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Fairy School

Hello All and Welcome to the Fairy SchooL Tutorial Series!
In these videos I show you how I made my Fairy School.
You too can make a Fairy School from a shoe box, any way you like!
Below the videos is a supply list and some instructions. You can use the same collage sheets as I did, or you can use any images at all. I loved using pieces from vintage dictionaries and old post cards, found objects, bead, lace, buttons, pearls...
Have Fun!

Fairy School Supply List (includes room and contents)

One shoe box with separate lid

Pen knife, glue gun, scissors, tacky glue, pencil, ruler

Green, brown, beige, and yellow paint

Older medium sized paint brush

Moss (I used Supermoss from Michaels)

Flowers (I used some Prima flowers, any silk or paper flowers will do)

Beads, shells, stones, small pieces of twigs from ¼ to ½ inch thick, bits of ribbon and old lace, old stamps

2ft of chain

Old buttons, variety of sizes

Rusty old safety pins


White jell pen (to write on chalk board)

Colorbox cateye inks “Chestnut Roan” or another brown and “Olive”.

Branches of some kind, twigs or foliage stems (I got mine at Michaels)

Old piece of measuring tape, 12 inches or the length of your box

Bits of whimsy to add here and there, an old watch face, a small piece of amythest, pine cone pieces, small leaf dried herbs….

Several pieces of hobby wood, 1inch wide and 1/8 inch thin (approx 2 ft long) and 2 inches wide and ¼ inch thick (approx 6 inches long). Twigs as well for chair and legs.
You will need twigs about a ¼ inch thick for chair, and ½ inch think for table legs.

You could also use old dictionary pages, phone book pages, old greeting cards, wrapping paper to paper the walls and floors of the school house, or you could used images and collage sheets from online.

There are many women and children images you could order for your faeries from Paperwhimsy.com. Or you could use your own images. You will need butterfly images, I have used stickers and images from various Paperwhimsy collage sheets.

 Below is a list of what I used in my school house
Assorted papers: 7 Gypsies Venice paper: “Canal” Stock #19340/7G1379

 I bought most of my images from Paperwhimsy:
Digi 068 Windows, arch and gate
Digi 116 Books and Chalkboard. I used one of the book covers for the chalk board and shrunk down the other book covers for using on the table in the school room.
Digi 117, More books (photo copy them at a much reduced size for tiny faeries!)
Sheet 173, One of the little girls I used
Sheet 192, Little girl in white dress, also 221 and 226. They are often updating their images, so have a good look around and see what they have available at the time.
(The teacher fairy and the little girl holding the apple are being added to the Paperwhimsy shop soon)

Background 01, Script background, a PNG file but you can still print it out for the walls
Harlequin 02 (in place of 7Gypsies “Canal”.)
Wings from sheets 056, 094 and 185. There are many other butterflies to use for wings

Video 1a and 1b
(On Youtube it is called Mixed Media Fairy School)
Assembling the school house, papering and painting it,
Mossing and decorating the walls.

Step 1
-Open the flaps on one side of shoe box
-Cut out window openings by first tracing window from digi sheet, then cutting ¼ inch inside the lines.
-Paper back of wall with blue paper
-Paper side walls with script paper
-Paper ceiling with old postcards, use photo copies or postcard scrapbook paper
-Paper floor with Harlequin pattern paper.
-Cut out “panes” in the window from digi sheet 068, or create your own windows, then glue them on the inside. You will be gluing on the same exact window on the outside to match.
-Hot glue gun the roof at the sides at the angle you want. (See photo)
-Hot glue gun the school room to the box lid at a slight angle. Make sure you lay the box lid right side up to glue on. (See video)

-Gesso outside of school room and box lid, especially if the colors are not right for your project.
-When Gesso is dry, put out several shades of green (on a palate or paper plate), with some white, and mix it up here and there so that you can paint the entire outside with different shades of green.
-When dry, apply windows (tacky glue) with cut out panes on the outside. First make sure you edge them with brown ink pad, especially in the panes edges, and the white side of the previous windows we placed inside. Then glue the outside ones onto the back side of the ones on the inside and line them up so the panes match.
-Apply gate images on front of school and half circle image on front middle lower edge of roof with tacky glue. (See photo or video).
-Begin to apply moss to roof with tacky glue, do side roof as well and crack (just a little moss) between box lid and school room.
-Now you can create a tree with any branch like item you have, twigs, foliage from the floral department from Michales, put it at the one corner so the branches drape over front and side of school. (See video). Use hot glue gun for this and add moss at the bottom to help stabilize and also to hide your glue.
-On the opposite side of the school, you can apply with glue gun, leaves and flowers.
-Tuck moss in and around these leaves and flowers.
-Print out the words on the end of this document and cut them out. Scrunch up each word some and then open it up, edge with brown ink and hit the high spots on the front just a little to add an aged look. Then glue each word on the lid edge at the front of the school “In that day there were faeries in the land” (see video or photo)
-Now you can make your first Faerie for the front of the school. You don’t need to finish the back of this one or put it on a base, Just choose and image, edge it with stickles, add wings, and round it out a bit so when you glue it to the front wall it does not lay flat, give your faerie some shape and depth.
-Add some more flowers if you like, here and there, and maybe a butterfly or sign….

Congratulations you are done with the School house!

Please e-mail any questions nliten@usa.net
I hope you have fun!

Feel free to leave a comment below : )


Maminka Girl - Loribeth Robare said...


Thanks so much for sharing your talent with miniatures and the wonderful fairy school series. I so enjoyed each one and am definitely going to make a little fairy house sometime soon. I had made a little fairy chandelier from a pinecone and little birthday candles years ago and can just see it hanging from the rafters. Oh..it would be fun to play all day! So much snow here that it would hard to find twigs right now though!

xxoo Loribeth

Wendy@Once upon a rose haven said...

Hello Terri,
The Fairy School is so beautiful! Thank you for sharing such a lovely project. You did a great job with the videos. I'll better take my daughter's doll house out of the box and start working on it. :)
Blessings ~*~ Wendy ~*~

Anonymous said...

Hello! I love your Fairy School. I made a Fairy house for my doll based on your school. Thank you for sharing!!! Tammy

karen i-k said...

this is one of THE cutest things I have ever seen! I dumped out my shoes and started a school of my own!
thank you...i hope to share this with an enthusiastic group of girl scouts...karen

Carolyn said...

Teri - thank you for sharing your techniques for this marvelous fairy school!

I Love Crafts said...

Hi Terri,
I love your videos.Thanks for sharing your art.
Thanks a lot.

A Magical Whimsy said...

Hello, Terri
It is so sweet of you to share these sweet videos of the Fairy School House. I am going to comment about your blog on my own blog and post one photo from your Fairy School House so people will come see your wonderful videos and how to make them.
and thanks so very much!
Teresa in CA

SweetErGallery said...

Thanks for sharing this. I had ideas to make similar constructions but couldn't think how to create that stanted roof without hammering pieces of wood together. Thank you for showing how to do it with a shoebox! So simple! I shared this tutorial on my blog and posted a link back to your blog.

Theresa Bennett said...

I love your faery school and made one for myself. It's so cute and was a lot of fun to make. Thank you for sharing your talent!!

Karla said...

Terri this is gorgeous! I am so happy I found your blog through the Mad Tea Party! I will not miss a post from your 'Fairy School' :D

Mercedes Pineiro said...

You are amazing Terri can't wait to start making mine I am sure you have so much fun. making it Thanks for the inspiration

Cheap wedding dresses said...

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Véro said...

Wonderfull!I love this gorgeous fairy school!Thank you so much for sharing!

Nann said...

What a creative talented person you are. I love your fairy school. I have such affinities to fairies too and your beautiful fairy house I know delights them as well as us. Also thankyou for hosting your wonderful tea linky parties. I so enjoy what I feel when I come here and to the others who also link up.

Ms. said...

Folly this is just wonderful...what a treasure you are for giving it out. I might just finish my shoe box....but my faeries will be the little dogs and cats I've collected over the years, and perhaps I'll give them wings now.

Ms. said...

Ooops--Golly Not Folly.

Lululiz said...

You are so generous with your time and your ideas, thank you so much for producing the videos for such a gorgeous project. I will be ever so busy for a couple of weeks, but then I am so going to dig out a shoe box and give this a go. It is a fabulous piece, and you are such an inspiration.

КатеринаКвашонкина said...

Терри, is the magic work! Your imagination is amazing! Thank you - may be I try to make this magic box in the class my daughter)))) A person dolls replace the photo of our teachers and the girls in the class!

КатеринаКвашонкина said...

Terry, I did it! My school (school-retro) is ready in 5 days! There's no fairies, but it is from the heart! I invite you to see this my work. Thank you for the inspiration! http://mycozyhobby.blogspot.com/2012/10/School-retro.html

hugs, Katy

Tanya said...

Ohhhhhhhhhhh - I'm going to love this blog! Happy, happy day, Terri - Tanya

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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Unknown said...

I felt like I went to the land of fairy and was back in school but with a twist.. thank you so much for the journey :) You are absolutely inspiring and amazing!!

Unknown said...

Hello, Terri, I just watched all 5 faery school videos and I'm motivated and inspired. You are such a wonderfully gifted designer to create such uniquely magical spaces that weren't there ever before from everyday objects. We can all be as original as we want to be adding our little favorite accents too. Thank you, dianacurbelosfree@yahoo.com

Betsy said...

your Tutorial is so wonderful! I Love your faery ideas! i started working on a Faery Garden last year for outside in my yard, I am still working on the details. I hope to post some of it soon! Love your ideas, I had already decided to make some faery paper dolls for my grandgirls to play with, and your ideas just have gotten me excited to work on it some more. My Grands are in Germany, as you know, and so I don't have to have things done right away, but gradually working on it is fun for me! LOVE your faery school!

Fairiesinthesky said...

Hi Terri, I have been totally mesmerised by your beautiful fairy school, I cannot wait to get busy and make this for my Grand-Daughter.
Thank you for sharing you lovely ideas.
Have you thought of putting this on a Cd to purchase.

Dawn .England

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