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Thursday, November 3, 2011

I love Creating Art More Than Vacuuming!

Do you?

How do you fit art time in to your busy life?

Do you ever feel guilty for creating instead of cooking or cleaning?

This year has been an exceptionally busy year for me. I thought I was already busy, until August when "busy" took on a whole new meaning! Lol!

My muse is brimming with ideas, she is constantly coaxing me to go to my art room (very supportive I must say!). I have some plans for my holiday posts which should begin very soon, as well as a Holiday Giveaway. You know how I love a giveaway!

Here is a video by andyraydorfman of YouTube that I always find helpful when I am missing my art time. I have shared it before and think it is time to do so again. I hope you like it too.



Robin Sanchez said...

Art ALWAYS comes before vacuuming in my world!!

Dorthe said...

LOVE IT- fantastic - is that a child drawing all this ??? well the meaning is totally understood :)

Marsha @ Tattered Chick said...

Oh, yes, creating always comes before housecleaning especially as my work has to come before creating.

I am very lucky as my hubby does all the cooking so I know we'll eat, ha ha ha


Anonymous said...

If my 'muse' was a vacuum, I'd be dripping in art!

I needed a jump-start, Terri! THANKS!

Love you bunches....J

Anonymous said...

PS: I LOVE THIS VIDEO. And I do get alot of ideas on my bike. Mayhaps I should be riding more!

ann said...

What a gorgeous Video...I loved it

busymartha said...

I choose crafting over vacuuming today, but I usually don't start crafting until after dinner. Might choose crafty again tomorrow, it's not like the housework is going anywhere, LOL! Marilyn

Fars Datter said...

I love this video! Thanks for sharing!! :-))
Wishing you a great and art filled day! :-)

Valerie-Jael said...

What is vacuuming? Valerie

Sweet Pea said...

Oh my, the video's made me teary. TFS.
I art whenever I can...my art comes in many forms. I vacuum when it becomes blaringly obvious that vacuuming needs to be done. But I do have sort of a routine where the boring housework bits get done early so I can art for most of the day.

karen hess jewelry said...

Thanks so much for sharing such a neat video, Terri. I'm a firm believer that all things can wait when the muse beckons!

Wanda said...

What a charming video thanks for sharing. I do shovel out the house when things get to high, :). TTFN

Bess said...

Great video! I don't make time for art often enough. And I should. Thanks for the reminder!

Suz said...

Terri,I have barely had any time for creating, even taking pictures. I have been doing some materials swaps and that keeps me connected but I sure miss creating! I know there will be a time, but it is a huge loss. I am going with Jud next week to Mayo and taking things with me to do. I probably could use more mobile projects but they are things I don't do! Well, there is always a first time to start!

Marjanne said...

Love this clip! I dont like cleaning and housekeeping and m job takes lot of time... I would like to have more time to create!

Princesa Nadie said...

Dear Terry
Last Tuesday I was not on time for the Tea ,I arrived too late at home and I could´nt take the photographs
I have got a new cup ,I'll show it next week

Princesa Nadie said...

Dear Terry
Last Tuesday I was not on time for the Tea ,I arrived too late at home and I could´nt take the photographs
I have got a new cup ,I'll show it next week

Holly M said...

So darling that it brought tears to my eyes! Thanks for sharing. Oh yea...ART BEFORE HOUSEWORK, ALWAYS. Holly M. (could the M. stand for Messy? Could be.)

Anonymous said...

LOL! Terri, no, I'm not guilty of feeling guilty for making art before cleaning or cooking! Just don't enter my house with a white glove!

Have FUN!!!

Hugs, Diane

Lady Jane said...

WOW!!! Hugs, LJ

Pretty Things said...

Oh I just wrote about people leaving notes in the dust in my house! I need to scrape together the cash to hire someone. But someone else commented that after we die, three days later, there's still dust, so.... dust can stay!

Victoria said...

Hello kindred...i love that you are creating like mad...you are such a talented creatrix...shine on..and I cannot wait to see what you share this coming season and always!
PS: yes i am a compulsive creative..if i must vaccum..I make it fun or a meditation and clean the universe!then I ditch the vaccumn and create again..

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