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Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Affirmation Jewelry!

I made this necklace as a positive affirmation of my desire to visit Paris this year. This piece is saying "Yes, Yes!" to Paris!


Anonymous said...

Oui Oui INDEED! I surely hope your dream comes true! Beautiful piece and Happy 50th. It's all good from here on!!!!!!!
Hugs a bunch...Jan

Debby said...

I love this! Hoping all your dreams come true, PAris would be wonderful! Happy Birthday!
Thanks so much for stopping by my blog and leaving such a nice comment. It is so much fun to receive comments and find that so many of us have the same likes.

forcryeye said...

WHEN you go, will you take me? The bracelet is beautiful!

Marlynn said...

Terri - Terri - you will love Paris. I was able to travel there back in 2005. I love the jewelry piece. I don't have the patience to do jewelry work and admire those who can! Marlynn

catworx said...

I sure hope you get to go, Terri! I've never been, except in my dreams!!!
Keepin' my toes crossed for you!!!

K J D said...

What a beautiful necklace, hope it is like a lucky charm for you and you go to Paris soon!

My son went a couple of months ago for a week and had a super time - and he is going again in a few months (year off uni!!!!)

peggy gatto said...

gorgeous, lovely, such a beauty!!!!!
Well done!!!!!!!

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