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Monday, July 20, 2009

Insightful Weekend

I have just returned from my surprisingly insightful weekend in Baltimore. I didn't know for one that the city was so interesting, nor did I know that I would experience such a calling.
What kind of calling you ask? A call from the Universal Concierge telling me it is time to wake up (again!). A calling to my self!

The weekend began with lovely walks by the harbor with my dear soul husband. We did a great deal of walking and seeing different neighborhoods. We met some amazing people. We ate some fab food. I enjoyed two visits to a Vintage store that was delightful to poke around in.

Vanessa's Vintage Treasures in Federal Hill

The last day there we split up with my hubby touring the ship museums, and I experiencing the American Visionary Art Museum. It was at this museum that I received my call.
It began with just walking around the building....amazing architecture...then appreciating the sculptures outside and then the little garden where I found myself actually giggling out loud! I was truly feeling childlike wonder!

American Visionary Art Museum
From the entrance on I was intrigued and thrilled with the atmosphere and the art lining the walls and ceiling. Inside I stopped in my tracks in front of a large Alex Grey painting. I stood mesmerized, rooted to the ground. The more I looked, the more it reached inside of me, and gently opened me. I had several moments of that feeling of recognition, that feeling of pure knowing...knowing of rightness. Insights came to me in waves of feeling, not words, of who I was at my core. I was so taken with all this that I realized that I needed to express it. So I pulled myself away from the painting long enough to purchase a red sketch book and a rainbow pencil in the gift shop, then I returned and sat down to journal and draw. When I felt ready, I moved on throughout the museum and continued to sketch and write as I felt moved. And I was moved by the surprising art I saw there, and by the stories of the artists.

I came away from the weekend renewed and re-grounded. I am more awake today than I was before we went. I am more connected to my creative being, my dear sweet artistic self, more willing to let her be, to let her breathe, to let her create!
Thanks for listening!


Marlynn said...

Sounds like you had an epipthany! It sounds like a glorious day. I love the area you visited. What fun to purchase your red sketch book and sit and sketch! hugs!

K J D said...

Loved reading about your 'moment'.... love your posts :)

btw thanks for your comment re the AKC this is just something I do, instead of a trading card its to keep! But I make it atc size - I think of it like a little scrapbook page... i am not so good at explaining things as you!!! They are something I do just for me as little keepsakes! Karen

Gina M Smith said...

Wow! I know just what you mean. So glad I sent you there....I knew you would love it. Can't wait for our swap.

Lynn said...

Wow, this is great, I am so happy for you, sounds like an unmistakable touch of Grace, you felt something special, go with it :)
On another note about the comment on my blog, you will love the Petite Doll class, I took it this winter, Suzi's videos are great. I am having some trouble with shading more realistic faces but getting there, I am not giving up, I know I can do it and it's only been a week so I am sure I will have something worth showing you soon :) Thanks for dropping by again, and enjoy your art journalling.

Kim Dellow said...

Oh that just sounds wonderful, Terri. You left a note on my blog asking about blog hops so I thought I would let you know that if you go to Katharina's Blog now, you will be able to blog hop to your heart's content! Jumping from blog to blog using the links in their posts - great way to see blogs you might not have found otherwise! Have a great and creative weekend! Kim

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