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Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Tea Cup Tuesday-Late!

Hello All!
Happy New Year!
I have been travelling for 13 days,
visiting relatives over the holiday.
Internet was spotty, hence my late tea post!

My Tea Cup Tuesday is a little different tonight.
After two weeks of eating delicious food that is not usually on my menu,
I am ready to start the new year with some cleansing teas!
And these tea cups are just right for it.

These two cups are unusual for me as they are not fancy English cups,
But they do have a beauty all their own.
I love the color of this one above,
It comes with a lid as well as a wonderful strainer insert.

I do love the craze in the glaze.
I found them in a little book store in my town.

I do not know anything about this kind of pottery...maybe some of you know how to date them?
..... it could be Chinese or Japanese.

And this little one is sooooo sweet!

It is such a lovely design.
It fits so nicely in the hand....

It also has a insert to strain your tea and a sweet lid.

My daughter did try to read this one(she tried the one above too), she speaks Japanese,
but it is not clear enough.
Do any of you know a good resource for backstamps (impressed or incised) on these types of cups?

On holiday I did find two new tea cups as well as a sweet tea pot,
which I will begin sharing next T.T. post.

Thank you all for your holiday wishes. 
Martha will not be joining us this week as she is very busy with family.

If you would like to join in, just link your post with a tea cup in it to the link below.

My next post will announce the winners of my December Giveaway, so keep posted : )



Like you I need to take some tea cleansing and go on a diet starting tomorrow, as of course, we have been eating lots of rich food and more than we usually have. I love your cups for the tea too, they are so pretty. Thank you for hosting the first TCT of the new year. May you have a happy, healthy and joyeous 2013.

Michele M./ Finch Rest said...

Happy New Year, Terri! I love your tea cups - and a strainer too that goes with them, how awesome.

I love their colour.

LOL I am eating a huge bowl of pasta at 11:30pm reading your post.

I never lie to myself and promise said self anything I can't deliver, including diets, haha.

Sorry no teacup to share today - just one of those things!

Hugs galore for a happy new year.
Hugs go out to Martha, too, of course.

sharon said...

I absolutely looooove these cups Terri! They are beautiful art forms, and the colors are gorgeous! What type of tea did you have? I hope you are doing well with your travels, and look forward to a great new 2013 with you!

Barbara said...

Beautiful TeaCup Tuesday post, love the crackle and the blue color.

My late New Year Wishes to you:
May your life be filled with millions of reasons to smile, may you have thousands little moments to cherish, and may everyday be a day worth looking forward to.
HAPPY 2013!


Micupoftea said...

Hello and Happy New Year, Terri! Joy to you and yours in 2013! Your pieces are just lovely...I like the muted teal color and soft crackle glaze. I hope you had a great trip. Thanks for hosting~

Dorthe said...

Dear Terri,
I think we all ,have to change back to normal life eating and drinking, and some cleansing tea`s sounds lovely.
Your pottery cups are wonderful, expecially the little one, is very special I think.
I wish you a happy and creative january dear Terri.

Elaine said...

What beautiful cups Terri, love the soft blue and the crackle glaze. I especially love the second and can imagine how perfect it feels in your hand, the same reason I just love those chunky ridged soda glasses. When I have finished clearing my cupboards of festive foods, I too must think of healthier options.

Happy New year to you.

Elaine x

Johanna Gehrlein said...

Hi Terri,
thats a wonderful tea Time. As you I am very tend to soft aqua and turquoise colors. So I love both tea mugs. The softly crackled translucent glaze shows a wonderful pattern beneath. I guess, we all need some diet after the holidays. So its no wonder, that I also made a post without any sweets. Dear Terri, I wish you a wonderful new year full of eye candies, creativity, health and fun.
Best greetings, Johanna

Judyknits said...

Oh, Terri,
I love this cup....the color is my favorite...love the crazing in the glaze, size is perfect! Love the little lid and strainer, too!
Happy and Healthy New Year to you and yours!

Edith DUTERTRE said...

merci pour vos voeux
je vous souhaite une très joyeuse année 2013
avec tout ma tendresse
bonne soirée
edith ( iris )

Maria Andrade said...

Dear Terri,
I'm glad you were in time for this first New Year Tea!
Your tea cups are just lovely! I can't tell you about maker but I guess they're Japanese, following an old Chinese tradition of CELADON porcelain. It's this kind of glaze over a soft relief, which is delightful. Although this is pottery, you can do some research for Celadon porcelain and you'll see it's more or less the same.
Happy New Year, dear friend!

Two Cottages And Tea said...

Hi Terri,
Your new cups are so darling! I love the colors and having the tea strainer is a plus! Wishing you a very happy New Year!

Holly M said...

What lovely tea bowls. I love sipping my tea from tea bowls. It's such a different feeling from drinking from a tea cup.

Felicity W said...

Happy New Year Terri!

I have been admiring secretly at your collection of tea cups for some time now and am ready to share with you my collection.

I just got started last year and there is so much to learn about tea cups.

I looked at the backstamp of two of your cups and decided that they are from Japan because of the style and color and the words written as backstamps.

The first one translated as --- the village of the clouds. I guess it's the name of the place where the cup was made. Though those two characters are Chinese characters but Japanese is known to have borrowed words from China. So I am sure the cups are from Japan. Plus I never heard of a place with this name in China that make porcelain.

I am not 100% sure as I am not an expert.


Victoria said...

Hi Terri! Oh my..I am totally in love with this color..exquisite! What a fabulous find..unique and so beautiful! Wishing you a spectacular 2013! Thanks for all the beauty and magic you continue to share on your blog..I adore everything you create and so appreciate your beautiful spirit!Happy tea time..i hope you enjoyed the holidays!

Pat C. said...

Welcome home, Terri! You must be exhausted from all your travels, but I'm sure it's a "good" kind of exhausted, if that makes sense.

I love your two new cups! As much as I love the fancy English ones that you do, other styles often appeal to me, too. I was just visiting my sister in MA this weekend and fell in love with a small Polish pottery mug that she had; I even kept hiding it so that no one else would use it!

As for cleansing, my biggest vice is chocolate. I think I consumed as much in the last month as most people do in a year. *eek* I don't even want to think about what all that fat and sugar is doing to my body.: (

At any rate, I hope you have a happy, healthy New Year! xoxo

P.S. I'm fairly new to your blog, so I don't know who Martha is, but I wish her all the best, too!

Createology said...

Terri these two tea cups are very sweet. Each one very unique. Enjoy sipping your tea as we are beginning a fresh new year. Sweet Tea Leaves to you dear...

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