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Thursday, July 1, 2010

French Friday Yea!

I so look forward to French Friday, it gives me a great opportunity to relive my trip...and I enjoy sharing it with you!

Today (Friday) by midnight I will draw the winner of the Limoges cup and saucer. I can't wait to see who wins. So check back tomorrow! If you haven't commented and said you want a chance to win, you can still do so today!

Today I thought I would share some of the beautiful sights one might see while touring around town. And also, a few more flea market photos too! Seeing them again makes me wish I could go again this weekend!

The beautiful Seine! There are walkways down closer to the river that you can walk. It is very peaceful and if your lucky, you are in the shade!

I don't remember what this building was, a museum of some kind (there are hundreds!), but it was so different than what I might see here in my home state, I had to take a photo.

Here again, something else I wouldn't see here at home! It looks like a castle, but it is a building next to the Seine.

This is a 1860 fountain of St. Michael slaying a dragon near the Latin Quarter.

This is a major intersection in the Latin Quarter. Notice no lines on the road??? Even on roundabouts, there are no lines. I was on a tour bus holding on tight as we went around, watching as we missed hitting other vehicles by an inch! Absolute pandemonium!

I love this Art Nouveau looking Subway sign! I also enjoyed riding the subway, except on the hottest and busiest days, while I was having a hot flash! Ug! I actually pulled out my trusty personal fan and used it one day during a particularly long flash, a few of the French women could not stop themselves from looking at me and giving the tiniest hint of a smile. Normally there isn't any eye contact...the French are very cool ; ) at least in Paris.

I was totally loving the old buildings and their gated windows!

Another flea market. Twisty narrow lane ways with hundreds of stalls filled with all kinds of fascinating things.

See what I mean?

I thought these old slips were a little pricey.

I loved this one with wall to wall old books.

More buttons and fabulous purse closures!

Ah, the very trendy vintage rosaries....I didn't buy any of these, but I did get 3 at another flea. I wish I had turned the price tags around so I could remember how much they were.

Some wonderful textiles and lace.

An eclectic stall with all kinds of things.

Thank you so much for visiting Paris with me today. I hope you enjoyed where we went.
Come back and see who wins the teacup.

I appreciate you all and all your very kind comments!


Patti said...

Fridays are so much fun. You do your French Friday, and I do classic movie reviews on Fridays. Both of us get a chance to write about things we love.

I think I said this last week, but I am really enjoying your photos, as your trip is probably as close to Paris as I'll ever get.

I agree that the one building looks like a castle.

Oh, and the no lines on the road. Oh, my!! I kind of go insane when the lines are barely visible and in need of being re-painted. They're still there, though. How difficult it would be to drive on a busy street in Paris.

Have a wonderful day,

debi said...

Oh, another beautiful tour! Thanks for sharing!

Honey Lamb and I said...

Fun seeing all of your finds. I have heard that Paris is flea market heaven:) ~Shelley O.

Createology said...

Oh Terri thank you for taking me along with you on this stroll in Paris. I never got to any flea markets and that one looks fabulous. Happy and safe Fourth of July.

liszha said...

Next time I go to Paris I am gonna ask you where to go to for the flea markets!

Ann said...

I want to go to Paris!
It's an awfully long way from New Zealand...
I love seeing your wonderful photos.

Jacoba said...

Wonderful pictures on Paris, they bring back happy memories.
Dazzling things to choose from, irrisistable some of them.
Happy day and stay in good health,

parTea lady said...

What great photos of Paris. I love seeing those old buildings and sculpture. It must have been wonderful visiting all those flea markets.

I don't think that driving in Paris would be fun though. ;-)

Lululiz said...

Paris is a pretty special place. Driving in Paris though is a big no no, lol, I remember that from many years ago. I would hate it even more these days. I'd stick with the metro.

virginiasvignettes said...

Hi Terri!....Thank you for sharing your trip!...LUV the architecture!...And the shopping,aaahhh....now I'm feeling inspired to create French!...thank you for French Friday...:)~~virginia

Anonymous said...

I'm laughing at the last dress form (the half one) with the 'strategicly placed items' over the 'boobalar' area! Nice.

Great photos of the area Terri. I DID feel like I was there with you.

When I went to Paris (eons ago), we did the tour bus thing and had the same impression you did. No lines and people there drive like crazy lunitics! But I guess they are used to it. I think lines are a GOOD thing.

Thanks for sharing your trip and your hot flash! Been there....:)


Gerri said...

I recently found your blog and I have been enjoying it--- especially Tues & Fridays. Thanks for the tour!

Susan Freeman said...

I so enjoy your photos of your trip. A wonderful bit of armchair travel each Friday!!

Susan and Bentley

Unknown said...

I am still enjoying France/Paris through your eyes sadly we will not get there this year after all but you come a pretty good second loving all the photos and I managed to get some new TC&S while away for a couple of days in the UK for Tuesday woohoo

Love Dawn xx

KathyB. said...

Another trip ( albeit vicariously through you)through interesting parts of Paris. I think it looks like just walking around, browsing, sitting in cafes' and sampling the food, wine, and views would almost be enough to do . Thank-you~

Anonymous said...

I so enjoyed coming along for the trip. I haven't gotten to Paris yet, but your lovely post gives me a wonderful feel of how the city must be. Architecture is one of my passions..I love your pictures of the old buildings! I'll make a point of coming back next Friday.

Thank you so much...


Sugar Lump Studios said...

it looks like you had an amazing time and the photos are gorgeous! I just love all the beautiful architecture over there! Hope you have a wonderful 4th of July weekend!

Anonymous said...

Terri, how could you stand it...not to have a huge trunk to ship home filled with goodies from those flea markets! *sigh*

I love the sweet teacup in your last photo.

Enjoy the holiday.

Victoria said...

Everything is So gorgeous..I love getting to take an inside peek at your beautiful trip..gorgeous!! Thankyou for your lovely words! Hugs!

Nancy said...

Terri, more exquisite posts. I never wanted to go to France until I saw these blog photos. Exquisite. Will these posts resume soon?

Corinne said...

As regards the third photo, it is about the Conciergerie.Marie Antoinette was a prisoner there in 1793
Oh, excuse me, but my English is not terrible, I am French!

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