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Thursday, July 11, 2013

Annie Sloan Chalk Paints Part 3


I confess,
I am addicted to painting chairs!
Oh my!

I found this rocker at a local antique shop. 
The style really pleases me, and it is very low to the ground...
like me...a good thing ; )
It took me a year to decide to pull the rockers off.

(first coat of Old White looks a bit rough!)

I had been so undecided as to what to do with it, I had some crazy ideas,
and some not so crazy ideas...lol!
Then when I started painting with ASCP, 
I realized it was perfect for this chair too.

Here she is with her first two coats of Old White. 
Already she is looking much better!

I love this part!
At this point I considered whether or not  to use a glaze,
or if I wanted to apply clear or dark wax.
You can kinda play around and test a little area to get an idea.

Deciding upon clear wax and no glaze for now,
I  distressed and then sealed with clear wax, 
her bows and boughs look quite different. 

I am still thinking of a little dark wax for depth.
This is something I love about ASCP,
You can always do more to your piece. 


How do you like her?
With her new skirt she was all ready for our first tea outdoors.
I love how low she sits on the ground.
I think her blank oval back is begging for something?

...maybe a crown transfer, or an initial, or a vintage bee transfer? 
I am thinking.... Or maybe a special pillow for extra comfort? 
So many possibilities!

I am thrilled with how she looks now.

She was lovely before, 
but as I worked on her I found she was in much worse shape than I thought,
so I didn't feel so sad about painting her wood surface.

Annie Sloan's chalk paints really were a pleasure to work with.
I have some more chairs to share with you soon...
in my favorite color....

Are you having some creative fun this summer?
And if it is heading into fall/winter where you are,
what are you doing creatively for your season?

Thank you so much for visiting!
I love knowing you were here. 
 : )



Ruthie Miller said...

Dear Terri,
She is a beauty!!! She comes to life-or new life with her new paint.
:) Ruthie

Wendy@Once upon a rose haven said...

Hi Terri,
Beautiful job! I love her new skirt!

Michele M./ Finch Rest said...


You really are creating some amazing pieces, Terry - just love it!

You could always do a pretty birdie transfer - but I think she's begging for a vintage Frenchie cherub.

Anonymous said...

Hi Terri, the chair turned out great, glad you had so much fun doing it. We have a lot of remodeling going on here right now. Yuck on the mess!

Bernideen said...

This is darling Teri - you did a fabulous job! Love it.

Acorn to Oak said...

Oh my gosh...she's beautiful! The transformation is amazing! What a sweet chair you turned her into. I love the paint, color and the adorable ruffle. So pretty! I'm so excited to start playing with chalk paint. I just need to get through some of my other creative projects first. I'm having a fabulously creative summer and loving it. So fun! And, today, we're having summer rain. I love that! It always sparks my creativity and happiness even more. :-) Have a wonderful day! Enjoy your beautiful new chair. :-)

Maggie said...

A wonderful transformation! The details on the chair are so sweet, and look perfect painted and distressed. It looks so good just as it is, but you could always try a transfer on the oval, and if it doesn't look great, just paint over it! Love your slipcover, too!

Dorthe said...

Dear Terri,
She has become a totally more beautiful, and other chair ,now painted and distressed so wonderful,and standing on her 4 beautiful legs!!
She will be delightfull resting in, and having a lovely cup of tea while letting your thoughts fly!!!
Hugs from Dorthe

Kimberly at ArtJoyStuff said...

Hi Terri, I love that flirty little skirt she is wearing, and good call to remove the rockers. Beautiful redo!
enJOY a sweet day,

johala said...

Hi Terri!
I love the last chair! It's really a beautiful chair with the fabric like this! Congratulations!
Hugs and kisses

Linda Kunsman said...

my what a beautiful chair Terri-fit for a princess!!

Victorian1885 said...

Hello Terri
Great job on your chair! I have ordered my first Annie Sloan paint in Duck Egg and can't wait for it to arrive so I can get started painting... Take care.

Cinderella Moments said...

Love love love love this chair! It's amazing. It belongs in the pages of a romantic magazine. You do exquisite work with these old chairs.

Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

Sooooo gorgeous!!!

Stephanie said...

Wow, what a beautiful transformation! Absolutely lovely, Terri :) And I love the bow detail.

Hugs to you!

Laura's Rose Garden said...

Hi Terri,
Your chair is exquisite!!! Perhaps a stenciled princess crown would look good in the oval back. Or a stylized "T"?????
Hugs, Laura

Sugar Lump Studios said...

Oh Terri
The chairs are amazing!!! I especially love the second one with the lower set and ruffle (perfect for "short people") - thank you for sharing this amazing paint and techniques with us. Each chair truly is a piece of art!


Sylvia said...

Love the look of your new chair!

Christine LeFever said...

You made the textile part? How pray tell? So gorgeous!

She used to be sort of a he you know. I believe she is exquisitely beautiful and indeed, you will find the perfect complement for the oval portion.

The Old White is perfection. I have a wee bed stand of this vintage and you just showed me how I am going to do Her!

Thank you!!!

Jann said...

What a transformation! Your "new" chair is absolutely beautiful! What a nice job you did.

Holly M said...

A gorgeous transformation! And I loved seeing all that beautiful lavender peeking out from behind her.

karen hess jewelry said...

Oh Terri, she looks beautiful!! I think she's fabulous sans the rockers and I agree, closer to the ground the better! Her skirt is the perfect finishing touch! Maybe a transfer for the oval...of course, I'm partial to vintage bees! Or bee skeps!

I'm glad you're having so much fun with these projects. They reflect your touch, all the way!

Victoria said...

Absolutely stunning Terri..you have done such a marvelous job..she looks revitalized to a new state of glory..such charm, elegance and romance too..! It is quite fun and exciting seeing the transformation of old furniture..very rewarding too!
Blissful..shine on! enjoy!

Beedeebabee said...

Hi Sweetie! I think you could open up your own furniture refinishing business, you're so good at it! I love how charming you made her, with her new soft color and flouncy skirt. Just perfect! ... I'm a cool weather lover myself. I'm counting the days, Terri..just counting the days!! xoxo Paulette :)

Marfi-topia said...

What an amazing transformation !!! Great job:)

Marjanne said...

o this chair looks like a princess!!Just amazing!!Love it...
Big hugs from a sunny France

Oregon Gifts of Comfort and Joy said...

Oh my gosh! It is so beautiful. Excellent work, Terri.

Kathy M.

Lucille said...

The chair looks marvelous! It has that elegant antique look that I love!

Ally said...


hello from England, I often stop by but this is the first I have left a comment
Ally x

Createology said...

Terri Dear you have transformed this chair into such a beautiful dreamy chair with the paint and seat cushion and skirt. Yes...that oval on the back really is begging for some wonderful graphic from the Graphics Fairy. Perfect spot to enjoy your book...and a spot of tea my friend.

Linda Vincent said...

Terri...you are so clever! I love the way the bows and boughs pop through; just perfect!
The white looks SO much better than the original brown wood... xx

earthen-magic said...


Rella said...

Oh this chair is just delicious! What a treasure. And I agree.....the oval BEGS for something special.......a queen bee would be delightful. Whatever you choose it will be perfection. xo

Rella said...

Oh this chair is just delicious! What a treasure. And I agree.....the oval BEGS for something special.......a queen bee would be delightful. Whatever you choose it will be perfection. xo

Ramonita said...

This is gorgeous!

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