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Thursday, November 22, 2012

Happy Thanksgiving-One Thousand Wishes

Hello All!
A Happy Thanksgiving to those of you who are celebrating today!
To those of you who are not, Happy Thursday!!!

When Thanksgiving comes around each year,
I am always more mindful of all the "things" I am thank full for.
And this year is no exception.
I am full of thanks for every aspect of my life.

 A dear friend of mine recently sent me a lovely box of goodies. 
Among the treasures she sent was this necklace.

"One Thousand Wishes"

"Oh my!", I thought when I first held it in my hands...
"I do have a thousand wishes in my heart!"

Hundreds upon hundreds of wishes...
for my husband,
for my children,
for my loved ones,
 for my country!

For health and healing,
For balance,
For happiness,
for feeling inner joy that has no bounds!

That is my wish for all of us...

 "One Thousand Wishes"
handmade by Sharon Borsavage of Livewire Jewelry

 Thank you so much Sharon for this exquisitely made by you piece of art!, I feel your love!

Hugs to you all,


suziqu's thread works said...

Oh Terri
How very special!
Gratitude brings a joyful heart and therefore good to practice daily!
Happy "Thanksgiving"!
Such a beautiful necklace from Sharon.
Her work and her heart are both so beautiful!

Unknown said...

What a wonderful gift!!! I love Sharon's work and you are so lucky!!!

Thank you so much for sharing such beauty.

Happy Turkey Day/Thursday

Snap said...

What a beautiful, special gift! Happy Thanksgiving indeed!!

Elaine said...

What a lovely gift. Happy Thanks giving! Elaine x

Zaa said...

Happy Thanksgiving Terri... What a beautifiul gift ..ENJOY !!!..Hugs

Cynthia said...

Such a beautiful gift! Happt Thanksgiving.


Marie Lost Bird Studio said...

Hi Terri,
what a beautiful and special gift from Sharon.I love Sharon's work too.Have a wonderful weekend.

Holly M said...

Oh, how beautiful! That is truly a treasure.

Netty said...

Wonderful and very special gift Terri. Happy Thanksgiving and enjoy the weekend, hugs Annette x

Victoria said...

Wow..so gorgeous..stunning gift..she is wonderfully talented! And such a beautiful post and beautiful heartfelt words..wishing you the same..and Many Blessings to you and your loved ones this Thanksgiving!
hugs friend! Thanks for all the sparkles you shine always to everyone!

sandy said...

What a lovely necklace! And a generous gift!
sandy ;)

sharon said...

I had immense pleasure making your gift Terri....it warms my heart to do that!
Thank you so much for the beautiful post! I am very thankful for friends like you!

Bollywood stars Services said...

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Anonymous said...

Hi Terri!
Thanks for the visit to my blog.

Your gift is wonderful. Sharon did a wonderful job, I'll have to go and visit her!

Thanks for sharing

sensible sarah

Gaby Bee said...

What a generous gift! I too love Sharon's work. You are so lucky!

Have a wonderful Sunday!

Marjanne said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Marjanne said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Marjanne said...

This is just wonderful! I hope most of.your wishes may come true... it is good to have wishes .in your heart! Love, Marjanne

Georgianna said...

Hi Terri,

Happy belated Thanksgiving! I hope it was wonderful.

Beautiful gift – the very best kind.


Lucille said...

I'm catching up tonight, Terri! I'm just so tired lately. Happy belated Thanksgiving. Hope you spent a wonderful day and did not work too hard. The necklace is so precious. Your friend is very talented! Thank you for all the lovely wishes and may all your wishes be granted.

Dorthe said...

Dear Terri,
This is a most beautiful gift, and so gorgeous.
I have purchased,- and been wonderfully giftet from dear Sharon, as well, and love her works of art.
Your necklace of wisches is to treasure for alwayes, for its beauty and the message it is bringing.

Linda Vincent said...

Thanks for the link to Sharon...I love her blog.
And what a beautiful necklace!

Maminka Girl - Loribeth Robare said...

What a wonderful necklace. I love how she took all the different elements and wove them together so beautifully. Lucky you!

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