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Monday, April 18, 2011

Tea Cup Tuesday-Peachy Pink!

(click on picture to see better)
Welcome to Tea Cup Tuesday!
Martha and I are once again reaching into our china cabinets and bringing out cups to share with you all. We have been out to visit each and everyone of you who link up with us, and we enjoy so much seeing your beautiful tea cups! We love seeing them, and hearing about them.

Spring is truly here! The greenery is stunning against the blue sky, and trees and shrubs are bursting out in clouds of colorful flowers! What a pleasure to be out of doors after the long winter.
So I have placed my cup in a bed of violas to celebrate the new season.

Here we have a lovely peachy rose colored cup with a dainty pattern of floral posies and garlands in gold.

It wears a elegant split loop handle with a prominent thumb rest,all defined in gold.

The gold garland design dances all around inside the cup as well as the plate.

Vibrant posies of flowers sit above the garland.

The plate design mirrors the inside of the cup.

I do love the simple gold touch on the top of the handle.

The flowers could be Marguerite daisy, Forget Me Nots, Bachelor Buttons, Marigolds, roses and daisies.

This sweet spring cup is by Paragon. A company known for it's high quality china. This backstamp was in use from 1957-1963, and during this time period the company was taken over by a larger one, and eventually an even larger company named The Lawley group that later changed it's name to Allied English Potteries. Paragon was being made by Royal Doulton under the large umbrella of AEP in 1972. Royal Albert took over the patterns and name in 1989, and the name Paragon came to an end in 1992, until the main company ended the Royal Albert line.
Does this sound convoluted? It does to me! ...but as with most pottery companies, there were many changes and owners over the years.

One of my little "Marie" domino books...yes really...made with two dominos for cover and back!

I have had some e-mails asking me how to create these tiny domino books.
So forgive me for posting the pictures again.
Holly is hosting a Domino book swap at Marie Antoinette Mail Art Ning Group. That is where I got inspired to create my little books in the previous post and the pictures above.
She has a beautiful blog, "Paper Pieces of Me" with many amazing pieces of art to see.

Holly has very kindly put a tutorial on her last three posts on making these domino books. Go and see her absolutely gorgeous little books!

Thank you so much for stopping by today!
If you would like to play along, just go and create a post about one of your tea cups and then come back here and fill in the two blanks with Mr. Linky. After your link is created, click on it yorself and make sure it goes to your post. Last week there was a link I could not figure out who it was supposed to go to because it did not work! Booo Hooo! We don't want that to happen to you. We want to come see everyone of you!

Hugs to you All!


Diann said...

What a prety teacup and saucer Terri! And looks lovley nestled in your flowers! I hope you and your family have a wonderful Easter!

Unknown said...

Happy Easter Terri I don't know what I did wrong so it looks like I'm on twice, sorry but it was already their and I was just linking todays post, Well at least both are Tea Cups, Blessings! Marilou

Victorian1885 said...

I love your tea cup choice today! Thank you for hosting this great event!


Unknown said...

Mr Linky is not working correctly as it deleted my post for this week and now I'm on once but it is an old post so I linked on Marthas. I really don't know what the problem s and why the old links stay on there. umm. Strange, anyway Happy Easter Terri! Hugs

Antiques And Teacups said...

Lovely Paragon teacup. Love the pastels. Your domino cuties are fab! Who knew?

Eileen said...

How lovely! I just love the colors.

Awishdream said...

Hi Terri, Beautiful peach teacup you have, looks so vintage! the pastels are so lovely! thanks for sharing your beauties with us today.

Elaine said...

Terri what a beautiful cup and saucer and the colour just glows, especially as you have taken the photos in the spring sunshine.

Thank you for the pointer to the domino book tutorials. I must pop over to have a look.

Elaine x

Fábio Carvalho said...

What a beautiful teacup Terri! Wonderful decoration!
best wishes

♥ Miss Tea said...

i'm so drooling at your paragon rose teacup and saucer!! soo gorgeous!! i also love the beautiful book from dominos, I'm so tempted to try and make one! always love your teacups collection and lovely post!

Marjanne said...

I love the teacup of the day, but I am totaly in love with the little book...

Under Her Wings said...

Oh, that tea cup and saucer set is just gorgeous! That is a real keeper. Thanks so much for hosting the party.

Concetta said...

I just love Paragon teacups - and I never knew all the interesting history - thank you for sharing!! Your cup is absolutely gorgeous!

ooglebloops said...

Love that teacup- and the domino book is so cute!! Might have to try one of those one day!!!Drop by for tea, if you get a chance!!

Holly Moore said...

Terri, thank you so much for posting my link. What fun. I just found the cup I'm sending to Wanda for the swap yesterday, and I can't wait to post it next week. Your peachy pink with all that gold is gorgeous!
Hugs, H

Sandi@ Rose Chintz Cottage said...

Hello Terri,
Your cup is just my cup of tea! *smiles* I love the colour peach and your teacup is simply stunning with its gold garland and bouquets of posies! Love it! Thanks for stopping by and Happy Easter to you.

Blessings and hugs,

Princesa Nadie said...

Dear Terry
All my love for you in this Easter Tea Cup Tuesday,your cup is beautiful!...I love that peachy pink color

Snap said...

I enjoy having tea with you, too! Beautiful peach cup and love your little book.

Pellie / Penny said...

Hello Terri,
I just love your teacup of the day so beautiful.


Unknown said...

This cup is wonderful the colors and the gold touches all combine to make a splendid design, I want one :)

And I love your domino books!

Kathy said...

Absolutely beautiful teacup - love the pink color and the flowers! Simply gorgeous!
Hope you're having a marvelous day,

lynn said...

happy easter terri,
that tea cup is so gorgeous.. i would love to have one of those.. sigh... it looks so delicate and spring like :)
wishing you a blessed easter
sending big ladybug hugs

Unknown said...

I always love visiting I simple adore the TC&S you have shared pink and beautiful little flowers *swoon* I am off to have a go at these domino book TUT I may make some they are lovely

Love Dawn xx

Terri Gordon said...

Hi Terri, Happy Tea Cup Tuesday. Oh what a beautiful tea cup, love the peach color and the roses are so beautiful, did you grow them? I also love your beautiful domino book, I am just about to start mine. I have been so excited to try one, but wanted to finish up other swaps first. I am so glad that you and family are fine and survived the storm. Thanks again for hosting Tea Cup Tuesday and have a wonderful week. Hugs, Terri

Debbie-Dabble Blog and A Debbie-Dabble Christmas said...

This is such a beautiful tea cup and I really love the peachy pink color!! It would look great in my Living Room!! Wink!!
And you domino creation is just the cutest thing!! You are so talented!!

Have a lovely Easter weekend!!


The Charm of Home said...

Your teacup is lovely! I also love your little domino book. Very cute! Have a lovely Easter!

Nancy said...

I am hard pressed to decide which is more lovely - the roses (are they Chicago peace?) or the tea cup and saucer. What a lovely color in the tea cup. Thanks for sharing.

Tara said...

I LOVE your tea cup this week! So beautiful. I wish we had flowers out already. I love Johnny Jump Ups. I'm still waiting for our snow to melt!

Gabriela Delworth - Instructional Designer said...

Hello Terri,

Thanks so much for your visit!
Well you are certainly very talented your crafty videos are awesome!

~ Gabriela ~

parTea lady said...

What a gorgeous cup and saucer. I love the pink color and beautiful gold swags.

Your domino books are wonderful.

Donna@Conghaile Cottage said...

I LOVE those little domino books! I have never seen them before and I think it's a wonderful idea! Thank you SO MUCH for sharing!
Have a Happy Easter to you and your family,

Sam Hoffer / My Carolina Kitchen said...

Wow, if I were to have guessed, I would have guessed that beautiful tea cup was Royal Doulton or Haviland. So now I know. Somehow tea or coffee tastes better when drunk from a fine china cup.

Happy Easter.

Lisa said...

Terri, thanks so much for hosting the Easter Tea Cup Swap! I had a wonderful partner and I love the tea cup she sent me, an OVERSIZED one with roses. I enjoy your beautiful teacup pictures!

Unknown said...

Hi Terry! I adore the pink tea cup, that has always been one I have admired. Just Beautiful! So nice to "meet" you. Thank you for stopping by and leaving me a comment.Looking for ward to next Tuesday already! Happy Easter! Sunny109

Unknown said...

OOPs I also forgot to say, I am an admirer and new foloower of your spot! :) Sunny109

xinex said...

I really like the color and the pattern of your teacup, Terri. It is lovely!...Christine

Susan said...

Terri, I have to say, that is truly one of the most exquisite cups I've ever seen in my entire life. Breathtaking! Susan

Johanna Gehrlein said...

Hello Terri,
this Paragon cup ist really outstanding nice. And it matches in this romantic look perfect with the little Domino book. I have never seen such a little book and love it. Next time I will visist Holly and have a look at her books. That's an amazing hobby.
Greetings, Johanna

Home and Heart said...

What a BEAUTIFUL set, the garden and sunshine look lovely!! I hope you are doing well!

Marianne C. said...

Terri, the first word that comes to my mind when I see this stunning cup and saucer is 'gaiety'! It truly exudes much joy. It's as if the design on the cup is throwing a party.

Thank you for sharing this and have a fantastic day!


Anonymous said...

Terri, I just love teacups that have pretty designs inside of them too. This one's a beauty. So is the little "book".
Hugs, Diane

Jann said...

Such an elegant teacup, and so very beautiful! I love the domino book you made, too--you are amazing!!!!

Marlynn said...

OK, Girlie Girl - I wanna know what tea cup you are going to be holding next Friday when Katherine and William are married? You have to had some type of royal ritual you are going to do. Now don't disappoint me! Yes, I am taking Friday off to watch the wedding. I watched William's mother and father get married, so I have to see their son! Hugs, M

Victoria said...

Hi Terri! Yay....i am in love with this cup..how dainty, elegant and super charming! I also love that you have it outside...beautiful! gorgeous post..and love the domino ..fabulous!

Creative Grammie said...

I absolutely adore this teacup! TFS
Your Marie Book is also gorgeous! You're very talented!

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