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Monday, September 2, 2013

Tea Cup Tuesday-Tea on the Balcony

Hello All!
I am happy to be back online after my month long break....
and ready for the first Tea Cup Tuesday of September.

I am hoping all of you had a really good August.
Mine was full of going slow...
Which is good : )

How about tea on the balcony this afternoon? 

It took me a week to forget about the computer,
the first few days I continually thought of things
I needed to look up on the computer..
and then had to forgo.
I missed you all here too....

Eventually though,
I relaxed, and remembered what it was like before...
and it was truly freeing to not even think of my
computer all day long. 

The days grew longer,
I had time to just sit and talk with my family,
able to really linger and listen.
What a delight!

Taking time for tea this past month has been relaxing and 
definitely a part of slowing down. 
Usually we have very high temperatures all summer,
but this entire summer has been rainy.
Great for tea!

 This lovely cup I am using was manufactured by 
I love this company's designs!

I have chosen a mix of chamomile, lavender, mint and rose
for my tea time today....

and a delicious fresh summer pear for dessert....

Fall begins September the 22nd.
We still have 3 weeks of summer! 

I forsee more tea on the balcony,
and if the rain stops long enough, 
I will get Bertha out again and 
have tea in the tent.

Thank you so much for stopping by!
I am so glad to "see" you all!

I will be posting soon some of the creative fun I was able to have...

I am off to visit Martha at Martha's Favorites
See you there!


If you would like to join in the blog hop and share your tea cups and tea time,
just link your tea cup post up below.
Then Martha and I can come and see you too : )


Martha's Favorites said...

So glad you are back. Love the new tea cup! Looks like a Terri cup to me. Hugs, Martha

Kathy said...

So glad you had a restorative break Terri, your post is absolutely gorgeous - love the teacup and the pear! I am delighted to join your party - I appreciate you hosting and sharing,

The Charm of Home said...

I love your stitching Terri! I am celebrating 3 more weeks of summer too! Thank you for hosting.

Marjanne said...

Happy to see you back here, with a beautiful teacup. It is certainly 'chronophage' (time eating), the computer, and it is good to make a break sometimes, I admire your strength, I don't know if I could do it.... hugs

johala said...

Hi Terri, I'm glad to read you back, and happy you'd a good summer!
Hugs and kisses

Elaine said...

It's nice to have you back, but I am sure your computer free August did you lots of good. I thought of you manay times during the month and felt quite envious, you have inspired me to try and think of a way to cut down on my computer time. Your tea cup is lovely and the tea sounds delicious too. I am sure tea on the balcony is perfect. Have a great day, Elaine x

Marfi-topia said...

I missed you!!
So glad you got a chance to relax but So glad you're back!!

K J D said...

How lovely to have you back!

I'm sorry to hear its been so rainy - I guess Bertha hasn't been out much then?

I do look forward to your posts - they are like a little breath of fresh air. They always remind me (which I need) to make time for tea - with a cup and saucer and tea pot!

Karen x

K J D said...

How lovely to have you back!

I'm sorry to hear its been so rainy - I guess Bertha hasn't been out much then?

I do look forward to your posts - they are like a little breath of fresh air. They always remind me (which I need) to make time for tea - with a cup and saucer and tea pot!

Karen x

earthen-magic said...

...gentlest blessings to thee dear kindred heart!...(O:

sharon said...

I missed you so, and your pretty cups and pretty posts and pretty everything! Will talk soon! Love and hugs!

Tazas y Cuentos said...

Hello Terri! Happy to see you here again!
You first photo is fantastic, well, that teacup is lovely, and the flowers.
I'm joining the party with some children's teacups but perhaps you want to visit my today's post, no cups but very old English Baby's Plates. I leave the link here:


Sandi@ Rose Chintz Cottage said...

Welcome back, Terri! I had a bit of a break too although not the whole month. It was lovely to enjoy other things for a while.
Your teacup is gorgeous and of course it's my favourite colour so it's a winner here. Thank you for sharing and Happy September!


Bernideen said...

You have selected the colors that are so popular - aqua and pink! This is beautiful. What a glorious cup and saucer!

Jackie said...

Welcome back Terri! I missed your emails and posts- but so glad you rested and relaxed! hugs

sophie said...

bon retour parmi nous!
très belle cette tasse ! bon thé à toi!

Holly M said...

Welcome back Terri! I have missed your lovely energy. You are a brave woman to step away from the computer for a whole month. I lost power for a day during a recent storm and thought I would simply diieee! I can't wait to see your new projects.

Linda Kunsman said...

welcome back Terri! Of course I missed your lovely posts but it truly does refresh one to take a break from the computer once in awhile. Beautiful teacup and photos. And yes, happy three more weeks of summer!

xinex said...

Gorgeous teacup and saucer! I just love that color, anything in the turquoise family. Love the pattern too!..Christine

Christine LeFever said...

Hi Terri,

So nice that you are back! T'is a beautiful teacup and delicious looking pear. Your tea of choice sounds absolutely charming and soothing.

Your stitchery is lovely and sweetly denotes calm and orderliness as it was created. We must see to it that each moment in life is appreciated that way, and you appear to have that down perfectly!



Anonymous said...

Seems we both had a nice break from blogging for awhile. It's good for the soul, I think. I loved taking time away from it but like you, it's time to ease back and to catch up with friends.

Our heat came back this week, but we were PROMISED to have a cool down next week. Fingers crossed.

Warm hugs

Dorthe said...

Dear Terri, so good to see you again,-and thankyou sweet ,for your lovely visit to my blog!!
I can imagine it took time to not RUN to the computer ....would for me ,too- but you are right, living like before surely must be more relaxing :-) I though would not love to be totally without this friend, with which I can meet you and all my other blogging friends...and that I would never wish to loose!!
Your tuesday cup looks very beautiful, and so does your tea !!
Happy September my friend.
Love and hugs, Dorthe


Beautiful teacup and saucer, I love it! I'm so glad you're back sweet Terri. Big hugs,


Beautiful teacup and happy you're back. Thank you so much for the lovely tea party.
Big hugs,

Holly Loves Art said...

Hi Terri! Ahhh... tea cup Tuesday! I love it here. Such pretty pictures. Thanks for sharing.

Rosemary and Thyme said...

Welcome back Terri! I am so glad to see you back but I completely understand about taking a much needed break from the computer to dedicate time to yourself and your family. I took a few weeks off also and it felt great. Summer has come and gone too quickly. Thanks for hosting and for showering us with such loveliness.

Unknown said...

Welcome back Terri! So glad you are feeling refreshed after your "fast"! Such a pretty cup in my favorite color!...hugs Patti M :)

Anonymous said...

Welcome Back, Terri! Joy to you as you return rested and obviously inspired. Your teacup in teal with that succulent looking pear are a wonderful way to get back in the swing of things. I try to take a day off from the computer each week - which I am not always successful at doing. I did yesterday, though - on labor day. Spent it turning my home decor from my patriotic red, white, and blue, to all things harvest! Love switching out seasonal stuff!

Tea in the Library said...

Welcome back! So many lovely posts to visit! Time to get started.

janice15 said...

Im glad your back and you had a nice time off.. I love your tea cup it's very pretty.. the pear looks good.. just had some pears yesterday and they were delightful.. O and your lovely stitched tea pot..looks really good to.. have a great evening with love Janice

Edith DUTERTRE said...


très dur de quitter cette belle
période de vacances
heureuse de vous retrouver
l'automne arrive et d'autres habitudes vont se mettre en route
très bonne journée
edith France

Victoria said...

Yay..welcome back Terri..what a gorgeous, inspiring post..love that elegant and charming cup..the color is so serene and gentle! The loose tea looks magical..gorgeous colors..yum! Love the pears too!Always a joy to visit your beautiful and charming realm and your wonderful spirit!Wishing you a blissful Autumn!I am happy you enjoyed your quite time away!

kitty@ Kitty's Kozy Kitchen said...

What a beautiful teacup you've shared, Terri, and I adore the embroidery in the hoop. Blessings to you.

Luján Fraix said...

Hola Terri
Gracias por venir a Argentina a mi blog como siempre amiga.
Es bueno tomarse un descanso, sobre todo en verano. Yo estoy en invierno pero me vendría bien.

La tacita es una belleza, una obra de arte.

Te dejo un beso y mi cariño.


Crazy For Tea Time said...

Hi Terri,

It sounds like you had a lovely break. It's really difficult to "unplug" isn't it? I think we all get a little too hooked on our computers at times! I'm glad your break refreshed you, and I'm also glad to see you back.

That delicate, blue Paragon tea cup was just right for tea on the balcony. I love Paragon china! (Wait, I love ALL china!!)

Lucinda :0)

Beth said...

Glad you enjoyed your blogging break, Terri. I adore your teacup! Such color! Love your rose bouquet too. Tea on the balcony is great in summertime.

Aida said...

Hi Terri, welcome back . Hope you had a good break and rest. It's nice to have a little tea time, a moment to reflect and relax.

Have a good weekend



Ally said...

Glad to see u back Terri x

Oolong said...

Thanks for sharing.
Beautiful teaset....

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