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Monday, May 19, 2014

Tea Cup Tuesday

Hello All
Welcome to tea cup Tuesday!

Being mid May, we are right in the middle of spring.
Weather has been changeable...we have had some lovely days,
and some really strong storms.
Today is a chilly day.
Great for tea!

Taking a few moments to enjoy the outdoors,
the upper porch is a nice spot for reading.

Our three year old lilac bush was very kind to 
burst into full bloom and bless us with such a 
display of beauty. 
I think she loved the cooler temps and 
wet wet days.

Two great books from second hand shops.
(...see how dainty the southern lilacs are?)

(mmmm...I think I could use this tea for aromatherapy too! lol!)

I have been testing out Teadrops. 
This one is Cardamon Spice. 
It is delicious. 
Each flavor of tea smells wonderful.
I have tried 4 types now and found them all good.
Sashee (inventor) has encouraged me to embrace 
tea in a new form, no strainer or no bag 
(better for the environment...)
as her recipes dissolve in the hot water.
I did find the floating leftover tea bits 
a bit off putting... 
but I could get used to it for the delicious flavor!
Truly, the aroma and flavor is wonderful. 
For me the portability of this type of tea was 
good for my picnic plans too. 
Thank you Sashee for introducing me to your tea!
(she is not paying me in any way or form)
I am privileged to assist a young woman entrepreneur.

I am enjoying reading A Country Diary Of An Edwardian Lady,
especially with the birds twittering around me.
I could sit here all day and listed to them play.

Usually, though, I must be about my day too : )
My cup today is an old favorite for this time of year.
She is a pretty vintage, waisted cup. 

 Forget me nots are lovely inside the cup too.

I was not surprised at her pattern name...

Royal Standard manufactured this pretty cup.
The company, Chapmans at Longton, owned the 
Royal Standard backstamp.
 This backstamp being used from 1949 onward.

(Blue Star Creeper coming along after only 3 springs!)

 I feel so blessed to be visiting with you all today.

Life can get very full, 
and sometimes we can not spend the time 
we wish online visiting our amazing blogging buddies. 
This year is a full one for my family and me.

If I am not here as much for a while,
just know all is well, 
and that I will be back. 

Starting June I will be doing T.T. every other Tuesday 
and dear Martha says she will be there each week. 

During busy times,
it is even more important to stop
and take some moments...
have a cup of tea, 
read an uplifting passage
listing to some beautiful music....
I know it seems impossible if you are already full up...
but it pays such dividends!
Sitting on the porch amidst the trees...
feels rejuvenating to me.

I wish you the very best week!
Thank you for stopping by!


kitty@ Kitty's Kozy Kitchen said...

Your reading spot on the porch is so inviting to cozy up, Terri. I especially love your forget-me-knots teacup and your photos are outstanding. Thank you for hosting and enjoy your week.

Sandi@ Rose Chintz Cottage said...

Hi Terri,
I am in love with your sweet teacup. She is really pretty and I see you have a trio; lovely! I know what you mean about life being very full. I contemplated taking an extended leave of absence a few weeks ago but only took one week away. Hosting a weekly tea party has tremendous rewards but it also ties one down too. I'm happy to hear you will still be posting from time to time. Take care and enjoy this beautiful time of year.


Beth in NEPA said...

Lovely, lovely post today. I dearly love forget me nots and on the tea cup they are REALLY sweet and pretty. We are having an "in and out" spring. I hope we eventually get to count on it being nice when we want to go outside. I have been able to get most of my gardening done! But not much just "sitting" outside yet.

Linda Kunsman said...

I could sit on your porch and read and take in the surrounding beauty all day Terri! Love the books you found-must be a fun read. Gorgeous tea cup-so delicate. Our double white lilacs are blooming and just one flower will scent a whole room:) I understand about having busy times and not blogging as much as usual. That usually happens to me during the summer especially. Enjoy your busy time.

highheeledlife said...

Terri thank you for hosting and sharing such a cozy corner and wonderful tea. Blessings, Celia M. (HHL)

Dorthe said...

My dear Terri,
I would so enjoy sitting there with you, with that lovely cup, and the new tea you are testing .
I have the beautiful book :A Country Diary Of An Edwardian Lady, and got it so many years ago for a birthday, it must be more than 30 years ago, but I still love looking in it.
I`m sorry that you will be more away from your blog, but understand that there is so much work in doing your Tea Cup Tuesday every week, and will look forward seing you every second week.
I wish you some lovely weeks, and hope you will are well.
Hugs from Dorthe

Deborah Montgomery said...

What a lovely spot to sit and enjoy tea! I love the Edith Holden book, as well, and like to follow her through the year. Your teacup is so sweet, perfect for this time of year.

janice15 said...

Terri your tea cup is just lovely. The tiny blue flowers look like for get me knots.. Lovely photos as always thank you for sharing with love Janice

Karen said...

Hi Terri,
I just adore your Forget-me-not trio. So lovely. I haven't seen one like it before. Your wicker settee looks so relaxing and being outside is so calming too. I also am very busy with an upcoming wedding for my son and planning a large shower this weekend and the rehearsal dinner later ~ I am overwhelmed but I don't want take a week off from blogging because I love it! I may have to though. I hope things settle down for you and know that you will be missed! Thank you for visiting me and leaving such kind words! Karen

Johanna Gehrlein said...

Dear Terri,
The Forget-me-not teapot is a really sweet design and shape. How nice to enjoy this special tea from this cup. Its interesting that there comes up always new things with tea. Nice to hear about it. Thank you for sharing your precious thoughts and photos with us and for hosting this sweet event.
Best greetings, Johanna

Snap said...

Love your teacup -- so dainty. I have been away from tea for awhile. I've had friends visit and now I seem to want to rest and relax from the visit! I'll get back into the swing of "tea" things again soon. Life is full and good. Enjoy your time! oxox

The Charm of Home said...

You have the prettiest cups Terri! Thank you for hosting!

Createology said...

It is so important to take or to make the time to just sit, sip and reflect or read. Your spot on the porch looks perfect. Lovely lilac blossoms. Your Forget-me-not cup makes me think of my Grandma as those were her very favorite flowers. Creative Tea Bliss Dear...

Martha's Favorites said...

Hi Terri: That tea sounds interesting. You are so right, we need time to rest. Just want you to know how dear you are to me. Hugs, Martha

relevanttealeaf said...

Dear Terri, Your lovely porch and wicker lounge provide the perfect place to read and sip tea. Add to that the beautiful fragrance of lilacs, it's easy to see how you could stay there for hours. I love your Forget-me-not china trio.
~ Phyllis

Jennelise said...

Beautiful tea cups! What pretty patterns!

Victoria said...

Hello kindred..I so enjoyed strolling through your visual dreamy images today..beautiful books and cups..and blooms..I can almost smell those lilacs! Thank for sharing your beauty always...yes enjoy your time and warm weather! Canada has been slow for nice weather this year.we are way behind ...seeing your lilacs makes me dream of mine...they are all budded..now some warmth for them to bloom.
Happy Tea time..I also love 4get me nots too..a fave!

Denise said...

Very pretty tea cup. I love the forget-me-nots! It is very good to slow down isn't it with some tea.

tattrldy said...

Such a beautiful cup today with the forget-me-knots. Your porch sounds like a lovely place to sit and enjoy a few moments with tea. Thank you for sharing it.

suziqu's thread works said...

Oh sweet friend - yes more time sipping and less time sitting at the computer
sounds a perfect recipe for the time being - we all need to nourish and nurture ourselves.
I love that cup "Forget-me-nots" - also a favorite of mine. I was amazed to see that I have exactly the same brand in a beautiful soap dish that belong to my mother so it is very precious to me.
That diary you purchased is gorgeous. I thought I had it but perhaps I don't as I can't find it just now on looking.
Sending you much Springtime love,

MomWaldsPlace said...

I have been gone for awhile, and picked the perfect day to visit again. Forget-me-nots!

Cindy said...

As sweet as forget me not, they have arrived like a new baby boy. Your tea cup is lovely. I like that you always have something different to share, thanks for hosting

Marjanne said...

this looks so nice; the tea cup and the place... spring is on and off here, we have had some beautiful days but also stormy weather as if it was autumn...

Frieda Oxenham said...

I always look forward to having tea with you and seeing the lovely cups. This week I can even enjoy reading the Diary as I have a much loved copy too. Thanks for another gorgeous treat.

Jann said...

A lovely, lovely post, and teacup and saucer-I so enjoy reading your posts and seeing your beautiful photos!

Aida said...

Yay I was able to link in. Thank you Terri and Martha for hosting this fabulous tea party. I love the forget me not tea cup and saucer, it's on my list of little plants to grow this year. Wish me luck. 😉
Thank you for your lovely message and inspiring words.


Marianne said...

Thought I'd stop by to say 'hello', Terri. Your cup is lovely...I just love forget-me-nots.

Enjoy a blessed day,
Marianne xo

Olga Siedlecka said...

Your blog is more than awesome!

Victoria said...

So beautifully inspiring...always a pleasure to revisit your poetic images..all of your posts are special and magical to me..gorgeous pics..like soothing meditative moments!
Wishing you a beautiful evening..

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