepy - gift! You put so much thought and effort into it, and I have no doubt your friend absolutely loves it!

Susan said...

That necklace is fabulous! What a great gift you made for your friend!

Linda at French Hollow said...

What a thoughtful and artistic gift! I love your creativity!


Clara said...

You did a great job on the necklace Terri. Your friend's going to love it. That story always creeps me out. I saw a ghost hunters TV show just recently on Lizzy Borden and the Bed and Breakfast. Even though I've been in homes where people have died and been killed, I could never go in that house.

Unknown said...

OMG Terri this is amazing!!!! Wish I had a friend who would make me one of these ;-) hehe

Lucille said...

Thank you so much, Terri, for all this interesting information. I had no idea the house had been turned into a bed and breakfast! I would not be comfortable sleeping there. The necklace is very well done. So much thought has gone into it. I'm sure your friend must have just loved it since she likes that sort of thing. It is a fascinating piece to say the least. Very well done!

Lady Linda said...

Creeped out but fascinated. You do such great work Terri.

Createology said...

Terri Dear this is an amazing piece of art you have created. The history has really helped tell the story in your details of soldered charms and beads and skulls. The story and hideous crimes I abhor...Your uber creative necklace I love! Your friend will be enchanted and creeped out! Happy Haunting Halloween Dear...

sharon said...

This is soooo incredible terri, and amazing work of art, so special and meaningful for your friend. You poured yourself into this, and it shows....it is FANTASTIC! Love it!! Creepy cool!

Dorthe said...

what a mad woman??? what a story, told with that most fantastic necklace. I LOVE it, and all you put into it from the story about Lizzy!
You did the most fabolous work of art and history, dear Terri-and Marlynn an truly a lucky gal !

iReneM said...

Oh my!! This is wonderful - creepy, yes, but a truly amazing piece of work so beautifully made.
Your friend will treasure this for sure

Marjanne said...

o WOOOW Terri!! this is creeeeepy!! Ilove it, I am going ti look up the story of this.... creepy lady

Maminka Girl - Loribeth Robare said...

I saw this on FB but had to comment again...just love the necklace and all the research you put into it. What a unique gift! Happy Halloween to you..XXOO Loribeth

Art From The heart said...

Hi Terri,
Thanks for stopping by to see my spool angel.
Now I've discovered your beautiful blog and am a new follower.
The necklace is amazing,so much detail and research put into this makes it a treasure.
Hugs, Amy Jo

Matilde said...

Terri, this necklace is absolutely amazing!

Victoria said...

Hi Terri..fabulous creation..your soldered pieces are wonderful..the whole necklace is intriguing and powerful! Fantastical..and indeed very very creepy!Love the key.. Wishing you the festive spirit of the season.

Linda M. said...

Wow Terri, Your gift is amazing. So thoughtful and detailed. Gorgeous. Joyous Wishes, Linda

Crazy for Tea Time said...


Your creations are always so fun and imaginative, and the craftsmanship is top notch. You really outdid yourself with this Lizzy necklace. Your friend is going to go bonkers when she sees it! Happy Halloween! --Lucinda

Anonymous said...

Marlynn is a lucky woman. You did an outstanding job of researching Lizzie and making this necklace a work of art! The details are amazing and your created something so special.

It's creepy for sure....:)

Carmen said...

Wow! That is really creepy yet so creative. I really enjoyed the tour of your art - very creative. Thank you so much and Happy Halloween! :-)


Christine LeFever said...

You got so thoroughly absorbed in this story to where it sounds almost like homework!

You did a great job and I have to commend you, sweet one. The necklace is amazing!

Rhonda Roo said...

WOW. Of course I've heard of Lizzie Borden, and the nursery rhyme, but how cool of you to research it in such depth to make wearable art and history! Very commendable-we want our creepy murderess necklace to be accurate! :D

Thank you for sharing!
Boo to you from Roo~

Ann said...

words fail me!
your friend is a very lucky person!!
i adore creepy and you have done a spectacular job with this!

Marie Lost Bird Studio said...

Hi Terri,
the story always creeps me out.Did she do it or didn't she?Love your gorgeous necklace - your friend must be over the moon.
Have a wonderful Sunday.

Lady Jane said...

I have always been fascinated by the Lizzie Borden story. Years ago Elizabeth Montgomery played her in a movie about her and convinced me she did the dastardly deed... Anyway I love the necklace it has captured the story and your friend will absolutely love it. LJ

Frieda Oxenham said...

What a wonderful gift and it is a truly gorgeous necklace and so well suited to the occasion! Enjoy Halloween!

Linda Kunsman said...

well this was quite the post Terri! i have wanted to see this place although I wouldn't have the guts to stay in it. You friend is going to so thrilled by this stunning neklace you made her-love all the fabby details you incorporated into it!

my cup of tea said...

Hi Terri! I saw an entire show on scary Bed and Breakfasts 2 years ago and the Lizzy B one was #1 on the fright list. What a creative and beautiful necklace. I would love to know what kind/how to add patina? Your projects are always so beautiful!

Verna Stapleton said...

Terri, when my cousin and I were growing up, we snuck the book about this case, chock full of the murder scene pictures, out of our Aunt's bookcase to read one night. I think we learned why that book was "off limits" to our young eyes. Since then, we have always been fascinated by anything coming out about her. This necklace is incredible and the fact that you took the time to delve into the subject shows why you consistently craft beautiful things. Once more, I know why Artful Affirmations is my favorite blog site.

Gaby Bee said...

This necklace is awesome!!! You did a great job, Terri. I'm sure your friend loved it.

Have a wonderful weekend!

Linda Vincent said...

Oh my goodness...I almost missed this blog post! You have created something truly amazing Terri; I LOVE it (and I'm sure your friend will too - lucky lady)

Winton Rose Paper Creations said...

I have thoroughly enjoyed reading this post.Thank you so much for sharing.

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