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Monday, May 18, 2009

New and Exciting!

Happy Monday everyone!

It is a beautiful day here. I have been working on a new art piece in my craft room all day, the sun has been shining and the cool breeze has been coming in the window. I was going to put music on, but the birds have kindly been singing all day!

New things this week...I am hosting my first swap over at Paperwhimsy. I have been learning much there and also meeting fantastic artists! Also....I have made my first ever video!!! In it I am demonstrating how to make a tag using a paper napkin for the substrate. It was a great deal of fun! We have had to learn new things to do this! (we as in my wonderful hubby and I) I will be posting it here on my blog on Saturday. So come on back and see how I did! I would love to have your feedback on this, I will be making more and I want to make them as helpful as possible.
I will be posting new art photos soon as well.
Hugs to all!


K J D said...

Hi! Sounds like you have been having fun (and nice weather - you lucky thing!)

I'll be back to have a look at the video, looking forward to seeing your new art photos too.... have a good week......... Karen

Sarah said...

Hi Terri cant wait to see your video

Hugs Sarah xx

Marlynn said...

oh boy, VIDEO.... can't wait! I will be checking back. WOW, hosting a swap, you go girl. xoxo Marlynn

Terri said...

Thnaks so much ladies, I really appreciate your kind support!

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